Carrefourmouldy dog food

B Oct 06, 2019

Ultima Nature Dog Food

Please see attached image of mouldy and rotten dog food purchased at your store.

Myself and my partner were absolutely HORRIFIED and disgusted to find that the dog food we had been feeding our beloved dog was mouldy!

We were not unaware until half way through and we saw some mouldy food and cut open the packet to find that it was all mouldy at the botttom!

I have tried to contact people via the email addresses provided on their wesbite but ALL have bounced back!

We do NOT store in a damp or wet place and it was not past the expiry or old since purchasing at your Rincon De La Victoria branch!

We cannot accept that we have been feeding our dog food that was purchased in your store and it could have potentially caused SERIOUS health problems to our dog! He has since been suffering from severe diarrhoea due to eating it.

I will be posting this image on ALL necessary social media paltforms and ensure that all is made aware if action is not taken!


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