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camel crush silvers/new packing the worst

So I just bought two packs of cigarettes, in a hurry, due the the line building behind me at the gas station. The cashier had a hard time figuring out the crush packs after I stated clearly what I came in for...and the packs I'm holding are "Menthol" not "Menthol Silver".

I asked for Camel Crush Menthol Silvers!

I was so mad that I had to find a way to write a complaint (and I NEVER do this) and hope CAMEL hears me and everyone else when I say, "I was excited about the different packaging but now it's proved nothing but to be a nuisance and consistent frustration. Change the box back, Camel, for the love of all who smoke Camel Crush Silvers...I cannot stand any longer to be sold the wrong pack of cigarettes. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈβ˜ οΈ"

  • Updated by FoxxyLemons Β· Feb 02, 2019

    Honestly I've been smoking for 10yrs and have found that camel crush silvers are the perfect fit for me. But since the packaging switched from white to ALL THE SAME BLACK it's been a nightmare! I hate having to try and hunt the damn pack down on the wall of cigarettes because the cashiers can't even seem to get it right. This is been a problem from multiple stores, even they are too confused and half the time I end up with the wrong cigarettes if I'm in a rush to go and don't double check myself. And I can't do anything with the wrong pack, most gas stations don't let you swap for the correct ones. So now I've gotten to the point where I've started to throw them away and work on quitting. You messed up Camel. Go back to the teal and white packs.

menthol/menthol silver packaging

I can NOT TELL YOU how INFURIATING your new packaging is. if I have to open up one more pack and find WHITE...

camel crush regular/menthol

I am a smoker of camel crush regular/menthol cigarettes. I share with my wife because she likes menthol and I like regular.. been a satisfied customer up until about 6 months... I'm getting more and more defective cigarettes as time passes that are already popped to menthol flavor which is VERY displeasing... I'm contemplating switching brands because of this...

camel blues

Thank you Camel for helping me quit smoking your product!!! Been smoking camels for over 20yrs but along with the new packaging, I've immediately noticed the airy, bitterness, instant headache, and nauseated feeling I get when smoking the new Camel Blues. I thought I bought a bad batch but after 25 plus packs, I'm convinced Camel changed their tobacco. Hello Marlboro!

new boxes of camel crush cigarettes are too confusing for cashiers!

I really wish the company would go back to the Green and White Camel Crush Menthol boxes. I am constantly being sold the wrong box of cigarettes because cashiers can't tell the difference. I just left a store that was out of my flavor of cigarettes and they didn't even realize it because they thought they had three different flavors of Camel cigarettes on the shelf until I told them different. I have to explain this to them at least once a month! Please go back! The new boxes are beautiful, but too confusing!

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camel crush menthol camel crush menthol silver

I personally feel that the new packaging released for these two packs of cigarettes is too identical, it wa...

Camel activate purple cigarettes

Good day My name is shiksha singh and on sunday the 13th january 2019 I purchased 5 packets of camel...

Johannesburg Tobacco Products

camel crush menthol

Camel lied, they said that when the new Camel Crush pack design was rolled out that the cigarettes would be...

Lewisberry Tobacco Products

camel snus frost large

I've bought numerous cans now at different times where already 5-10 pouches have been opened and not sealed...


I am a regular Camel Crush Menthol smoker. At times I will be okay with smoking Camel Crush Menthol Silver's, but I prefer Camel Crush menthol. Just in the last week I have been sold the wrong cigarettes over 10 times. Just yesterday I bought cigarettes at Walmart and physically watch the cashier grab Camel Crush menthols off the shelf, and due to the color of the boxes they accidentally mixed Camel Crush menthols and Camel Crush Menthol Silver's together and so therefore I was sold one of these rather than what I wanted. It is my hope that by sending in this complaint you will either change the Box colors back to their original state or make it more obvious on the different flavor differences so that other businesses can easily sell the cigarettes without problems, and also without having to do exchanges.

  • An
    Andy George Jan 04, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree! It seems the "full" flavor and regular (fresh) menthol crush flavors have almost identical labeling packages... WHY? What the hell was wrong with dark green and white? Now the white filter type don't even print "silver" anywhere on the box at all. It was already confusing enough trying to guide the cashier from across a counter to one of many Camel menthol types. Now it's a crap shoot if I actually get the ones I want. Not at least without a lengthy game of hunt & peck and then close examination of EACH pack (stock clerks mixed them up too). If Camel doesn't do something to make their flavor(s) packaging more easily recognizable I'm going to switch brands entirely.

    2 Votes
  • Al
    Allison Grappe Jan 14, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CHANGE IT BACK TO the WHITE pack AND GREEN pack!!! For the sanity of all crush smokers! I’m about to quit smoking all together if I continue to get the wrong kind handed to me! Maybe they’re doing me a favor! Lol

    2 Votes
  • Mr
    Mrs. Wetmore Jan 30, 2019

    I have had the exact same issue as you! I hate the new packs! I wish Camel would go back to green and white boxes! I'm tired of being sold the wrong kind of cigarettes and the cashiers getting mad at me asking why I just can't smoke what they gave me because they all look the same to them! Ugh!

    1 Votes

new packaging

Since you've recently changed the packaging of the camel crush cigarettes I have been given the wrong kind over 10 times. I have to remember to always look at what the cashier has given me.. sometimes when I'm a hurry or long lines I forget to check only to realize the error later on in the day. Very frustrating. I smoke the camel crush menthol and they keep giving me the menthol silver. I hope you do something to make it easier to tell the difference like the old green and white packs soon!!!

camel menthol silvers

I thought just the packaging changed... but I couldn't be more wrong!! The new black packaging delivers a heavier cigarette that is just AWFUL!! I enjoyed smoking camel menthol silvers, now I can't stand it! Maybe your goal was to encourage people to quit because your cigarettes taste so terrible. If that's the case you're succeeding!! I don't really understand the change, but everyone I know who smokes them are switching brands or quitting. Dumb move for camel πŸ‘ŽπŸ»


Looking at all these complaints, I'm wondering why til this day I have to even enter a complaint but this wa...

camel snus large frost

Im a new user to Camel Snus. I switched to to Camel Snus from smoking cigs. I never even smoked Camel brand...

camel crush menthol cigarettes.

I have been a long time smoker of Camel Crush menthols. Over the last month+ The box has changed from Green...

camel menthol packaging

I wouldn't normally send a complaint, but ever since the packaging has changed, I have received the wrong...

camel menthol new packaging

I dont usually complain, but since you've switched the camel menthol packaging I have been given the wrong pack at least 10 times off the top of my head. I only smoke the one kind and it's become such a problem since you guys came out with the new packaging. Love the design but the silvers and regular crushes all look almost identical. Maybe change the blue to another color, just wanted to give some feedback. I dont mind spending the money when I dont catch it in time but it's just becoming frustrating everytime it happens.

camel crush menthol silver

Used to smoke Camel Menthol Lights, then Camel Menthol Silver and lastly Camel Crush Menthol Silver. Never liked Crush but could tolerate if ball not crushed. Now you have changed to a black box and I have a headache after smoking one of these new cigarettes. I will be returning my carton to the store and will have to switch to a different cigarette now. Please bring back Menthol Silver! Not cool Joe πŸͺ

  • To
    Tonya Ferrell Dec 09, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, bring back old packaging. I fussed at my hubby for bringing the wrong cigarettes, but he was right. Packaging and colors too confusing!

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camel white cigarettes

I usually smoke only Camel white cigarettes from the time I have enetered Singapore. I buy them at any 7/11...

camel crush menthol

If you do not change back to the way it was b4 you have lost at least 20 people I know first hand as customers! We have all switched to Marlboro Menthol because of this change because let's face it your [censored] idea made some [censored]ing product that's worse then dog [censored]! Come on camel it's like you decided to start mixing camel [censored] in with your tabaco wtf is wrong with you? You will most certainly loose business over this and have made Marlboro all the richer [censored]es!