Canada Postdelivery of my package

T Aug 15, 2018

On Monday, Aug 13th I received a message from a stranger on social media saying they think they found a package of mine on the side of the highway. This package contained an almost $400.00 item inside. Anyone could have picked it up on the road, and if it weren't for this persons honesty my business would have suffered greatly. The delivery person left a parcel pick up notice in my mail box, yet they had no parcel and clearly didn't make a delivery attempt. I am completely frustrated that I was not contacted by Canada Post about my lost package. I've also received emails saying that my package was delivered when it obviously wasn't done so and I had to go pick it up after the other person dropped it off with Canada post.

The box was banged up quite a bit but thankfully the contents inside were packaged with protection and there was no damage. But due to the stress and events of Monday I am wanting a resolution and some form of compensation for this. It is completely unacceptable, and I feel like this is just been swept under the rug. The delivery driver that day should also be talked to about what happened so that no one else has to go through this.

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