California Department of Motor Vehicles [CA DMV]I have been denied 2x's my real id.

June 27 2019, I used a day off from work to apply for real id.

i had all of my paperwork completed, online application was complete. I was denied a real id because I could not prove my marriage, forgot to bring my marriage certificate. Was told to return with marriage certificate. I returned home, dug my certificate out from storage and made a new appointment (first available October 4, 2019).
I arrived on that day with social security cards showing both maiden and married name, I had mortgage payment statements (home I have lived in and paid taxes to State of California from, for 26 years). I broughtwith me the marriage certificate that I used in 1983 to change my name on my drivers licence when I was married. I used this same certificate when I obtained a passport in 2009 and when I changed my name on the Clinical Lab Scientist license I have used since 1982 (paying fees to California in order to use it!).

I was rudely informed by the first person I encountered "that my marriage certificate is "Just a souvenir" and I do not deserve a real id because it is not a right but a privilege that I was not qualified for. She also made fun of the fact that I was married in the Episcopal Church. I had the distinct impression that this person, who spoke to me quite rudely was seeing that I am an older, christian white woman and she obviously did not like me. Perhaps she was expressing some form of prejudice.

I now will be required to pay for a copy from vital records and was told it will be 6-8 weeks (the license was issued in PalmSprings, CA in 1983 and should be on file with DMV as you accepted this license when you changed the name on my drivers license: N2626045 in 1983.)
Because I cannot get a appointment until I know I have the new marriage certificate, I will most likely be unable to fly to Alaska in late February for family adventure.

After this occurance, several friends have told me of similar issues at the San Clemente office. Coworkers who were married in other countries (one in India, the other in Korea) were able to obtain their real id's without this extra nonsense. They obtained them in Costa Mesa and Orange).

Please look into retraining your San Clemente employees. This has been a frustrating and time consuming exercise in futility. I lost 2 days of pay to this. Please let me know why my marriage certificate from 1983 has been acceptable by other State of California agencies as well as the Federal Government to prove that I am entitled to have the same last name as the man I married 36 years ago and am still married to but not by the California DMV.

Carolyn Allen, CLS (A.S.C.P.) SM
e-mail: [protected]

Oct 06, 2019

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