Camping Worldfinance/salesman supervisor rude and not obnoxious

P Jul 20, 2019

I waited for days inside the store to try and make a deal on a used Class C camper. Once we finally were able to negotiate prices, I was handed an abnormal paper with no break down of cost. I didn't agree with the monthly payment, and the finance guy "Sal" started getting abusive verbally. I continued to try and negotiate the options with the payment we agreed on, and when we couldn't come to the agreement, "Sal" started verbally throwing me out the door, and showed such anger I thought he might try something physical. It made me nervous to the point that I'm afraid to ever go back to this store. I hope there are cameras to show this hostility and something is done about it without legal assistance. I shop camping world all the time, but can not set foot back in this one out of fear. No customer should be verbally abused while trying to make a major purchase.

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