Camping Worldinstallation of flat towing base plate and braking system on my ford edge

J Aug 13, 2018

Late last year I took my vehicle to CW in Denver Colorado to have my vehicle fitted with the needed equipment so it could be flat towed behind my RV. I was told that the company had just done the same installation on a Ford Edge about a month before. (witnessed)
This June we had the opportunity to try out our new setup. Six miles from our first nights destination we found our Edge smoking and too hot to open. The tow truck driver pulled the car up on his truck and took us to the nearest Ford dealer. When he tried to slide my car off his tow bed it would not roll. He had to bounce vehicle off because transmission had cooled and frozen.

The next day the service manager gave me the horrible news that I needed a new transmission as my model Ford Edge was the only model that could not be flat towed!

Make a long story short I paid for a new transmission, came back to Denver,
in July, traded in my Edge for a model that could be flat towed. When I requested the CW Store Manager reimburse me for costs incurred she said they didn't do that, it was my fault for bringing it to Camping World! Surely a slip of the brain on her part. (witnessed)

Bottom line, service should have run my vin number, checked with Ford and told me my vehicle did not suit flat towing: in other words, done their job.(This information given to me at another CW in northern California).

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