Capital One Bankcredit card

V Dec 17, 2018

Negative 100 star - I am beyond upset with this company... My god... You can never get a straight answer from rep, every customer service rep is telling you all faulty lies, that everything is hunky dory on your account but behind all the sudden you are wondering what?? I am never late on my payments and how come my unpaid balance is keep increasing, they increase rates and then harassing the consumers with phone calls, letters,

Consumers are trusting them, to business with them, & capital one is serving them legal court documents to appear in court summons, when consumer is trying to survive, is there a legal help for consumers too to fight back or??? Since these scam companies can do whatever they want,?

Please watch out from these scams... They are preying on people, and you won't even know when they doubling your apr rates, they will keep raising your interest rate, once they reel you in. The money you did not use but just having that card what is in your wallet?.

Someone has to do something about this company and the way they treat their costumes.. Is there a help for consumers who are victims of these kind frauds,
You literally hang up with high blood pressure with how rude and careless they treat you. I would never I mean ever... Ever ever ever suggest this company to anyone I know. Do not. I repeat... Do not apply for this card. They are a scammers... I strongly urge others to beware of their shady practices. Is there a help for consumers too, for lawsuit going against capital one, like capital one is dragging consumers with their shady law firm they supposedly use out of business.

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