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Jaynee Brown review: horror of a landlord

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Jaynee brown is a criminal and should be jailed at this point. She is a thief. We received our rental dirty. We started to move in, and she hired cleaners and repairmen. Within 7 days of us existing and not even fully moved in, we were billed for repairs. She made multiple attempts to rob us during our stay, and I even caught her in our yard using our water when we were not home one time. I was forced to leave the home during the last 60 days of our lease for 16, yes, 16 different "house showings," where she left our lights on, let our dogs out who had just had surgery, and went through our personal property. She lied continuously and never gave us our full deposit refund, even with video proof of property that was taken on day one. She is a criminal. This is nothing compared to how much money and time she has stolen from me and 2 other roommates. She forced us to do manual labor for her "per the lease," like "removing a tree," in the front yard. The neighbors in the homes next door both warned us after we moved in that she had been court ordered in the past to hire management companies because of her impulsive and illegal behavior. I intend to take her to small claims court to sue her for harassment, fraud, and I want refunded for the times I had to leave my home (after having it spotless clean and organized while moving out, per the lease). I had no car and she put me out during a snowstorm. I cant even imagine if I had children. She let me know that she has taken advantage of multiple people and shes been doing the same thing for 30 years, so there is no stopping my over 30 years on earth, I have never had a worse rental experience. And i've been on my own since 17. She made comments about my occupation and social status regularly in order to threaten the notion that I didn't belong in her home, renting it. She takes advantage of low income people so they cannot fight back. She is a fraud, and a liar and I hope she gets her licenses and privileges taken... Or she just needs to be treated like she treats others.

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