Carrefour Expresslack of legally required proof of card payment refusal

I've spent today, 23 August 2019, 25 min at Carrefour Express (in Luxembourg, Kirchberg) at 2:30 pm trying to get the proof that my card's payment was refused by their system, so I can pay again. I've ended up deciding to pay again for the salad the 5 Euros (rather than going to my own bank to get the proof and then coming back for a refund, as suggested by the 2 sellers and, apparently, confirmed by their manager, over the phone); however, I'm unable to understand if the refusal of payment was true (as the machine didn't flagged it to me, after I've entered my PIN) or whether there was a fraud. No request for the refund though (it doesn't worth more time and energy lost for 5 EUR!), but please make sure that your company is providing immediately the legally required proof to their customers when their card payments are refused by Carrefour system (also to avoid any fraud suspicion), so as to avoid embarrassing moments on both sides. Thank you and best regards

Aug 23, 2019

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