Canada Post Marda Loop Calgarymarth - front desk women


HORRIBLE experience with this retail location. Women was named Martha out of the 2106 33 ave sw Calgary location. (Marda loop)

I've never experienced a more horrible women in my life. She rudely told me I should of taken off a return sticker on one of my boxes.
I explained to her that I would have no idea and she can just cross if off instead. She said "that's something you can also do at home".
Really?! Like taking a marker and crossing off numbers is such a hard ship for you Martha...

I told her I don't like being talked down too. She said education is part of her job, in a smart ass way.
I hope you really get rid of this women. I'm sure she is bad for business.

I then tried to calm down and ask her if she was having a bad day. She said "not until you showed up"..

Martha you're a delight..:
She is probably use to using attitude and her salty remarks on more than just me. I won't stand to be spoken to like that.

*side note* I work as a sale manager therefore I understand customer service and this location does not have any.

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