Careemmy bonus is not given to me

M Jul 14, 2019

Dear sir my issue is I have completed 70 rides in week from (7 july to 13 july 2019) I full fill all the requirements to get the bonus.. Like I complete 70 trips with in time.. I was online for more than 60 hours and my acceptances rating is 91 % while 85 % is needed for getting bonus and my captain rating is 4.68 while 4.6 is required and the issue is there was last to trips which careem was verifying... I don't 9 what's careem verify in it.. And careem refused my last 2 trips and stoped my bonus... While careem take money of those trips as well as I just want careem call the customer to confirm if careem have any issue... And give me my bonus other vise I will leave careem immediately.. This is nonsense we drive car whole the week for getting bonus. We pay 25% to careem and get also. And careem stoped my bonus... I want justice.. I want to know on which behalf careem refused my last to trips..
Captain id is:1410748
Car id :1466546
Name:muhammad usamakhan

my bonus is not given to me
my bonus is not given to me

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