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on Jan 22, 2015

I regretted not checking market rates before engaging the photography services of Platt. When it became clear to me that I was paying way more than others, I politely requested for a refund since there was no contract binding my payment. It would have been fine even if the refund... /

on Jan 22, 2015

Perhaps some small measure of success have gone to its head for this company to behaved in a manner I never would have expected. It seems like I had to chase for an answer for every little question I need clarifications to. Every tiny request had an extra charge to it, even though it...

Harper Noel Photography / Harper Noel Photography

on Jan 22, 2015

A simple word to describe my experience with harpernoelphotography would be "nightmare". I could never seem to reach them when I needed to, even though I was obviously paying them well. When they finally decided to get in touch, they were rude and eager to end the conversation. The fan... /

on Jan 22, 2015

None of the prices reflected on the website are true. The hidden charges nearly doubled what I had originally expected to pay. I dont mind paying more as long as they can match the quality with their rates but that wasn't the case at all. The 'photographer' was just some... / Horrible Experience

on Jan 21, 2015

Simply put, they should not be open for business! My order was not properly accounted for even though they were quick to part me from my money. It took over 3 months of delivery time before I even laid eyes on a part of my purchase. And even so the items that arrived are definitely not...

Chad Ostreicher / Scammed Me For 2,000 Over My Portraits

on Dec 26, 2014

I wanted to alert everyone quickly to avoid Chad Ostreicher if he happens to approach you regarding paintings. I was one of the many that was scammed by this individual. We spoke through reddit and struck up a deal to send over my artwork. He sent over 2, 000 right away so I assumed the...

Paul Ferradas Photography / Sexual Harrasment

on Dec 15, 2014

Ladies beware of this man, Paul Ferradas Photography. He calls himself a professional, wedding, fashion, lifestyle photographer. He's not! He is nothing but a pervert with a camera you lures you in for for a fashion shoot, but instead tries to get you naked and then makes sexual...

Exclusive Photography / Pricing

on Dec 5, 2014

first impressions were awesome, Photographer was nice and hair and make up artist really made the day worth while. Photographer throughout shoot often mentions "don't worry it can be edited" as a reply to "I don't like this pose" once shoot is finished your escorted into a room...

Mountain West Studios School Pictures / School Photos Terrible No Response

on Dec 3, 2014

I sent this e-mail to the company to explain the details of our issues with their service, quality and image: My kids had 2 sets of pictures taken because we were not informed of the revised due date of the original picture order. I complained to the school already along with some other...

MemoTime Photography / Lost Newborn Photos

on Nov 30, 2014

My girlfriend used a Students Union coupon here for our maternity and newborn photo sessions. This company lost over half of the newborn photos they took while in the editing process. It took a month for us to finally have enough time waiting, call in, drive back in from Airdrie to get the...

ontoDVD / Quality & Service

on Nov 29, 2014

I sent VHS tapes to be copied onto DVD. The results were pretty awful. I know that the quality of the VHS tapes was not good, but I didn't expect further deterioration in quality. Annoyed, I called OntoDVD to request a refund. The person I spoke too, Callum, refused and virtually... / The rep lied to me and charged for nothing

on Nov 27, 2014

I wanted to warn other people that the company is real scam. I sent photos of my daughter to this company, but they took money from me and told that my daughter didn’t look as a model as they searched. The rep told me that they searched for blonde and curly...

STARecruitment / They took money for the photo shoots and vanished somewhere

on Nov 16, 2014

I got the phone call from the company STARecruitment. The rep offered me a job as a model. She told me everything about the job and told that the photo shoots were obligatory. As well as I needed to pay for the photo shoots about $400. I paid money and after that I haven’t heard from...

Kimble Photography / They took money, but still haven't returned our photos

on Nov 16, 2014

OMG. We hired the company Kimble Photography for the family event and they arrived and made all job, and everything was ok. But after couple of weeks we haven’t heard from them, as well as no info about the photos. We tried to call them, but the phone was switched off all the time...

Splash Studios/Dream Makeovers` / Lies, aggressive and bullying sales techniques, awful experience

on Oct 30, 2014

We paid £10 for a pet photoshoot at a dog show. We were told this would get us a photoshoot and one 10x8 photo, but advised we would need to make a £20 deposit when we booked, but this would be refunded automatically once we turned up. The person who booked us in also confirmed...

Nanjing Fei Yue Paper Industrial Co., Limited / They sended junk

on Oct 30, 2014

They send me sample. the sample was good, and I confirmed. Than I transfered money and they send the goods. But the goods were totally are junk. This company is not trustable. I lost total 19350usd. Please let the people now about this company. The company website is .

North American Theatrics Photographers / Awful Service and Product

on Oct 23, 2014

I called this company back in May prior to moving to let them know that our address was changing and to update the information. The woman on the phone took down the information and said that she will forward to the appropriate people since the photos weren't sent out yet.June roll...

Scenic Concepts Inc / Very rude!

on Oct 14, 2014

Guy shows up with photos of my farm and starts with a price of $240.00 and comes down to $100.00 in seconds and when I tell him I can't buy one he gets a big attitude and tells me $100.00 won't "bleed" me. Told me "its not cheap to fly". Grabs his pictures and mumbles some more...

Dodd Camera / Lies and More Lies

on Oct 1, 2014

Dropped a camera lens off at Dodds Cincinnati store for repair on 09-03-14. Called them three weeks later was told the lens was shipped to the manufactures repair center for an estimate to repair that it would be another week to get an estimate. Waited a week no call or e-mail. I called...

CMAC International / modeling portfolio photos

on Sep 10, 2014

This "business" should not be trusted by anyone. My family learnt that the Hard way. We signed our daughter up for Modeling with Serene. We were verbally sold on their product and service. Serene did tell us that we had the choice to use our own photographer, but if we used their service...

Closeout Digital / scam

on Jul 17, 2014

According to the BBB of Yew York Closeout Digital’s real address is 6605 20th Ave. Brooklyn New York. Though they have a California phone number and an address at 1111 Story Rd. San Jose CA. that on some sites I have read say the address in CA is phony. Depending upon which Map...

Clipping team / Clipping team

on Jul 10, 2014

By searching online you can get a lot of clipping paths services provider and among them finding out right one for your business is a matter of your wisdom. If you are not expert in this case then you can take help from any expert and who can help you to find out the right company. Here I...

Shenzhen Segree Technology co.,ltd./2014 the newest wedding photo album making machine with CE(10 in 1) / Fraud On Buying Photo Book Machine

on May 26, 2014

I made payment for a photo Book machine, after the payment she told me that she is going send me a tracking number with DHL the number she sent was confirm not to real with DHL. I have been trying to communicate with her ever since but she refuse to get back to me. The number given on the...

Exclusive Photography / charges

on Apr 18, 2014

Having won a free sitting, on ringing for an appointment was told of $95 deposit incase you dont turn up. That was okay, received a makeover really pleased about that. But at no time was told of the photos Requested to wait 20minutes to look at the resulting photos, taken through the photo...

Tharrens Light Photographic Art / Harassment

on Apr 13, 2014

Not only did Tharren from Tharren's Light Photographic Art start off as a normal photoshoot, he very quickly became strange and unusual with his photography style. I definitely would not recommend not going to him for your senior photos and especially wedding photography needs.He...

My star kids / Charged 3 times instead of one time

on Apr 3, 2014

This company does not have any contact info so you can talk to a live person . I was charged 3 times by accident because of the way the site is set up . I'm expecting a refund if I do not get one we will consider this a warning to my fellow consumers $ 100. 00 The charge was suppose to be $39.98

twinkle toes greystanes / abusive

on Feb 20, 2014

Greystanes Parramatta are rude, abusive, takes months to return a paid product, blames customers for entering their unlocked premises when obeying the signage posted to do so, requests for a photo to be dropped in a mail box without covers (to get scratched) along with involving their...

Ice Candy Studio / Inappropriate Booking

on Feb 17, 2014

I just want to share my experience with Ice Candy Studio (Photography Service I send them an email last year and continuously provide updates on when we will deposit our downpayment. Based on our email conversation, he agreed that we make a deposit on Feb or...

Sarah cabrera-hernandez / unprofessional

on Jan 14, 2014

I have had more than one shoot with Sarah. Every time I sent for my appointment she wasted time being on her phone. Also she was always gossiping about other people. I thought it was innocent and also thought she was cool. We got along just fine and I liked the product she put out. I paid...

Pixnflix Multimedia By Ryan Brownell / Breach of Contract

on Jan 8, 2014

I contacted Brownell January 22 expressing interest in hiring him on as a photographer for my wedding on Thursday, October 3 and the reception on Friday, October 4. I also emailed Brownell that I was interested in DJ services for the reception, and asked what DJ service he uses. He...

Planet Billard / George Billard

on Dec 26, 2013

This motherless [censored] is the most arrogant, mean-spirited, malcontent, ugly, talentless ### you will ever meet. How he has managed to have a website called Planet Billard is beyond anyone’s imagination but the fact remains that he has one. To know him, is to hate his [censored]g guts. He seriously...

Raines Video Productions / Video Ripoff

on Dec 14, 2013

Someone who didn't know any better hired this company to take videos of our 50th High School Reunion in the San Francisco Bay Area. Somebody came down from Portland, Oregon and took lots of video, and they were very efficient about sending everyone solicitations to purchase a copy... / Worst Customer Service Ever

on Dec 13, 2013

Ordered cards over a month ago. Received 2 weeks ago - received someone else's order. Called and sat on hold 45 minutes. Called next day and sat on phone and hour before being disconnected. Called day after that and got a rapid busy signal (like you hear when a number i...

Pillowmob / Overcharged and late/missing

on Nov 18, 2013

I ordered 2 pillows as a gift to send to my boyfriend in Australia. Once I was done designing them and went to check out I noticed that the pillows were actually $35 dollars even though they were advertised to ship ANYWHERE for free for $30. I should have considered this a red flag, but...

Baby and Belly Photography / Rude, arrogant, terrible experience

on Nov 12, 2013

We had an awful experience with Daisy at Baby and Belly Photography. When we arrived at the studio she offered us no direction. In fact she didn’t even acknowledge us. My 6-year old daughter was taken aback after she stuck her head into her office to say hello and was fully ignored...

Joseph Photography / Perversion

on Oct 10, 2013 One or multiple people are claiming to have a start up lingerie line and they're looking for models, but before they even meet the models they want photos in their underwear. The models agree hesitantly of course, but still do so because they think...

Wedding Photography/Videography / Unprofessionalism and Incompetence

on Oct 7, 2013

John Vizcarrondo (the company/studio owner) is a very unprofessional individual. Not only did he pressure us into making a deposit on a wedding package at our FIRST visit, but he used foul language at times (including outright profanity in a photo shoot with us). He was generally...

Kustom Films Videography / Stealing other companies Videos and posting on their site

on Oct 3, 2013

Kustom Films VideographyApproximately 3 weeks ago, I came to Las Vegas to do a private wedding for my company. I decided to browse on and checked out the feature wedding Videographers, I then noticed that Kustom Films had 3 of our videos on their website. So I decided to investigate further and found... / can I stop the process somehow?

on Sep 17, 2013 said that they were seventeen magazine and wanted to do a photo shoot with me and sent me a check for 2, 945.00. The check seemed to clear but is on hold. They are now asking me to pay them $400 and eventually their check would bounce and I would be in debt for $2, 550. I...

Mark Brewer Phoenix Photo / ruined my wedding

on Sep 16, 2013

Mark Brewer showed up over an hour late to the wedding, was drunk, and verbally abusive to my mother! His attitude and pig-headed mentality ruined my wedding. The photos he took were garbage and I refused to pay for them. He threatened to take me to court for the unpaid portion despite...