Canada Postmail lady and her manager


We just moved recently. Our mail lady Sharon NEVER closes our mailbox. Its not hard you push it, it clicks its closed. Neighbours have made coments about how funny it is that they can close it but she if my neighbours is over 80! I called the office yesturday and asked the manager if she could please just ask her to push harder make sure it clicks because our mail is getting wet and covered in dirt. I get this morning a note in my mailbox to fix my broken mail box! 🤤 Its not broken! So again I call the office. Robyn said shes the manager and hasnt seen the box so theres not much she can do. I invited her and the mail lady sharon to meet me at the mail box for confirmation of mailbox issue or lazy mail person. Sharon calls me. She is rude, confrontational and belligerent. Calls me a lier and and hangs up on me twice. I call office back yet again. Robyn tells me I have to have my neighbours call in to complain about my mailbox because its just my word against sharons. Why would my neighbours call about MY mailbox???!!! I asked for the super intendants name. Robyn flatly refused to give me their name. She did however give me a 1800 customer service number...which I called and put me in ques for tracking mail ect. Not very helpful. Not very impressed. Great start to say the least.

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