Carrefour / receipt scam in carrefour

UAE, United Arab Emirates Review updated:

I want to warn all customers of Carrefour to ALWAYS check their receipt and items immediately upon purchasing their items. This has been happening frequently in the UAE outlets and everyone needs to hear about it.

Staff members at Carrefour can charge you extra for things that you did not purchase, ex: cheap items here and there that you don't notice in your bill unless you read each item and compare them to what you bought. This scam is very common, the staff would have used these items themselves and scan them on your own receipt. That way, they can get items for free and not pay for them.

Also, another scam is that they label food items differently, ex: you buy olives and they label the box as Salami meat. They eat the food and then charge you for it as the label that they used. Be very careful when you buy things from Carrefour, as this has happened too many times and customers usually don't look at their receipts.

Mar 12, 2019
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