Capitec Bankunauthorised debit orders

B Jul 31, 2018 Review updated:

I am up to my wits end with companies having their way with my money. I always have to fight off scavengers trying to steal my money, and when I ask the bank to assist they fail me.

Shesha wizard lifestyle and theunlimited have been debiting money from my account for the past 3 months now. When I tried to dispute these order, I was sent from pillar to post and eventually was told to get a letter from the company authorising the stop order - what nonsense is that?

I am very close to packing and going to another bank.


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    latita Sep 03, 2018

    hi there my name is lindiswa ntola, guys you need to inform people about these people that are doing swimp swap so that they can steal our money and worse at Capitec bank please send sms to the people, they already done my sim card but I don't have money on my account please try to proctect our money, otherwise there is nothing wrong about but our money is not safe totally

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