Capitec Bankdeduction taken without consent or my acknowledgement.

M Nov 08, 2019

On the 31 of October at 1:30 ive noticed that ive received a sms notification that an amount of R1199.99 was deducted from my account. I immediately contacted the Customer care line, and unfortunately due to me not to be able to confirm my old telephone nmr they were unable to assist me .
I had no option but to go to the Metlife Mall branch to inform them that this was infact a scam/fraudulent transaction done, and that it was to be reversed. I filled all the necessary forms and was advised that this would be investigated and I would get a call from capitec with in a day or two.

Today is 8 working days later I have also contacted the call centre who advised me that they cannot assist me . Kindly treat this matter with urgency and ensure that the amount of R1199.99 in dispute is credited back into my account ASAP.
I can be contacted on [protected]/[protected] failing which, I will have no option but to take up with Ombudsman
Kind regards - Micaela

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