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Cable News Network / CNN / cnn news coverage

Sep 25, 2019

As a news viewer I can no longer watch you channel due to the coverage of the president. I understand that CNN does not like our president but you should be respectful to the office of the president. What are you teaching our young people in our world. Deal with he won and cover stories fairly. You just lost one viewer and I plan on not coming back.

Cable News Network / CNN / analysts/news story

Sep 11, 2019

Today is the 18th anniversary of 9-11. Thousands of people dies including those first responders who rushed in to save more lives; yet, CNN decides to attack President Trump and 9/11 instead of paying their respects to those who dies and thanking the first responders who risked their live...

Cable News Network / CNN / anderson cooper - marianne williamson segments

Aug 03, 2019

I AM DONE with CNN. After years of dedicated viewing, I was so outraged over Anderson's behavior in this segment, I checked with YOUTUBE to see how other people commenting felt; and discovered 'hands-down' 100's of people felt the same. I had never seen so many negative reactions to an...

Cable News Network / CNN / abusive sexism in constant, rude interruptions of woman presidential candidate

Aug 01, 2019

Marianne Williamson was on Anderson Cooper's show this evening, August 1, 2019, about 8:30 PM. From the first question he asked her until the last, he was angry, nasty, and hateful in the most sexist manner possible. The tape of the show must be reviewed. He did not let her complete any...

Cable News Network / CNN / dnc presidential debate july 30th, 2019

Jul 30, 2019

About your moderation of the democratic presidential debate tonight. As an American, a college student, a reader and watcher of CNN, I am ashamed and disgraced by your moderators' questions for the candidates tonight. Did you REALLY ask a panel of moderate democrats and two SENATORS whether...

Cable News Network / CNN / saturday interview with former defense secretary leon pattila

Jun 15, 2019

You and your anchors keep lowering your ratings buy using old hasbeens You should help your selfs by trying to get your canadete elected and quite giving the President a lot air time. Besides most of your anchors are not smart enough to figure it out. You and CNBC can not hold a torch to...

CNN / complaint

Jun 03, 2019

How can I delete CNN from Google Search? I am getting sick and tired of CNN popping up first and second when I search through Google for any news worthy articles. I HATE CNN...FAKE NEWS and LIARS!!! It's just a disgrace to me to even have to look at anything they put out. Give us a...

Cable News Network / CNN / early start with christine romans

Apr 18, 2019

On wed. April 17, 2019 about midway through the above show while discussing one of the largest bust of doctors and nurses who allegedly illegally prescribed opioids, the female commentator made the following comment: "some doctors were arrested for issuing prescriptions for up to 15 opioid...

Cable News Network / CNN / getting to the truth. you almost never do, just put it out there

Apr 01, 2019

You never force or state the truth with gop pundits or reps, example obamacare is a gop plan thought up by the heritage foundation in 1989 and pushed by dole 1st and implemented by romney.. It was then sabotaged by gop governors who didn't implement it in full or at all.. That told...

Cable News Network / CNN / reporting by navarro

Jan 22, 2019

I don't watch you but just heard a disturbing comment that apparently was tweeted out about the Catholic School boys being Outed by Navaro (or whatever her name is). That is terrible for a news org (even a fake news org) to put all this hatred toward a school and boys in the school. From...

Cable News Network / CNN / don lemon

Nov 10, 2018

CNN you are no better than Trump or any one else you label a racist if you continue to employ Don Lemon. He stated white men are the issue with this country. That is so wrong. I am a white man and that is very offensive. Why would you allow this guy to stay on your station? If he is not...

Cable News Network / CNN / how your reporter acted at trump press conference

Nov 08, 2018

A new low in reporting. Terrible representation by Jim Acosta and the way he treated the President. I understand that CNN and the President are on the outs but if you think that is the way to forward your point -CNN is mistaken. If that is the way you intend to allow your reporters to act...

Cable News Network / CNN/Don Lemon the Racist CNN Spokesperson / don lemon 2 november 2018 racist comments

Nov 06, 2018

Mr. Lemon stating that all White Men are a terrorist threat to the country. If a person of a different race or background said what he said about his race, they would be fired. Case in point, Megan Kelly comment she made was not appropriate as she got fired. Colin Cowherd from ESPN the same...

Cable News Network / CNN / Don Lemon the racist CNN spokesperson

Nov 02, 2018

Don Lemon has no facts to back up his racist comments, white men have fought and died for this country. CNN and this racist commentator are the biggest threat this country has, and its time people wake and realize what anti American, race baiting variety show this news network has become...

Cable News Network / CNN / don lemon

Nov 01, 2018

"the biggest terror threat in this country is white men"...really??!! How dare CNN continue to support such commentary from Don Lemon. No more CNN for me, i use to watch but not after having him spit in my face one to many times. I am a tolerant man, but, we all have our limits. Gone are...

Cable News Network / CNN / don lemon

Nov 01, 2018

Don Lemons racist comments. seem to be an extension of the continued Anti-white racism that seems systemic throughout CNN. Their behaviour across their whole network is systemically racist and misandrist... Americans and indeed the world are sick of it.. Clearly Don lemon and the rest of...

Cable News Network / CNN / mr. d. lemmon

Nov 01, 2018

As I sit at the West Haven V.A. Hospital obtaining treatment for a service connected injury sustained during my 21 years of service I say reading multiple articles regarding the comments made by one of your newscasters. I am a white male. I served this country for 21 years in uniform. I retired...

CNN / don lemon television show

Nov 01, 2018

I am a white male and apparently a target of don Lemon. His comments that white males are the biggest terrorist threat in America are not only offensive to me(being a white male) but highly racist and biggoted. Being a gay male I have fought biggotry and hate through out my life. I am so...

Cable News Network / CNN / don lemon

Nov 01, 2018

As a Non Radicalized White Male i take offense to Don's Racist comments. The platform you give him is in serious risk of collapse. Broad sweeping statements based on one's race is simply off limits. Your advertisers will certainly be getting complaints. We White American Men demand an...

Cable News Network / CNN / cnn - don lemon

Nov 01, 2018

I have been a staunch supporter & viewer of CNN since it's beginning, l can no longer support the radical racist rants of Don Lemon. How dare he say that about white men being terrorist. I support the Democratic party & happen to be white! You have lost a number of viewers because we WHITE...

CNN / news

Oct 26, 2018

Enough with the stupid swelling music and sound effects! I am not an idiot and do not need this to pay attention to a story. This is an industry wide problem and extends to commercials. Documentaries often are polluted with background music as well. Sensationalist tendencies are sad to...

Cable News Network / CNN / don lemon

Oct 14, 2018

I am extraordinarily offended by Don Lemon's coverage of Kanye West. It was obscene. Bakari Sellers should never be on a panel. I will never again support CNN as long as Don Lemon works there. I will never again support CNN while Baraki Sellers is a featured panelist. I am - in my social...

Cable News Network / CNN / cheating with customers making fool to us

Sep 27, 2018

Dear sir, I had change from normal box HD box on 15Aug scheme. I am regularly facing problems there was some error code shows. We will complaint to our local cable net work This is 4th times taken box for repair in one year. When the company has given warranty for one year why this box wa...

Cable News Network / CNN / where is wolf blitzer???

Sep 26, 2018

I live in France and I look forward every evening at 1900 hrs to watching Wolf Blitzer. He is a super journalist that I have had the pleasure to watch and follow for over 20 years. He has been removed from his regular time spot and replaced by Amanpour who is not the same caliber...

Cable News Network / CNN / london only getting 1 hour instead of 2 hours of don lemon.

Apr 21, 2018

Dear cnn, I am a journalist and I depend on don lemon, anderson cooper 360, and new day for accurate, up to date news. Don lemon's show is broken into every night at 4a. M. By amanpour, who has already been repeated twice. I find this insulting!!! Does cnn think that no one is watching at...

Cable News Network / CNN / distorted and false narratives

Jan 17, 2018

Isha Sesay and Stephanie Busari despicable hatchet job of misinformation It is a very big shame that CNN's Isha Sesay had deliberately or unwittingly submitted herself as the global media image launderer of a government that has failed in its responsibility over her citizens. It is very...

Cable News Network / CNN / intentionally distorting and slanting news and flat out lying

Jan 03, 2018

In online piece 12/08/17 08:06 AM ET by Lydia Depillis "Most Americans aren't benefiting from the stock market boom" MS Depillis title has no basis in fact and she intentionally obscures information from readers in attempt to conceal that her title is a lie. Fact is 54 to 55% of American...

Cable News Network / CNN / news content

Dec 08, 2017

CNN used to be my go to station for every kind of current news stories. However I can no longer tolerate the 24/7, 365 coverage of politics. There are so many other important things going on in the world that are ignored by CNN while you sit and wait for the next political piece of drama...

CNN Breaking News / unethical behaviour

Nov 20, 2017

Now you said it, Charles Manson -The Mastermind" is dead. What do you mean by calling this monstrous creature a "Mastermind"? Is this the only description you give the public about a human beast that slayed Sharon Tate who was pregnant and ripped the child out of her womb? Is this the...

Cable News Network / CNN / Worst news agency

Oct 13, 2017

it should have shut down many years ago. The news they publish seems to be fake and ridiculous. Someone has to stop it. I really think that people should avoid reading the information you provide. It's horrible. Those sensations who no one needs, provocative news full of lies... I'm worried...

Cable News Network / CNN / news and talk shows

Sep 30, 2017

Dear Sir/ Madam, I live in the UK but am very interested in the U.S because I have many relatives living there. I am constantly having to switch from your News Channel because of the very divisive and vitriolic content of what's on offer. You sound much more like a Propaganda Channel than a...

Cable News Network / CNN / fake news

Aug 31, 2017

What kind of news is this when instead of news you hear their opinions, that's not interesting to anyone? Too much information about our president, Russia. Is there anything else that could be more interesting to you than these topics? Get you stuff together and keep your stupid opinions to...

CNN / lottery

Aug 14, 2017

There someone who is using the CNN name to scam people. They sent me a gmail saying that I won rhe Nigeria lotto that I need to send then a tenth of the winnings to collect. I was wanting to contact you to let your company know about it. And maybe warn people about it. They are trying to...

Cable News Network / CNN / Chris cuomo

Feb 25, 2017

His bias has been over the line for a long time, but labeling me as 'overprotective' of my daughter is the end. His ideology has skewed his thinking to the point what is coming out of his mouth is idiotic, intolerant and insulting. He complains about Trump being on Twitter and he goes and...

Cable News Network / CNN / cnn contributors

Feb 21, 2017

I wish to complain about two of your paid contributors. Rick Santorum is on video calling President Obama a government nig-----when he stopped midsentence. We can all guess what nig----- mean't. Also, Sheriff Paul Babeu you have had on talking about border law and security. Here in Arizona...

Cable News Network / CNN / CNN's Dishonesty

Feb 16, 2017

Your reporter asked President Trump today if calling CNN fake news is not corroding the confidence that people have in the news (or something along that line). You bet it is, because your organization's constant attacks, hatred, and dishonesty has by itself lost the trust of the people...

CNN / Van jones - cnn news commentator

Nov 09, 2016

The comments of Van Jones last night after the Donald Trump victory were extremely OFFENSIVE!!! He call this a "white last"!!! Totally an-aceptable comments coming from a black man. He has been openly biased against Donald Trump- and that is his right. To come on National TV after such a...


Nov 03, 2016

For the past 7 years, I have been reading the news on, every day, if not more than once a day. I'm writing to tell you goodbye. I am disgusted with the one-sided reporting coverage of the race for president. Your reporters attack the GOP nominee in every pathetic opportunity they can...

CNN / Don't watch CNN!

Oct 14, 2016

I used to watch CNN in the past. It was great and very informative. But things changed and there's not much left from the good old CNN. Now there's noting but lies, they sold themselves. CNN is very dishonest, they are corrupt and will do everything for money! I don't want to watch thi...

CNN / Polls

Dec 29, 2015

As a student of statistics during my former university years, I find it extremely misleading of CNN not to disclose the number of people who are questioned on any given poll. To the uninitiated and the average American watching your news programs, it would seem that a huge majority of...