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D Aug 13, 2018

thI flew on cw#521 from jfk to port of spain, Trinidad. i paid for first class experience, i was send to cw lounge which was comfortable and i felt special, i had w/c service which they came to pick me up, when i get to the get to board 2 black gentlemen treat me less than customer service, i just bought a head pillow and he argue that i now have 3 bags, so i explain that i would place the bag in my carry on to please him, but i am at the plane door. For he never offer to assist me, he tell me i am breaking the rules, i then open my carry on and place the bag in the carry on. I state to him if my eyes were blue this would never be a issue. I asked the stewardist to please get the gentlemen name, she told me she spoke to him and he was rude with her and she then call his supervisor. The other gentlemen wears glasses he scan the boarding pass, theses people should not be customer service. Next subject my opinion on first class chairs are best if you want raise the divider between the seat its your choice, they feed me breakfast, never offer snacks and beverage to give you the first class experience.Then we watch the same movie as the entire plane. this is not a great first /business class service, you need upgrade aircraft with tv in each chair at least for first class, I can choose from Netflix or other choices

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    I flew on CA#520 from POS Trinidad to JFK, I use w/c services, not was available and one of your supervisor had to volunteer to push me to the gate. then Trinidad security refuse to let me and other w/c customer thru because it seem that all the wheel chair assist people were service imcoming flight and all the other employee who were helping out don't have access to this part of the airport, we had to wait till employee higher on the pay grade come to get us access, now this take away from me shopping for my duty free . I felt rushed

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