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Kingsley Management is a rare visitor on ComplaintsBoard, so the pace of resolving complaints leaves much to be desired. We believe they should spend more time and effort on reviews to naturally grow customer loyalty. As for reviewers, we'd advise carefully reading existing reviews to understand what to expect. It's also helpful to go through the few complaints that Kingsley Management has already resolved to get a clear picture of their customer interaction and potential challenges in resolving your personal issue.
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12:16 pm EDT
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Kingsley Management No management

No management, 3 separate websites none of them work. Horribly programmed. Know one ever on premises. Have tried for a week and a half to pay my rent, unable to reach anybody ever. We leave messages I was given a website that don’t work! They need to get their crap together as I am going to call the housing Authority. I just finally got the Ridiculous amount, but website does not work! Very Frustrating.

[protected] Terrible business after 30 years!

Desired outcome: No outcome after a week and a half I received a call from Trish after saying she was on site. It is a fabrication and disgust

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10:04 pm EDT
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Kingsley Management Trespassing without cause

Maplewood estates omaha nebraska. On June 1st rapid response towing trespassed without any notice and tag vehicle that was parked 100% on driveway to boot or tow vehicle within 24 hours. Tow driver stated he has a contract with Maplewood estates. Rapid response does NOT have a contract with me. Omaha police stated that this is indeed trespassing as the contract is not with me. Contacted management several times with no resolve. I should not have to live in a community where a vehicle can be towed in the middle of the night from your own driveway just because its in a "high visible " area. This is harrassment and needs to stop.

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9:29 pm EDT
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Kingsley Management Unauthorized build of storage shed

I was recently mailed a notice telling me I was unauthorized to build a storage shed/workshop on the lot I rent. No type of remedy was offered to resolved this issue. Building of the shed was verbally approved by the management when I moved in 6 years ago. It was never mentioned it had to be in writing. It has taken me over a year to build it because of several mitigating factors, i.e. illness, weather, job loss, building it mainly by myself, and mostly on weekends (I work full time). I only have the roof to finish; felting and shingles. The letter states I have 14 days from receiving the letter to remedy the situation. I have tried several times to contact the park manager to discuss this, but she never answers the phone or returns my calls. The office seems to always be closed despite their voicemail stating they are open until 5:30. Woodworking is a stress reliever for me, and I have been extremely stressed-out since getting this letter. Why has it taken all the time I was building it, and 3 different managers for someone to say anything? I feel I am unjustly being targeted...

Desired outcome: Let me finish it so I can continue my woodworking hobby. If the manager can't take the time to discuss this issue, then she should just apologize and leave me alone.

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Update by Dab1850
Jun 16, 2022 9:20 pm EDT

Why hasn't my complaint been addressed?

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9:19 pm EDT
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Kingsley Management The whole Park

You have to purchase a house or at least give the finance company the earnest money before receiving the lease from casa estates then when you read the lease you're like what have I done but you can't just throw 5, 000-10, 000 dollars away so you do it anyways the lease states no new fences and no skateboarding just to start off then it goes into you have no right to sue them so they can tell you what to do and when to do it or evict you out of the park and you have 7 days to move the house or its trespassing no rules are voted on the park claps there hands and everyone has to listen or get handed fine after fine then again evicted from the park wish I would of found the website before I moved in

Desired outcome: Park has community meetings for any rules or regulations being applied on them where they recieve a vote

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12:24 pm EDT

Kingsley Management kingsley cold drinks

Hi we have been loyal Kingsley customers for 2 years now.We by up to 12 coldrinks a week my husband loves the pineapple flavour and the last six 2litre bottles that we bought not a sealed pack of six, we bought 3 and 3 the following day again .The flavour was off it was as if the sugar and flavour was minimize.We are really put off now of the pineapple flavour we will not buy Kingsley again.I just thought you had to know about this.We loved Kingsley more than coke.

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7:48 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Kingsley Management - Harassment

This company is a nightmare to deal with. They purposely make your life difficult if you own a home in this community, with the hopes that you will abandon your home and they can then take possession of it and resell it or rent it out. They tow your care within a few minutes of parking on the street, then charge you $300 to get it back, they "force mow"...

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