Capitec Bankblocked loan account

P Jul 17, 2019

Hello. I am a longstanding Capitec client and we've had a good relationship over the years. Earlier this year I've had the misfortune of having problems with the company that makes our payslips. Due to the company being incompetent they decided to email us our payslips once a year end and leave it to us to edit. I made an error when i edited the January payslip during February. As it turned out my payslip was dated: "31 February 2019" and due to that my loan was deemed unsuccessful as it apparently raised suspicion of fraud. Though i still had and still have an open loan account which has never gone unpaid since it's inception. I submitted the required letters because after that i had to bring an updated payslip in which the year to date was wrong as i do not know how to work it out. After a while i received the explanatory letter for the year to date and submitted it last week . I was told that my documents would be forwarded to the Capitec head office, but I still haven't received a response yet.

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