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C Oct 28, 2018
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We purchased a used Tiffin Allegro Class A RV from Camping World of Indianapolis on August 18, 2017. We were charged over $1300 dollars to "Quote" go over said unit to make sure everything worked properly. We drove the unit home to Louisville Ky and waited for the title paperwork. Once it arrived we took the unit to register it in KY. The first problem we encountered was vin #'s that didn't match. The Sheriff had to give us an affidavit with the correct vin to send back to C.W. to get a correct title for transfer. Once that arrived and the registration was taken care of we prepared to take the unit to our lot at Lake Cumberland. We started the generator to get the air and fridge working but nothing happened. The generator ran but didn't provide electricity to the unit. We took the unit to Louisville Rv. Since we had never seen if the fridge worked we asked that it was looked at as well. A copy of the bill is attached. Based on the findings in this bill we have surmised that the unit was never checked to begin with. We purchased an expensive Warranty and service contract with this unit but did not know that permission had to be gained from warranty company before repair was made so we footed the bill for this repair. Fast forward to July 17 2018, the 12 v switch at the entrance to the camper was activated and it blew the electrical system. Good Sam mobile unit was sent and bypassed the issue to get us on the road to a permanent repair. Camping world told me at that time that they could not look at the unit until probably mid August. We dropped the unit off at Camping World of Bowling Green Ky on August 17. I called C.W. numerous times over the next 2 months and kept getting the run around about when my camper was going to be repaired. I contacted Tiffin, the manufacturer and asked about what had happened and was told that activating the 12v switch didn't cause the issue that that was impossible. Finally when I contacted C.W. on October 10 I was told my unit was ready. Due to my work schedule I could not get my unit until Oct 17. When we went to pick up our unit I asked that it be plugged in so I could verify the repairs. The service manager Mike Steel acted like I was asking for the moon but he did take it to be plugged in. Guess what! the repairs were not completed.
He acted like he was mad at me because the job wasn't complete. While we waited we were encouraged to look at new campers. We found one we would have gladly traded ours in for but were told our unit that we paid $86000 for was only worth $50000 now only one year after purchase. We ended up in a hotel room for the night to think about what to do. Knowing we would still have to make the payments on our unit we decided to pick it up on Oct 18. There was an issue with out warranty service due to the vin# but it was finally straightened out. We proceeded to drive the unit approximately 100 miles to our lot and parked it. When we plugged it in nothing worked. No electricity plugged in or with the generator. Needless to say we were livid. I spoke to the Bowling Green GM Mr Garcia. He wanted us to drive it back I told him it wasn't an option. He said he would get with service to see what they could do and someone would call me back in a few minutes. After a half hour I called back again. Finally after 45 minutes or so I was contacted by Amy in service and given the name and # of a mobile tech that was being sent to help. He took an hour and a half to get there. He said all the connections were loose. As of now while sitting still things work. What good is an RV if you are afraid to take it on the road. I am enraged over the actions of Camping World. They sold me a unit that they didn't check out even though I was charged for it. I want my money back. I want an apology for all my troubles. I would love to know that there were consequences for the action but I know that is asking too much.


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    Potter John May 13, 2019

    I bought my 2019 Cougar 367FLS from Camping World. I have nothing but issues. So bad I demanded a new camper due to after 7 weeks and I was told all the parts where there it still wasn't done. I was told multiple different things needed to be done to it. Even after they found out that the problem was a lot worse then it was I never got a call. I had to drive 120 miles round trip to get answers. When you have to drive that far to have an 8 min conversation what a joke. I couldn't get a straight answer from them. They even got offended when I told them they didn't care do to they had the sale. The dealings were like on a marry go round. I had to drive there 5 times in 4 weeks to get it resolved. When I was told "No problem we will be ready for you to sign all the papers when you come for the walk through" I show up to hear "sorry I didn't get to it can you come back next week Wednesday" So off I go again. Then on Wednesday I am told I think this is what we need to do and we might need more papers signed.

    I was also told 'we worked for 3 days to get it ready" It shows up at the campsite and didn't looked washed or detailed. I was told the protectant was put on the unit on 4/30. Now why would Camping World do that when the deal wasn't ready and why would you do that before all the warranty work wasn't even done yet. Conclusion is it was never done and that they just said it was.

    After the camper was delivered we go to use it. Kitchen sink leaks. It was de winterized and supposedly checked. Sure it was not. I called and was told we will get a hold of you first thing in the morning. "More crap" I had to call them. Still waiting to get it fixed.

    Just like Camping World this post will fall on deaf ears at the head quarters. They don't care about the customers they care about the sale. Do yourself a favor BUY ELSE WHERE.

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