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I went to carrefour - Maadi Center Cairo Egypt on Friday Sept 2nd at 1 pm to buy a kitchen machine the operators deals with me in extremely bad way
they smell very bad and not working seriously and a lot of joking and laughing between them
they put me for 45 mints transferring me from an operator to another each one say okay I will bring it within 5 min and disappear
I asked for the appliances supervisor then he answer me without any searching that this item is out of stock
to make myself sure that he doesn't want to help I asked him for an electric iron he say again out of stock
I went to the front disk customer service the employer name is Mostafa Mohammad abd-Allah he call the supervisor 3 times and I waited for 20 min without any response

So i am requesting from Carrefour international to manage this complaint as this reflect it's image as I didn't saw that an international hypermarket has no complaint resolving center and they leave their customer with this very bad way of dealing this is not acceptable for an international hypermarket with good reputation outside my country, beside that there is a great problem with Egypt branches!!

So please seeking your quick action to save the image and the good service all over the world except Egypt.

My Name is: Dr. Abdelhamid Gaafar
Mobile number: 002-[protected]
E-mail address: [protected]


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      Mar 21, 2014

    Carrefour service is terrible even in Belgium After having a apple cake bought on the same day for a party, the date on the cake was good for one more month (strangely) however we had to throw it all out as it was mouldy. see picture. Our party dessert was destroyed and we were very embarrassed. After complaining to Carrefour this is their answer :
    Dear madam
    We received your remarks concerning the quality of the apple cake (EAN: [protected]) correctly.
    We would like to thank you for putting this issue to our attention. It allows us to give a thorough follow-up on the quality of the products that we offer.
    We contacted the suppplier of these cakes and told him about the matter, asking him to get in tough with you.
    We thank you for the trust that you have showbn towards our stores."
    So can you please confirm that Carrefour is not taking any responsibility or offering me any refund/compensation for the sales of a product that was not fit for consumption in your store? And no further action will be provided by Carrefour?

    Thank you to advise


    As mentioned in our last e-mail, we transferred your complaint to our supplier who will contact you to solve this issue.
    We hope you find this information useful.
    Kind regards,

    Amazing, not even a discount voucher offered!!! As I explained in my first complaint to them, this not the first time. They constantly have issues with sell dates on products, had a worm in my fresh fish, 14euro chicken I had to just throw out...this is disgraceful that they just blame the supplier, no responsibility taken, no offer of goodwill...thank you Carrefour! We could have become very very sick here!!!

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