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fraudulent posts / discussion connersville in

Over the years, many ignorant, bored with no obvious direction, uneducated, opinionated, jealous, manipulative, and maniacal couch potatoes have been legally able to post any type of slander about anyone they choose, anonymously, from the comfort of their own lazy-boy. The shocking part, it was legal? There were several posts that I had my lawyer look into which were a complete fantasy, which resulted in the defamation of my character. Did I forget to mention the impact it on my family, my children, and the misconceptions that it instilled in my employers, church members, friends, local law enforcement? I am absolutely ashamed of my ex-hometown, connersville. Topix discussion forum was the catalyst to invoke the use of manipulation, hatred, ignorance, and anonymous bullying! This is the type of thing that causes people to commit suicide and murder. Someone please explain how this went on for so many years unnoticed? I want to personally, face-to-face, shake the hand and cordially thank whoever took this rubbish off of the internet before my children were of the age to be susceptible to this trash. Thank you! Topix, as for whoever was behind the creation of discussion forums, all I can do is shake my head and walk on. People like you do not deserve a gaze in your direction. "haters did not make me famous!" they only made me "hated on" even worse. You should be ashamed, topix, not me.

[Resolved] poster - anti scammer2017

Hi Topix, I am contacting you regarding an issue surrounding my name which appeared on Topix. Many attempts where made to contact the supposed individual to no avail. Thi...

discussion connersville indiana

Titled druggie on 44. I know people try to dish out secrets on here in eventually people get caught up. What gets me though is the lies put on here of me in then whomever bring...

I am complaining about my website where is she now

Lot of the stuff that's on there is not true about me and my sister been on welfare but us been fine peach rose all the time about us selling drugs in Florida we never been in Florida and also bought my sister being pregnant with triplets she's only have two kids and also but one of us running around with Larry Blake we don't even like Larry Blake and also I think Mendy Blake and Larry Blake is one this my lawyer bren pomponio and Dan hedges from Mountain State Justice is going to find out who's posting all this stuff and sue the company and whoever is post is going to get in trouble cuz everything is nothing but lies same things true is about Mendy dad Don Mays he's nothing but a crook

  • Updated by Chasity white · Jul 13, 2018

    I think this website should be banned from the Internet or from anything because this website is stupid people post things that's not true and people believes it so I think this whole entire website should be closed not allowed open not let people on cuz it's starting drama trouble and this company can't get a lawsuit on them if people wants to cut it so you better stop that people post things and the stay off the web or people can find you if I was you I drop everything and delete this account completely I'm talking about the company's account before they get sued maybe not by me but maybe by somebody that will get pissed off

Topix LLC — a specific post toward a young man

The post is life threatening and could hurt him If got into the wrong hands and he's to young to be posted about and ruining his reputation! This young man is a very good man and...

Topix LLCdelphi - person responsible for double homicide (forum)

This forum needs to be deleted. Or at least the user: Bird of Paradice.

My concern is that my personal information was accessed & published?
I will also be contacting DMCA & escalating a complaint.

I believe the person Bird of Paradice has access to this information as an admin or mod.

This person deletes & creates chaos as well as stating disturbing comments on the murder of two young girls.

This forum requires an admin to review form the start given the sensitive nature of the crime.

  • SubSquirrel Feb 03, 2018

    Contact DMCA? It's a law, dummy. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act I fought against legally. It protects website owners when people steal our images and use them for profit. I've had dozens of sites closed down and received thousands of dollars in copyright infringement cases. If you don't like a post, email the site admin. Read their legal statement on user submitted complaints. You might learn something

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  • Bi
    Bird of paradice Feb 04, 2018

    Wow! great professionalism!
    The HR department is doing a great job of retaining true "talent".
    For the record, did you call me a "Dummy"? Outstanding! great customer service!
    My complaint was related to: DMCA - Copyright Infringement of Your Photos.
    Specifically, a photo altered & posted.
    I would assume as the host of this forum you would respect my rights and delete the poster? Or at least delete the image?
    I would hate to think you would diminish the integrity of users & show bad faith when moderating these forums?
    However, given your response - I'm not surprised.
    Obviously, TOPIX is not following the "Good faith" rule.
    I do however love the response. Chris Tolles must be quite proud!
    I think this might go viral...haha
    "Customer service complaint - Dummy"

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  • SubSquirrel Mar 04, 2018

    @Bird of paradice So you posted the complaint against yourself? Real bright. DMCA is not about altering images. It’s called the COPYRIGHT act for a reason.

    And, reposting comments made here is copyright infringement. Same thing you complained about.

    I’m not an employee or affiliated with this site. Just a consumer who notices things like people who post under one name and respond with another.

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Topix LLC — topix

Massive cyberbulling, slander and use of personal info on the local topix site. even giving out addresses of people and has caused serious threats to families due to no moderation...

Topix LLC — louisville forum

297388 On June 2014 someone wrote "Looking for sugar baby" and included my name and phone number. The person who posted the ad is not me. Please delete the blog since I never signed up...

Topix LLC — loans

I am writing to you about two companies that are nigerian scammers... One is [protected] and curtiz morgan loan firm... Both companies have white men as their...

Topix LLC — [protected]

I have been scammed $10, 000 from this fraudulent so called company advertising on topix!!! please block them so they cant scam other people. After I cancelled after 10months of...

Topix LLC — gibson plumbing benton ky

Gibson Plumbing keeps removing entries related to their business practices. I stated actual prices I was charged on two threads. One was Gibson Plumbing - great experience. The...


I loved Topix and used it a lot in the past, but there's not much left from the good old Topix. Nowadays there are a lot of trolls there, many people sign up just to make fun of others. Website is full of useless posts.
When you try to contact Topix customer service they ignore you. They will not reply no matter what.
Topix is perfect for people who like gossips and lies. You will not find any useful or interesting information there. Just a waste of time.

the topic of forum posts on is distasteful

The site has many inappropriate topics of conversation which should be removed or a parental block should be provided in order to stop access to the site for minors! I used the site to find skype names, as per the forum's goal, but it has became absurd!

inconsistencies and wrongful censorship

I am one of those freaks who reads topix forums for personal entertainment. I occasionally and randomly post, with the intent to educate the readers, make some humor, or to cause...

human sexuality forum - fathers encouraging each other to commit incest

I went on the human sexuality forums tonight thinking it was like a psychology forum. What I found in one forum was appalling. A poster claiming to be a teen-age girl asked how she could get her father to touch her sexually. Most of the comments were more than accomodating to her request. A good number of men alleging that they were the fathers of daughters discussed incest with under-age daughters with ardent approval. Several said they had committed incest (one daughter was 11 years old), several were contemplating it, while many not only urged them on, but gave them tips on how to arrange for the incest to happen. One poster repeatedly requested information as to how he could get in touch with others who were interested in young children. It literally made me sick to my stomach. What these guys were discussing and encouraging was clearly illegal behavior. I won't even get into the whole abuse of a child's trust and refusing to act like a responsible parent. This is an ongoing discussion. The most recent post was only a few minutes ago.

Topix.comthey really don't care who gets hurt or offended it really is that bad

They don't let you remove your posts and if your unhappy with topic you are not aloud to delete your profile I went through random posts which shows people hating on othe people on religion and it even has underage boys seeking pedofiles it is really disturbing and i don't understand why you can't delete your profile or posts . They really don't care who gets hurt or offended it really is that bad.

  • Be
    Bellamie Dec 09, 2013

    Why do you insist on hijacking threads that have nothing to do with your ridiculous posts?

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Topix.comI really don't like this website

I really don't like this website. People post rumors about one another then the next day those rumors aren't "rumors" anymore when Sandy runs into Sally. Rumor or not this site is hurtful. I'll let the trolls and degenerates have their fun. Yanno even if something sounds sooo farfetched. It's hard to rule it out because it was said. Like seeing people talking about your love being "gang-banged"., sexual abuses

One of the corrupted sites I have ever found! The moderators don't even remove the comments and this site is full of racist and sick people! The site should be banned! These are the links to show how dirty this site can be!

  • Andrea Hudson Oct 28, 2012

    why don't you just not log on to that site

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  • **SuperMan** Nov 06, 2012

    The political correctness of [you] liberal douche-bags is beyond absurd! I swear the entire globe world has become a conglomeration of limp-wristed pussies! If the site is too much for your to handle, do not review the information on the website - plain and simple. As a matter of fact, just toss your damn lap-top out the window and take up crochet as a hobby. Leave the real world "stuff" the non-weak minded persons.

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  • Bo
    Boss_Lady Jan 25, 2013

    Agreed. It's a horrible site, and most of the patrons have no scruples!

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  • Sr
    srma Apr 10, 2014

    behosi ki dava batao sex ke liye

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Topix.comI am not sure there is a more destructive website on the internet

I am appalled at how little the Topix management team seems to care about the content on their site. I am also appalled that even for those that try to avoid Topix like a root canal, if someone post something libelous about you, it goes out into the google search engined within half an hour and comes up looking like real news. This can destroy anyone's reputation while Topix makes a profit.

The company does not make anyone register for an account with a verified email address and a phone code and the moderation basically doesn't exist. The only chance of having anything removed (since Topix phone number goes straight to voice mail which tells you they know what kind of site they are running) is to use their feedback system which forces you go on their site and make them some more money and then you can a form letter email which is pretty much more advertising for their site.

The CEO of the company is constantly putting down journalism and taking potshots at newspapers and from what I read has even went as far as saying "speech is usually more important than the victim." That is a concerning statement because it shows no empathy toward anyone and basically means there is no intention to ever try and clean up the increasingly vile forums.

Topix is filled with hate speech, racism, sexism, stalking, child sex trafficking, libel, drug sales, and countless other immoral and illegal things. I am not sure there is a more destructive website on the internet.

  • Se
    sejal tejani Sep 21, 2013

    listen i dont understand who the hell has added my contact no in this site many stupid calls are coming in my cell kindly take some action or else i have to go to court for banning ur this site

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I was stalked, threatened and libeled on this site for over six month. An unknown female threaded me and wrote terrible things about myself and my family. Topix allowed this to happen, they don't monitor there forums and have no concern for the safety Of the victims being stalked and libeled on there site, thèy protect them. This site breaks so many laws about privacy and freedom of speech, it needs to be taken down ànd topix should have to pay for all the lives it's ruining.

Topix.comI have never seen anything quite like or as disturbing as the topix website

Our paper has ran stories about Topix in the past and after checking it out I was horrified. From what I read, Topix has said it is a news aggregator and community journalism site. I found it to be anything but. What I said was one insult after another and considering I knew some of the people listed on the site, I saw plenty of libel which is illegal. I quickly discovered the simplistic site does not require its users to register for an account which that in itself tells you how trashy of a site it is and they have to have one of the worst feedback systems I have ever seen. From what I read and discovered they only have five moderators for hundreds of thousands of forums and the moderators have been known to post on the site attacking users to increase ad hits. I am also very disturbed at the lack of remorse shown by the CEO of Topix. What really stood out to me was when the media goes after him, he has claimed they were doing all they could to cut down on the libel (yet you won't hire more moderators and won't even make users register, Riiiiiggghhttt) but then would go on Tech sites mocking those who were concerned with the content and the media. As a parent that scares the heck out of me. I have since learned there is a growing number of people that are very worried about this website and many communities have tried to pass ordinances about it. I also learned many states have been adopting cyberbullying laws and many of them have stated it is because of the complaints they receive regarding Topix. They definitely need to make some changes. There are some other sites that concern me but I have never seen anything quite like or as disturbing as the Topix website.

Topix.comthis site irresponsibly allows people to bully, defame, harass and cyber stalk others without any consequences

This site irresponsibly allows people to bully, defame, harass and cyber stalk others without any consequences. Requests to remove the comments are granted only sometimes but the bullies just put the comments back up.

I witnessed a horrible experience where a person by the name of Desiree Hill who lives in Las Vegas posted comments using the first and last name of her victims and even the business name of one of the people she was stalking. The worst part is that in her comments she claimed that it was she who was being stalked (but she did a lot of name calling and said a bunch of lies and put downs that made it clear that she was the stalker).

Google has some kind of deal with Topix where their topics come up in searches like almost immediately. So basically, she talked about these women's minor children and put up links to pictures and addresses and everything and only a few hours later it was up on google, like on the first and second pages of searches for their names.

Only a few of thecomments she posted were removed and other than just asking I guess that it be removed 100 times, there's nothing you can do but sit back and watch someone trash another person's reputation with lies and slander.

It was alarming to read that this has happened to many, many people in the past but the truth is none of this would be possible if would just put in place some small identifying measures, like requiring a valid email or phone number before a person can make a comment.

They also need to employ at least one person for every forum.

If they can't do that they need to be shut down. When I graduate maybe this will be my first case!

  • Li
    Linda11972 Jan 11, 2012

    I understand the frustration, but I did have to verify my information here before I posted anything so maybe things are changing. I am trying to give people the benefit of the doubt until they show me otherwise. I just wanted to know how badly I was treated by a company. I did not seek retribution or anything. I just want others to avoid dealing with them if they can to save themselves a bunch of heartache.

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  • Ch
    Cheryl-Fletcher Jan 11, 2012

    slander is a prosecutable offence - have you sought legal help

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Topix.comfull of racist, sexist & dangerous people

This site is horrible. Full of racist, sexist & dangerous people. I never bother to log in anymore because I was once threatened by a middle-aged man cause I refused to give him my email address. This forum has no supervision at all...everyone can comment freely and explicitly, especially in the human sexuality forum...I thought I can do some intelligent discussions about sexual health but NO!! lots of perverts lurking there... Stay away from this site!

Topix.comtake off information about me

My ex - wife of 10 years has put on site my job listings, where i went to school, and threaten my family. I want this stopped. I have reported abuse on site but it is still there. Her name is pam martin, her husband is called country boy, she is mark's angel eyes, and even my son chauncey martin is on there, i want it taken off. I am married for 2 years now and she can't seem to stop.

Topix.comvicious cyberbullying site needs to be stopped. Recently the New York Times ran a story on how the website Topix is damaging communities. A few days later the Today Show ran a similar story discussing a lady who basically has been forced to hide in her home because of lies told against her on the Topix website. Topix is not what freedom of speech means. It claims to be a journalistic site. Journalism requires facts and research of which Topix does none of. The site is designed for users who do not have to even register to go into a community, post lies and destroy people's reputations and in extreme cases lead to society. The Topix management team has been quoted as saying they find attacks on people as being humorous. Seeing a child commit suicide because cowards are going to a sick website that has no moral integrity is not humorous at all it is deadly. Much of the blame lies agains the Topix company because they continue to lie. The site has claimed they are trying to stop cyberbullying yet have only a handful of alleged moderators to look over 350, 000 plus forums. With those numbers it not possible and the moderators in many cases have been shown to go into a forum and bully others as well to add webhits. That is unethical. The website refuses to make users sign up to post on the site which has led to many of the problems as well. This is because the company fears that when people are held accountable they will stop posting on the site. This is ridiculous. Users who want to contribute something positive will have no problem registering, it only takes a minute or two. What is amounts to is a lack of Ethics but Topix management team. Many of the comments made by Topix management are appalling and the company has decided to go the unethical route and have often challenged media and government to try and stop them. In some cases, they have had an attorney send threatening emails and letters to people who have contacted Topix advertisers stating they are boycotting them because of Topix refusal to clean up its sick forums. In many of the forums people have lost their businesses and reputation and because of Topix refusal to do anything, they have destroyed thousands of people. It is obvious that Topix is in need of finding a heart and need a change in management unless the company starts showing ethics. Topix is the most dangerous company on the internet and is a danger to all.

Topix.comthey have slandered my granddaughter very bad and they talk about her little baby son

You need to gone this website and look at the blobs and topix forum and look for Alamo, tn to see what people are allowed to post on this site about people and their families. They have slandered my granddaughter very bad and they talk about her little baby son. This site has caused people to lose their jobs, get divorced, and cause trouble for everyone. Go on the website, type in Alamo, TN and look at what they say about people for everyone to see. The person I am writing about is Jamie Reed, which is my granddaughter and her son. My name is Carolyn Davison, [protected] and my email address is [protected] This is the only thing that is wrong with the the site but it is very disturbing, and I am not the only one upset with this site, but i am sure everyone would file a complaint if they knew who to file with. We just need some help with this.

  • Wk
    wkj Aug 20, 2011

    Hi, I live in the UK and just received the same type of letter. I have apparently been assigned an Audi Q7 SUV or cash equivalent in a marketing programme (Canada) incidently my sister lives there and I love it! anyway I recently got one of these letters from Australia, sound familiar? I sent the last one back with no money, told them to send my prize, (I opted for the cash) and then told them to take their £20 out of my cash prize and send me the difference, needless to say I have not heard from them. P.S. I sent it with everything ticked as if the cash was in the envelope, more fool them!

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cyberbullying, libel, defamation, drug trafficking, gun sales,

I want to report a website called Topix. This site has placed forums for every zipcode and has managed to destroyed just about every community you can find. The website is set up to encourage cowards to attack one another. There are disgusting topics that include calling people pedofiles, drug users, and physical threats against people. This website continues to make the news but Topix refuses to do much to improve their site. They have five moderators to manage 350, 000 forums and often refuse to remove most of the content. The forums often are attacks on children and there is illegal activity that occurs on Topix on a daily basis. Thousands of people including some of its own users have asked for more moderators and a registration process such as Disqus. Topix refuses and then when they receive bad press claims they are "doing all they can." If that is the case more moderators and registration would be a good start. Sites like Topix have forced many states to begin adopting new, stronger cyberbullying laws. — this is the most disgusting site on the internet

This is the most disgusting site on the internet. The forums are unmoderated so libel occurs and they make a profit off of it. Teenagers are often attacked, innocent law abiding...

libel, defamation, cyberbullying

The first amendment was intended so people can have a voice against government, freedom of religion, etc. The framers of the Constitution established the first amendment for a reason. Libel and destroying others was never what was intended and they would be disgusted if they knew what is occurring on a website called Topix.

This website has caused the destruction of many people including the loss of a marriage, business, or reputation and no one has that right. Even if you try avoiding the site, because of their lack of moderation your name can be tarnished or even worse. There has been numerous cases where I have seen people's names posted and then their addresses and accused of horrible things.

There is a growing number of news reports coming out about this company and now Topix is claiming they want to enter the world of political commentary. This is a potential disaster, especially after what happened in Arizona. Many psychopaths who hate the government or certain individuals often will post rants on Topix. Since Topix controls nothing, many people thinking it is funny will post support and that can cost someone their life. On the other hand, if Topix does indeed start getting into the political arena, perhaps politicians will take notice and go after this evil company.

The best advice is to avoid the site whenever you can and not try and defend yourself, that is what they want and it brings the internet trolls out in force. Be aware of what is being said and report it to the police, attorneys in some cases, the FBI, and legislators. By the way, Topix hates Attorney Generals and often accuses them of grandstanding because they have the audacity to try and protect the innocent. Topix has chosen to be a site of hate for profit and anyone who believes in human decency, morals, and family values should do all they can to stop this destructive site.

  • Ro
    rockandrolldancer Feb 11, 2011

    It definitely is not first amendment that's for sure.

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  • Br
    bravecardinal Feb 18, 2011

    They refuse to answer questions when asked and complaints sometimes.

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  • Co
    Concerned for our youth Jun 24, 2012

    I was stalked, threatened and libeled by a female named heather sprague on topix. After six months of her attacking my family, fiancé and every part of my body I found out who it was . I had to fight with topic to get it taken down as I'm a social worker and this could ruin my career. I don't even know the girl she stalked me through the Internet and used topix to harass and threaten me. Topix is a sight for cowards to write hurtful things about people, no one is there to stop them and it's ruining people's lives. Thank god I'm a strong person and have great friends and family or I wouldn't have made it through her harassment .

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incites cyberbullying, racism, dangerous behavior

Topix claims to be a journalism site. With journalism comes responsibility and Topix doesn't show much of that. Topix basically is nothing short of an excuse to bash other people for profit. The company claims to have over 400, 000 forums yet employs under 50 people. When Attorney Generals or a growing number of news media question them about moderating their forums, they claim they 20 percent of their staff are dedicated to keeping the site clean. LOL, even if that is true, if you have less than 50 employees and only 20 percent work on the forums, does anyone see how that might be a problem?

The forums are among the worst on the internet with a ton of racial slurs. In fact it is so bad, the NAACP needs to be involved. Many people have lost their jobs and had their reputations torn apart by this site who always claims "freedom of speech." One does not have the freedom to harm another person and that is what Topix constantly does. In fact their policy is people's feeling don't matter. Apparently people's lives don't either.

  • That is exactly right. Topix abuses what the first amendment was supposed to be and we need to get the media involved. They have destroyed the first amendment and are a dangerous site.

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  • Ja
    James Doe Sep 04, 2016

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Topix, LLCcyberbullying, criminal site

Speaking as a parent and hopefully a productive member of society, I have been very concerned about the company called Topix for a long time. This company has long taken the lowest road possible claiming freedom of speech. What people fail to recognize is the first amendment was written so people had the right to voice their views toward government. That is a right I think we all support.

However, the first amendment never protected all speech. Libel, defamation, and other attacks are not protected speech and the amendment only applies to government not to corporations. In other words, Topix is basically an excuse for people to attack one another. Recently the press has began to catch on. When someone attacks you, Topix response was to go on their site and fight back. That is the worst thing a person could ever consider doing. It makes them more money, gives them more traffic and you are inviting even further attacks when internet trolls gang up on you. You are wiser to try and ignore that, don't post and simply report it. One cannot help but notice that many newspapers and tv stations realize how out of control Topix is and are going to different commenting systems such as Disqus and others where one can still voice their opinion but (gasp) have to take a little responsibility. With freedom comes responsibility. I cannot help but think about this country during 9/11 and how together we all seemed to be. Now, as is usually the case, we are back to fighting among ourselves.

Cyberbullying is a very real problem which is leading to death in some extreme cases. The old adage "sticks and stones" has never been true. How would you feel if your child killed themselves or someone else. Topix as a business has a responsibility to protect and it does not. It claims to be a source of news yet Technorati has given it the lowest rating possible for information. It is a cyberbullying site and basically not much else.

The tragedy is it could have been really great but ultimately decided it would give up ethics for a few more comments even ones that are illegal.

What is interesting is now the state of California has passed a new cyberbullying bill where someone can be fined and jailed if they claim they are someone else in a profile. Topix does not require registration BUT people can go in and claim they are someone else which is the exact same thing and if anything is easier on a site like Topix. That makes them and any other company that does not require registration extremely liable and means police contact and attorneys are likely to hound Topix even more than before.

Cyberbullying laws are changing and one needs to hope that someday the company itself can be sued. Topix has become a menace to society. I highly recommend you avoiding that site at all cost. Do not ever post on that site, you contact the police, attorney generals, sponosors and the media and ask for them to research and investigate this company. All one has to do is take a look at some of the community forums, their AFAM forum, their drug forums (which drug sales occur) or their human sexuality forums which condone beastality, rape, incest, prostitution, and sexual predators in some instances and that will tell the media what they need to know.

One must also take action. Don't sit back and expect others to do it. Write your newspapers and contact anyone who can help. Topix could still be of same value if they will go back to being a newssite with accountability and that means closing some forums down, moderating their site, and requiring responsibility of their users through registration and other measures.

  • Topix has made smashed what the first amendment is about and basically have made a joke out of the first amendment. I am not going to disrespect Dawniette (disrespect is what cowards do on sites like Topix) but it isn't that simple. Because Topix doesn't moderate and is trash laden to simply ignore it, is being naive. Let's say you own a business and someone goes on Topix and says you are dealing drugs and it is a complete lie. Even if you ignore the site yourself others are reading it and it can destroy your reputation. No one has that right. Topix has a responsibility to moderate, require registration, and protect the innocent. It does none of that. Sites like Topix can do tremendous damage and ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away.

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  • Ro
    rockandrolldancer Feb 11, 2011

    Yeah people totally misunderstand what the first amendment was established for and it wasn't things like Topix. To me registration and more moderators and stronger filters would be a fair compromise. The way it currently is is very dangerous and when pure libel is occurring, you can't ignore it because you can be destroyed without knowing the source.

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  • Ta
    takelegalaction Mar 13, 2011

    Topix is an enormous site with probably the highest concentration of actionable libel of any site in the internet. It's only a matter of time before someone brings a class action law suit. They are irresponsibly and recklessly allowing anyone to wrote anything about anyone, and people's reputations are being irreparably damaged.

    The whole system is highly flawed and someone needs to do something.

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  • Da
    Danny Lowrey Mar 24, 2011

    Relative subjected to defamation and libel on Researching lawsuits, before filing suit.

    0 Votes — topix is gathering user's personal data, in conjunction with the nsa, to use it to, &spy on citizens, profile them and invasion of privacy

Topix forums, are the number one internet community forums, linked to newspapers across America. From their website: "Topix is the leading news community on the Web, connecting...

Topix, LLCcyberbullying company

I have watched, with interest, several programs as of late talking about the dangerous affects of cyberbullying. People are committing suicide over brutal and often untrue attacks on the internet. People who libel and defame others are committing criminal acts. That is why I am reporting web company, Topix.

Topix is an alleged news site, that has basically given up on news and contains brutal, hostile cyberbullying primarily because they do not require registration and refuse to moderate their forums. The forums are some of the worst things I have ever seen on the internet and the company seems to have no problem with that. That is because they are making money off of trash. Several attorney generals went after them and the company claimed it was going to do a better job of moderating its forums. Of course, they have done nothing. The forums are worse than ever and the attacks on people especially children are getting worse and worse.

There are forums that even talk about incest and rape. There are a bunch of racial slurs and many other horrible things. This company with its lack of moderation condones and has criminal activity occurring, yet the media seems terrified to cover them. This company is far worse than companies such as Facebook and Twitter. There needs to be something done about their lack of moderation and registration which most decent companies require. What is most shocking is the company is partially owned by Gannett, Tribune, and McClatchy. That probably explains why the media is afraid to go after this cyberbullying site. In the meantime the innocent suffer at the hands of cowards. Criminal acts are not what was meant by freedom of speech.

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    MattWalters Oct 05, 2010

    Topix has continued to stand behind the fact that they do not commit the acts of defamation and so forth but that they are simply an internet forum service. The only known case of legal action against TOPIX occured in Texas where a defamed lawyer was only able to get TOPIX to reveal the IP addresses of posters who destroyed his and his wife's reputations. Topix was unharmed and in fact they started a forum to discuss the legal matter, which of course meant that they themselves dominated web searches on the subject. As a result, the day that they took down the forum, they litterally erased all of the bad comments about them from the web.

    We need to begin looking for companies who do business with TOPIX and to begin putting pressure on them, personally, professionally and with our purchasing decisions, to dissociate from TOPIX. Companies like Verizon, Sears and Toyota may not want to be associated with topix if they really knew what TOPIX was and what it is doing. Here you will find detailed information.

    We need to get this word out before other companies look at TOPIX financial success and want to jump on board with similar business models. When the internet first came along, there were issues with child porn until it was reigned in. We can do the same thing with things like TOPIX so that kids don't have a place to go to do things like this. And the scary part is that most TOPIX trollers are ADULTS.

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    Moyla Nov 13, 2010

    There is a Topix Forum in Cyprus, it is the worst racial site I have seen, bullying is also on this site.
    Posters keep changing their addresses and names, so you have no idea who were they posting from originally.

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    Virginia Hoge Dec 28, 2010

    I have been investigating Topix for a year and a half. My conclusion is that Topix wants their sites to be exactly what they are. They are promoting violence, abusiveness and right-wing politics. Their staff of 28 - 28! - says it all. To have a company that large, they are the largest internet forums connected to newspapers in the entire country and are international, and to then have a staff so small that only a handful of moderators are on staff, clearly proves that Topix wants to foster a climate of unmoderated violence. Compare Google, a company of similar scope, which has a staff of 23, 331.

    I know for a fact Topix also employs savage trolls to harass their perceived enemies, and for sure, allows other unethical entities to do the same.

    I have come to the conclusion that Topix needs to be investigated by the justice department. I have tried, and for a long time, to get them to reform, I now realize Topix is not interested in the slightest in reform, they intend to stay exactly how they are.

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    chalkwalk Jan 03, 2011

    As far as the racial attacks the NAACP needs to be notified. There is no denying how much hate that site is bringing.

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    rockandrolldancer Feb 11, 2011

    There needs to be media involved.

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    david sikes Jun 17, 2012

    i am well aware of there trash so called reporting that they done to a dear friend of mine in alabama, nothing in there story was true, nothing was investgated before the article was reported on a major tv station .these people are nothing but thugs, and outlaws themselves.

    0 Votes — defamation of my character

My ex - wife of 10 years has put on site my job listings, where i went to school, and threaten my family. I want this stopped. I have reported abuse on site but it is still there... — commits fraud!

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