[Resolved] CarTrawlerutterly disgusted

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I booked 2 cars with CarTrawler - 1 from the 7th-14th December in Cape Town and the other immediately after from 14th-24th December in Johannesburg. When we arrived in Cape Town, we were asked to put down a R10, 000 (£1, 000) deposit for the excess. I assumed this would just be authorised by the bank but we were told this would be a holding deposit and would be blocked on our credit card. We were fuming but handed our credit card over.
On the return of the Cape Town car, we asked when the deposit would be released as we were renting another car in Johannesburg and would not be happy having 2x R10, 000 held on our credit cards with the same company. We were told that the money would be released immediately, however our bank would only release this in about a week. We were fuming as this would mean that approximately £2, 000 would be blocked on our credit card by the same company.
I then called CarTrawler (as this is who we booked the car through to get this sorted). They were highly rude and told me that they could not help me as it is up to the car rental company. I explained that it was ridiculous that they could not just hold 1x deposit for the two reservations. The customer service advisor (if thats what you want to call them) then went on to tell me that I did not have a reservation for Johannesburg during that time, but the reservation was for September. I was shocked. When I have booked the cars I had called their company to find out if I could make a block booking for both the CT and JHB cars or whether I would need to do them seperately. As I was on the phone already the advisor made the bookings for me. After about 2 hours of trying to get this resolved, I was called back by a supposed "manager" who went on to tell me "this is not my fault and I did not take you hand and make you click on the wrong dates". I explained that I did not make the reservations and that the advisor had but he would not have any of it.
We then had to book another car which cost us more money and CarTrawler have not refunded us the money for the reservation which they made for September.

  • Updated by CarTrawler · Jan 15, 2010

    Dear stewartv,

    We are sorry to hear your experience with CarTrawler while renting with First Car Rental in South Africa did not meet your expectations. Your comments are important to us as they give us the opportunity to improve our products and services.

    We are also sorry to hear you felt your customer complaint was not dealt with appropriately by our Customer Service department. Whilst we are not able to get into details on this blog, we are now in a position to make the following comments.

    We have investigated the origin of your booking with our IT department as well as We are now in a position to confirm your booking was not created by our call centre. was also able to confirm the booking was made online as they do not make bookings over their support line and their systems confirm that statement. We unfortunately cannot help any further on this matter.

    Furthermore, the voucher provided to you upon confirmation of your booking contains the Terms and Conditions of your rental. Under Insurance Coverage, they state very clearly the amount of the excess and go further by clarifying “the credit card holder will be required to present his/ her credit card at the rental desk in order for the car rental agent to authorize the deposit.” By pre-authorizing an amount on a credit card, a bank guarantees this amount will be paid if an actual transaction goes through – it is therefore necessary for a bank to block that amount for a specified amount of time. Should you have called our 24 hour contact centre on 0238883011 to enquire about the possibility of taking one pre-authorization for the two bookings, we would have been delighted to help you find a solution with First Car Rental.

    Also, the confirmation email sent upon confirmation of your booking states “Please be sure to review your reservation and ensure all details are correct ; read the rental conditions”. All our vouchers also clearly state the details of your rental, e.g. pick up and return locations, date and time of pick up, etc.

    Finally, we deeply apologize for the way you were treated when contacting our Customer Support team. Such behavior is unacceptable and we will be taking appropriate action to ensure this does not happen again. We would also like to ensure you that it is not reflective of the level of support normally provided by our teams. We are also taking steps to ensure booking mistakes made by customers are caught and rectified before customers pick up their vehicles.

    We hope this response will answer all of your concerns and that it has restored some faith in the service that CarTrawler can provide you with. If there are any outstanding issues that you wish to discuss further, please contact our 24 hour call centre on 0238883011 or our Customer Service department on [email protected]

    Kind regards,

    The CarTrawler Customer Care Team

  • Updated by Kiki Koskinen · Apr 21, 2018

    please return our booking charges

  • Updated by Diefenbach · Aug 19, 2018

    I booked a car with Cartrawler from Germany.

    I tried to cancel the booking since Tue 14th of August.


    i Can´t cancel my booking IE837438490.

    The Webside (Manage your Booking) doesn´t work, At the Hotline (014999600) nobody takes the phone.

  • Updated by Brand71 · Oct 29, 2018

    Until today I have nothing received, on which everything is described

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Ap
    apowain May 14, 2011

    We have recently had a very BAD experience using AirAuto, Faro. We were Linked to AirAuto via whom took a 20 Euro Deposit & issued the AirAuto Car Rental E-Voucher, The agreed balance of 175 Euro (for two weeks car rental) payable to AirAuto Faro upon collection. The Faro AirAuto Agent Bullyingly attempted to extract an additional 15 Euro (Cash) “Car Park late Exit Fee” Unsuccessfully from me. He then insisted & took an additional 750 Euro “Deductible Deposit” cardswipe whilst aggressively attempting to stop me from marking existing Car Damage upon the AirAuto Check Out/In“Damage Report” Form.

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  • Co
    compla1nt Mar 14, 2013

    “the credit card holder will be required to present his/ her credit card at the rental desk in order for the car rental agent to authorize the deposit.” Is what the rental terms and conditions state. This is VERY different to actually DEDUCTING the rental deposit from the credit card. It is not merely a "hold" as in most countries, but a deduction and a refund. I suggest that Car Trawler understand EXACTLY what the rental agencies in SA are practising, rather than assuming that the customer is wrong.

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  • Na
    naweed vally Jun 05, 2014

    Hi I have made a reservation on the Internet and clicked on the insurance box .few minutes later my reservation which is in 20 days is confirmed and then I get debited twice from airsurance I phone the car hire they say I must call the company in dublin Im in South Africa there are heavy call charges they bounce me around phone this argus contact car trawler contact airsurance but finally I email them after no hope of phoning all say theres nothing we can do then I get a email and they on the process no case number its been a week later and still no body contacted me im truely unhappy about this kindly assist me with this issue

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  • Mi
    Milton H Oct 03, 2014

    Hired car through cartrawler for Firefly which was paid in full. Firefly
    refused to give the car as I didn't have a credit card.So I had to hire
    a car with a different company in the airport terminal. Have asked
    cartrawler to refund the money I paid them for a hire car I never
    received after Firefly refused to give me the car and they therefore
    cancelled the car hire agreement (note that I didn't want to cancel it).
    Cartrawler will only refund two-thirds of the money, with about £80
    being kept by them as an "administration fee". So I have paid money for a
    service that I never received. They have basically conned me out of
    £80. To all those people who I have spoken to at cartrawler regarding
    this, shame on you for working for these people whose business model is
    to steal money from the general public. Have you ever heard of the
    concept of repeat business? Absolutely appalling treatment.

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  • Fe
    Ferran Oct 11, 2014

    La oficina de Budget no estaba en el centro de Tesalónica (motivo de la elección de la compañía), como decía la propaganda, sino a 15 km fuera del aeropuerto: el taxi me costó 15 euros. Escogi un coche con maletero para 2/3 maletas, pero el coche ofrecido no tenía espacio ni para una sola maleta: no cerraba el cofre. Las maletas eran estandard y no pagan suplemento en los vuelos. No sirvieron de nada las quejas. Pésima educación del personal de Budget. La única solución ofrecida fue pagar 44 euros más por otro modelo. Además me exigieron firmar un cargo de visa en blanco, por si se producían desperfectos (a parte del bloqueo de 750 especificado en las condiciones). Si no firmaba, no me entregaban el coche. El vehículo estaba sucio y el depósito de gasolina totalmente vacío. El fraude es consciente porque en el link con los datos de reserva constaba que el maletero podía contener 3 maletas, y tengo copia impresa de 29/6/2014. Pero ahora al acceder al enlace del email este dato está cambiado: ahora sólo caben 2 maletas!

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  • Lw
    LW1216 Feb 04, 2015

    Before a recent trip, I got online to check prices & find a mini-van/sport utility vehicle for rent. It is totally unclear when looking at the rental quotes that you are using a site expecting to be handsomely paid for "facilitating" rental. First - I didn't realize at the time I was making the reservation that I was going through a "facilitator", and not Dollar/Thrifty directly. Second - I would have been able to rent a car for about half (maybe less) than what was paid to Dollar/Thrifty & Car Trawler together, had I not found myself on the Car Trawler Website. All the prices quoted before they get your card number are reasonable-sounding, and I've rented cars online (and plowed through reading the fine print) often enough that I scrolled through all the 'be sure you read' information with a very cursory glance. When the credit card charges showed up, I disputed Car Trawler - thinking "who are these guys and where did they come from"? I did a Google search of Car Trawler - too bad there wasn't CLEAR INDICATION on the site with the price quotes that the price being quoted was less than half the bill. Now, my credit card company (Visa) says they have received documentation (about 42 pages worth) saying I did agree to pay Car Trawler for 'facilitating' a rental. FORTY TWO PAGES of fine print - which I will supposedly be receiving in snail mail this week. Dollar/Thrifty will no longer receive my business when I travel if I find they are working in conjunction with Car Trawler. Car Trawler has a massive amount of fine print to plow through. Seriously? Are people renting cars expected to read through 42 pages of fine print?

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  • Sh
    shockndismay Mar 06, 2015

    As the above customers, I felt scammed by Cartrawler when I was under the impression that, as usually is my custom, I was booking a car with Dollar. The day of the pick-up, a snow storm delayed my pick-up by 5 hours. I called Dollar immediately to arrange for a later pick-up and they said that they couldn't rebook the car, I was under contract with Cartrawler, news to me! They would not agree to rebook the car, instead kept by money and will not refund me for the delay. They claim they have no proof of the call to them, nor do they have a record of my call with Dollar. They require me to produce a photo of my call with me as a record before they can review the case. My phone doesn't keep such records so I am out nearly $100. This is a scam company who passes the buck and the agents that are "assigned to the case" are very defensive and unreasonable to deal with. BEWARE OF CARTRAWLER--they are trolls for your money, and Dollar Rental car company is also being scammed. They lost a loyal customer of 10 years standing.

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  • Aa
    Aalexander Az Jan 07, 2016

    This company apparently goes by different names and they are based in Irland. They are the worst middlemen in the car rental industry. They display low prices as a hook for unsuspecting clients and do not disclose certain information until the booking is complete and you have no option to cancel.
    First, I booked a car and did not receive the booking confirmation until 24 hours later. I had not chosen the excess insurance as I do not need it, my own insurance covers all my car rental insurance needs. It was too pricey and unnecessary. I do understand that it is an extra revenue for them.The emails harassment to buy the excess insurance continued on a daily basis and fear threatening continues and would not stop until I got to the airport in Gran Canaria. There I checked in at the Goldcar( which also go by different names( Rhodima cars) I found out the following :
    - Goldcar do not accept American Express, only Visa or Matercard, I was never informed of such policy and even though the car rental was fully paid the agent kept pushing for the excess insurance or else they would require 1200 euros deposit.
    - To make matters worse, the agent went on to explain that they needed to precharge for the refuelling of the car ( 24 euros) as administration fees regardless of whether I return the car full or empty. I stated that I would return the car fully fuelled but still was charged the 24 euros. Once again I was never informed by the con artists at the Car Trawler/ Trip Technologies.
    -It gets even better when we had a dead battery and called the Gold Car roadside for assistance and they decline to come out before we agree to paying a 120 euros.

    Bottom line is that it is Car Trawler / Trip technologies and their accomplices Gold Car are the worst car rental service I have ever experienced in my business or pleasure travel. I travel 4 times a year for pleasure and almost one week every month for business and never experienced such dishonesty and unethical practices. I would never and I warn all fellow consumers to stay away from Car Trawler / Trip technologies and their accomplices GoldCar. They sell you the lowest prices but then you are forced with a list of hidden charges and extra costs. It is not a way to do business. It is better to use the companies direct and stay as a loyal customer with companies like Hertz, or Avis but never use these internet based midllemen crooks where the so called service is inexistant.

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  • Ro
    Roy Gourlay Mar 17, 2016

    This company now linked with ryan air. Car trawler is an absolute disgrace. If ever an industry needed to drag itself into this century car hire is it and car trawler are the neanderthal of the industry.
    Booked my car hit through them and when the small print was emailed i saw the iintention to charge my card 995 deposit for 4 days. In event of incident you had to claim back your deposit from AXAinsurance.
    Stay well clear of these people or learn an expensive lesson

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  • Sh
    shellytruffles Jun 11, 2016

    Hired a car through Hertz and booked online. Took out insurance online through Car Trawler which was linked to the Hertz website. On collecting the car at Luton Airport I was told by Hertz that the insurance I had taken out with Car Trawler was not valid and I had to take out additional cover with them @ £168!
    Absolutely disgusted!
    Avoid this company!

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  • Na
    Nahid Mousavi Sep 22, 2016

    I am not getting any respond from Partner company Alamo/Enterprise in Frankfurt/Terminal one Airport is not returning my deposit and Cartrawler is not responding to any of my emails.

    On the day of getting my car, Enterprise asked for 250 Euro Deposit. then the guy who show us the car, asked us if we have an insurance which I said yes. then he said with extra 159 euro you can have full insurance and hassle free and we agree to it. Now after almost 2 months of our vacation we asked Enterprise for the return of deposit, they are saying that 409 was the total charge for your insurance. what kind of insurance was that first of all and then from my credit card statement you can see that was two times charge one for deposit and one for extra insurance . Enterprise Germany is trying to take my money which I am not going to let them do it.

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  • Aj
    ajeet123 Aug 14, 2018

    I booked a car with a pick up and drop off at amsterdam by mistake. I want to make changes and i called them several times and tried to contact them several times but there was no response. I had lose the money then. The worse company ever to deal with. Bloody cheaters

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  • Ma
    Marcel Coenegracht Aug 16, 2018

    J'ai fait une erreur a ma reservation avec le nom de mon adresse mail.

    Good adresse : [email protected]

    Bad adresse : (marcel and not marce) [email protected]

    Pouvez vous m'envoyer une confirmation de ma réservation


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  • Mo
    Monagius Aug 20, 2018

    When I booked I was promised free GPS and now I am charges for it. Please check and remove from the sixt bill.

    Roberto Micallef

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  • Ki
    Kiki Koskinen Aug 20, 2018


    This our booking was asked to cancell by your service provider in Rome due to our very delayed flight.
    Please return our payment the soonest as we did not get your service.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Kiki Koskinen

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  • Re
    rena kyriacou imad Aug 20, 2018

    Dear Madame /Sir
    please help !!
    i try to cancel my reservation Booking Number: CY926014200 on line but is giving only the word cancel and the page stopped there.
    i need a cancellation e-mail from you and my money to be return.
    thank you for your assistance

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  • Me
    melzani Aug 20, 2018

    Booking made with Ryanair - desitination Bergamo. At arrival INTERRENT don't accepted the VISAcard (credit) because no relief. After calling the assistance of Ryanair who promised to return the amount of 30 euro, we have looked for another carrentaloffice. Europcar accepted the visa card and rented us a car for 300 euros!!!

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  • Hi
    HidnSeek (smart GPS) Aug 21, 2018

    Could you please send on a commercial invoice to [email protected] relative to the
    contract n: 898142-1 Ref: IE689371290

    To my company address is:
    Xavier Torres-Tuset (HIDNSEEK)
    8 chemin du pré carré
    38240 Meylan

    Thanks in advance for your help much appreciated.

    Best Regards.

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  • Sy
    sylvie812 Aug 21, 2018

    our taxi never picked us up at the airport and I can not get the refund.
    we had a reservation made with ryanair and cartrawler and I can not reach them

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  • Di
    Diefenbach Aug 28, 2018

    I booked a car with Cartrawler from Germany.

    I tried to cancel the booking since Tue 14th of August.


    i Can´t cancel my booking IE837438490.

    The Webside (Manage your Booking) doesn´t work, At the Hotline (014999600) nobody takes the phone.

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  • Ro
    Rosa Huerta Aug 28, 2018

    Solicito la devolución del
    Monto de 43.55 Euros por la cancelación del servicio de transfer por parte de ustedes.
    Fecha de recojo: 28 de julio de 2018
    Customer: Romina Spetale
    Tarjeta de crédito: Ada Cruzatti

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  • Nu
    NunoR Aug 28, 2018

    Voucher states:
    Payment received EUR 32.66*
    * This charge was made by Etrawler Unlimited
    Company, registered in Dublin, Ireland and it will
    appear on your credit card statement as CARHIRE.

    My VISA Statement:

    Where did it went the 10€ extra charged ?

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  • To
    Tommyk1 Sep 01, 2018

    I am trying to cancel a car hire booking but cannot do it via the website and emails to [email protected] keep bouncing back.

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  • Mo
    Mohammed jawad Sep 01, 2018

    I rented a car through your company and I rented a car chair in the car and the amount of the chair was added to the amount of rent in the course of receiving the car from the office of the dollar to rent at the airport, the employee tells me that the rent does not include the child's chair

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  • En
    Enric Ripoll Mira Sep 02, 2018

    They do not provide a FAX for complaints and their website (where they could claim) does not work.

    The operator was not at his post at the scheduled time. I took the opportunity to make a claim to the airline (I had lost a suitcase) and the employee went home without telling me on the phone. CarTrawler had not provided a 24-hour service phone

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  • Da
    Daguet Sep 10, 2018

    Pour des raisons inattendues j'ai restitué le véhicule avec 2 jours d'avance et je n'arrive pas à entrer en contact par voie électronique avec la compagnie afin de trouver une arrangement.

    Numéro de réservation CA782979800

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  • Li
    lizalalor Sep 10, 2018

    Voucher no ES796189880. Date of hire was 14th October till 23rd oct. I would like a list of all charges made to me as it seems there were many hidden charges and all sorts of taxes I was not aware of and a further charge on my return home..outrageous very frustrating trying to get an answer too

    Elizabeth Lalor

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  • Ce
    Cesar Sauer Sep 18, 2018

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please let me know why your associate Firefly has charged me 87 euros extra for renting a car that I contracted on your website and had already paid 9 pounds for it. They should not charge any extra amount. I am astonished by this lack of consideration to a client.
    I wait for an answer.
    Cesar Augusto de Oliveira Sauer

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  • Lu
    Lucy Sels Sep 18, 2018

    Car hire in Pisa.
    Reservation nr IT 394078230.
    We have been obliged to pay 259, 90 € extra.
    We twice tried to telephone you on nr +39 050 2200061 without any answer.
    This is no correct Cartrawler !!!

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  • Zz
    zzj Oct 15, 2018

    Booking # IT997583280
    Car pick up Malpensa Milan Airport
    I have been either charged double or they were not truthful up front about fees. I pre paid then also charged from the actual car rental company again . I believe CARTRAWLEER never paid Europcar.

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  • Kj
    kjsingh Oct 15, 2018

    [email protected]
    I travelled from dubai to heathrow London on 19sept.

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  • Lb
    L Bellew Oct 21, 2018

    Ref: IE729255160
    We have been home for two days and handed the cat back as we received it. Can you please tell me why the £2500 deposit has not been cancelled? It is still showing a pending on our statement!

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  • De
    Devanshp Oct 21, 2018

    Hi I have sent more than 6 mails to you in the past 20 days requesting for the refund of my deposit for booking the car- ref no.-IT733455960
    The rental company cancelled my booking on the basis that my international license is not valid,
    Please get back ASAP.

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  • Pa
    PapaX Oct 22, 2018

    They didn't give me the car hire but they debit me
    now i request refund they refusing to pay back the money
    i made booking and paid with the same card when i fetch the car they say the type of debit card i use they not accepting it while they have already debited my money

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  • Br
    Brand71 Nov 05, 2018

    I rented a rental car via Rayanair via Cartrwaler at FireFly in Spain.
    Have met all conditions but in my eyes wrongly € 37.56 of my Visa debited without any note.

    and when get I back my "temporary" blocked money on my visa

    Booking number ES436336430
    Confirmation number 09Q82N

    mij name is : G.J. Brand
    Mekelstraat 1
    1964BB Heemskerk

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  • Gu
    Gunduz50 Aug 27, 2019

    I have hired a car via Emirates app In Dubai but I couldn't get the car from Avis because they told me I don't have uae driver license.
    Could you pls refund my money back
    Ismail gunduz
    +971 50 178 4674
    My reference is

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  • He
    Henry Lau 55 Aug 27, 2019

    Cartrawler is a scam

    They never give refunds. They charge in advance.

    They booked me with a car rental, for a pick-up time that was after the closing time of the rental location.

    When I followed instructions to pick up the car, the location was already closed. When I contacted Cartrawler the next day, they refused to refund.

    They charged me in for a car rental, and then closed shop. And then refused to give me a refund.


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  • Iv
    ivandacko Sep 15, 2019

    On June 5, 2019 I booked a car from Frankfurt airport and paid for it with my wife credit card. I could not pick up the car bacause my canadian debit card was not acceptable .
    I would like " ET*CARHIRE"to return 202.52$ to my wife's credit card as I did not use any car.

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  • Go
    Gordon Hood Sep 29, 2019

    Ref PT424275760
    Small print confirms debit cards accepted at this site, at arrival we were told they are not+to pay an additional 197.50 Euros - total bribe.
    Other customers had the same.
    I was referred to CarTrawler's small print, where it is confirmed debit cards are accepted.
    Investigate and provide a refund for the additional charges please

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  • So
    Sosolabrico Oct 20, 2019

    ES449060040 19/09/19
    I cancelled my reservation 48h before the pick up
    I got a mail who tell me that it's was ok and my money back in 10 days
    It's been 15 days now and Nothing
    I can't found a contact or a mail support
    No answers from you
    Im waiting an answer when I paid that was directly 1 day after the resevation
    Thanks for you answered

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