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Landlords, By Most Complaints | Page 7

Diana and Zelko Blasic / Leaking roof and electricity

Minerva gonzalez-cohen on Aug 28, 2011

My name is minerva. I have lived in astoria for over 36 yrs, on sunday at 12:30 am while we were asleep we were awaken by water dripping down on our faces I got up scared and I saw water leaking heavly from the ceiling, My husband had a stroke about 2 yrs ago and cannot move while I wa...

Empirian Property Management / Cheap Owners


Empirian Property ManagementIf you are looking for a place to rent where you do your own yard work and if you cant stand the long grass you try to cut it yourself or you want to leave for work when its raining and your gutters are flooding over your front door! Or if you want to lose your car in a pothole in the...

Paramount Property Management Svcs / Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

FunWithDickandJane on Aug 31, 2011

Cassy and her tattooed employees at Paramount are experts at being ###. This company does a terrific job of screwing both the property owners as well as the tenants who rent the properties. I thought that I had experienced the worst when I lived in government housing. I was wrong. In a...

Star Batt Inc. / building leases / Slumlord

smbizowners on Sep 2, 2011

Dear Small Businesses, this is not just a complaint it is also a warning to you if your looking for rent space here at Star Batt Inc. We strongly recommend you to look elsewhere! Our experience here has been a very painful and unfair, this is a prime example of how a shady and manipulating...

Tony Goerge Karam / DEPOSIT

Chantelle Lovric on Sep 7, 2011

Tony Karam told us to move out on 27 August 2011. On 31 August 2011, he's wife Illana Karam contacted us for the house keys, told Chantelle Lovric (myself) on the phone, she will pay the deposit in that evening. My fiance Diardt Stemmet went to drop the keys off, Illana Karam told...

Di Wu And Sherry Hsu, Landlords And Scumbags, San Diego / Rental


Di Wu And Sherry Hsu, Landlords And Scumbags, San DiegoBeware of Di Wu and Sherry Hsu - a disgrace to Chinese community in San Diego! We rented their condo. When we were leaving, we scheduled cleaning folks for last couple of days for carpet and general cleaning and wall touch up. a week before the move out Di Wu called us & asked if we could...

Mitchell and Co Management Ltd / rented property management

Notstupid69 on Sep 25, 2011

I am just one of many landlords who are being ripped off by these so called managing agents. Not a month has passed where I haven't had to chase for rent they have received from my tenants. They are now 2 months behind with no indication of when the rent will be paid. In essence they... / ### landlord

1064051 on Oct 8, 2011

never deal with this company, they will never give your deposit back and they will ask hundreds of dollar for a small scratch and up to 100 dollar for a day light bulb. This company is a greedy ###. after two years, i am still waiting for my $3000 deposit.

Berg Management / Slumlords!

waitressextrordinary on Oct 20, 2011

These people are the biggest slumlords I have ever seen! It's bad enough trying to find a decent place to live on a limited income, but it's harder to survive when you are forced to live in a dump that the landlord refuses to repair, and drug dealers are your neighbors, but the...

hodge construction / bad service

Brady11 on Oct 28, 2011

Hodge construction is the most unreliable, disrespectful and over all horrible management company. They treat their tenants like animals. Never expect a deposit return and don't be surprised to get fined monthly for the most absurd reasons. If you are renting in Iowa City stay away...

Wright Real Estate / Wright Financial Services / Security Deposit Refund

47Terrace on Nov 10, 2011

Do not rent real estate property from STEVE WRIGHT of WRIGHT REAL ESTATE in Pueblo. He is a very cheap landlord that will not respond to any inquiries from his tenents to fix or replace broken items in home. Does not return full security deposits, has work done at the house and charges you...

WRIGHT REAL ESTATE / Security Deposit Refund

47Terrace on Nov 10, 2011

Do not rent real estate property from STEVE WRIGHT of WRIGHT REAL ESTATE in Pueblo. He is a very cheap landlord that will not respond to any inquiries from his tenents to fix or replace broken items in home. Does not return full security deposits, has work done at the house and charges you...

City Property, Kempton Place Building, Kempton Park / Reaped off My Security Deposit

Allen Svosve on Nov 16, 2011

I stayed in City Property Flats in Kempton Place, Kempton Park, I signed a lease agreement for 12 months but after I found that I was not comfortable with the environment I gave them notice in compliance with the lease agreement then I moved out. I was expecting to get my security deposit...

Joel Stephens and Holly Home Rentals / Fraud


Whether you are a landlord or tenant, it pays to learn about slum landlords and how they work. If you own rental properties. One of the worst is Joel Stephens, and his ### daughter; Holly Stephens of Augusta GA. Kicking black residents out for no reason, taking advantage of them by robbing...

Mc Nicholas Realtors / partial refund security deposit

Halidida on Dec 12, 2011

This is the worst experience we have had so far. This Peg woman is the most untrustworthy, disrespectful person to deal with. She brags of the 35 years experience in the industry but she uses it to take advantage of your situation. We rented from her for a year and at the beginning she...

drew hamilton housing / No gas

maxwell54 on Jan 4, 2012

My name is marilyn, I live at w 143 ST. four two weeks now working on the third week, We had no gas. That mean that me an others that live here on the C.D.E.F. line had no cooking privileges.That mean that during the holidays Christmas plus New Years there was no cooking privileges. At a recent...

Sharon Roth, tenant / Superior Court of New Jersey

Ted Ulan on Jan 4, 2012

While the promotion of untrue, slanderous online material is a practice some unwisely choose to pursue, as Ms. Sharon Roth has chosen to pursue in the past concerning Ted Ulan, in America we do have courts of law. Ted Ulan chooses to utilize the court of law. Regarding slanderous material and...

justice soto mayor houses / nycha is slumlords!

tbrown1755 on Jan 14, 2012

justice soto mayor houseshello my name is Tameka brown I reside at 1755 Bruckner Blvd. # if Bronx NY 10472. phone [protected] my email is [protected] I am writing trying to find out who can I talk to about nycha. I'm transferring from a 4 bedroom apt. to a 5 room apartment 1836 watson ave and they...

AN ANGRY TENANT. / nycha workers need to be fired!!

tbrown1755 on Jan 16, 2012

AN ANGRY TENANT.To whom it may concern. I'm writing again until i get some answers. I'm sending pictures and letters to anyone who will hear my story. i am also contacting the media. this just don't make any sense. i have been treated bad since my housing assistant came on board about 4...

Vicky Shy Team / Re/Max / Vicky Shy - horrible and dishonest landlord

columbia_mo on Feb 2, 2012

We are renting a property from Vicky Shy. Vicky Shy is a horrible landlord and a dishonest person. If you are considering renting or buying a property from Vicky Shy, you should really re-consider. It is a nightmare to deal with Vicky Shy. Vicky ignores maintenance requests. She literally...