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maria esther castanon / dogs attack ,gas running,bad windows,gubs and insects in houses, bloking exit door, bad electricity,all my stuff are missing after i was evectid

on Apr 5, 2011

01-03-2011 i call gas company with maria esther castanon consern. As the man of the gas company aproche to 11138 1/2 Concer st. El Monte CA. 91731 at 7:00 p.m. came to me and the only quetion that he had for me was do you smell gas out in your drive way ? I seid i dont smell it. They have...

Eoin Deering LTD / Landlord not taking resposibility

on Apr 4, 2011

Dear CRTB & PRCB we are a business, we moved into the building 1st March this year, the heating has stopped working and we have subsequently found it to be leaking at the back of the boilder, I contacted the person we lease the building from Eion Deering, whom stated: "it was working...

Mosiac Properties / Leasing Agents

on Apr 2, 2011

Say what ever it takes to get you into a lease - know ifyou sign you are stuck. They are the leasing agents for a home we leased. During signing we told their representative we had just come out of a 2.5 year lease in which the last 6 months the owner of the home was trying to sell the...

Mdansby Landlord REport / Ripoff

on Mar 30, 2011

About to buy Mdansby Software, Landlord Report ? Beware!!! Rip Off. If you don't 'update' your software before the year is up, the software locks up and reverts to demo mode. Even if you don't want the so called 'update' you have to pay them $150 for 'tech support' if you want your program to work again.

Caroll Inn / Worst Apartment Ever

on Mar 23, 2011

This is the worst apartment ever!!! I thought it was chip so I applied this apartment. but it takes over one year to get. I paid the money for credit report, provide twice of my bank statement and paystubs, then finally they told me I can get it within one month. then I start packing...

Mark Hutter / Dishonest landlords

on Mar 15, 2011

This landlord does not follow local city ordinance. I live in another city where this guy has rental units, and the city ordinance clearly indicates that in order for a landlord to rent to people, there needs to be an occupancy permit obtained; in order to get the occupancy permit, the...

RRW Realty Corp. / Bathroom tiles falling

on Mar 14, 2011

Bathroom tiles falling.Gave complaint since last year 2010.Landlord just gives me the run around.He always says next month, next month, and next month. It's been since June of last year I've been telling him, but no respond.I have a small child 8 years old plus the water in the...

Frank & Lori DiBenedetto / Apt Rental

on Mar 3, 2011

Rental ... Took $950.00 DepositOne Month Before Availability Feb 6 Th 2011 ... Set Up Move In Date Sat Mar 5 Th 2011 ... 2 Days Before Agreed Date Mar 3 Rd 2011 Landlord Changed Mind Since I Was A Single Mother With 2 Children. Wants A Single Person ... I Was Told It Was Their House & They...

The Coves at Chesapeake / Moldy Homes

on Mar 2, 2011

This company does not care about their tenants one bit. I live in a moldy falling down townhouse that the company does not care about. I found years worth of mold growing in the venting system and had to pay to get it cleaned because the property manager would not have them cleaned, found...

Hernan Hernandez / Fraud

on Mar 1, 2011

My name is Gladys Soto we heard from Hernan Hernandez on the radio and we like the way he talked to people and that he was going to do anything for us not to lose the house we bought for over 470, 000 dollars back in 2007 and now at this time the house is worth 199, 000 then we started...

Vacation Rentals / Stole cash deposit

on Feb 28, 2011

We rented a holiday vacation home for our charity 5 people stayed at the property we handed over $400 deposit when it came for us to end our faction we were told we could not have back our deposit due to an house inspection was needed and take three hours to clean. we explained had to fly...

Chapman Executive Suites / Telephone Ownership

on Feb 24, 2011

After 10 months of a 13 month lease, I inquired about transferring my telephone/fax number in case the new lease terms were unsatisfactory, and he said "everything has a price." His price was $5, 000 per number, which he graciously reduced to $2, 500 after my BBB complaint. When I refused...

Walt Kadtka / slumlord

on Feb 21, 2011

Walt KadtkaWalt and Denise Kadtka fit the criteria of slumlord. I rented a studio apartment for approximately 5.5 months. Upon moving in, we endured window sills filled with chipping paint, a fireplace smothered in ash, a fridge with half of the inside door broken/non-functional and a toilet backing...

Frank Strouse / Scumlord Creating Health Problems

on Feb 17, 2011

Do not ever rent a place from Frank Strouse. He is one of the biggest slumlords I have ever come across. Not only does he not care about his tenant’s health he refuses to do anything about the problems that are causing said health problems. My fiance and I rented a place from Mr...

Abe & Joumana Chater / Unfit Rental Property

on Feb 17, 2011

We found a home listed on kijiji for rent back in March 2009, listed Executive Rental Home, the picture looked nice and it certanly provided more space then what we had. We met with the owners; Abe & Joumana Chater whom advised that the previous tenant just left after promisng to purchase...

Sheepshead Bay Housing / Rent

on Feb 14, 2011

I had recently went to court regarding my rent with Sheepshead Bay Housing (NYCHA). The rent that the management office wanted me to pay I agreed to pay it and they agreed to take off the legal fees and all other misc charges. When I had got in contact with my management office, The...

River Valley Estates / Deposit

on Feb 14, 2011

Do not rent at River Valley Estates! They will try to keep your deposit. When I moved in the doors were all mismatched, there were holes in the walls, the kitchen drawers were off track but they said oh we know and wouldn't fix them while I lived there. But as soon as I move out they...

Faith Real Estate and Investments / Deposit

on Feb 10, 2011

We rented a home from Faith Realty for almost 4 years. We did break our lease but during our time with them we were known as exceptional renters by maintaining the property as best as possible. The first year we had no complaints with them but after that we had cosmetic problems with the...

Cromwell-1262571 Inc. / Harrasment by superintend

on Feb 7, 2011

Hello people, I would like to tell you that watch out Cromwell management, 525 Eglinton Avenue East, M4P 1N5 1262571 Inc. Here is my experience with them. 1-I was harassed by superintend many times, she came at me and almost hit me when I asked my spare key to open the door. Superintend is very...

42 cannon st apartments / non removal of snow at dangerous intersection

on Feb 2, 2011

42 cannon st apartmentsThe building at 42 cannon st. poughkeepsie ny again fails to remove snow in its renters parking lot in a respectable time frame. Now for 3 days entry and exit is prohibited because entrance is on to the 4 lane highway called the alterior. This entrance/exit has a blind spot and a near...

Bishop realty & Management / dep. on rental

on Feb 2, 2011

I rented a townhouse from a management co. and lived there for my 1 yr. lease, while occupied dishwasher only worked about 4 mo. and they would not have repaired, and water leaked a steady flow in bathtub and took 4 phone calls to get fixed and a water bill from he hoa for over usage to...

A.R. Building co Springhouse communities / security deposit

on Feb 2, 2011

Assistent menager jamie called me 2 months later after transfering my lease from townhouse to apartment which we extended for next 2 years ( dec.1st, 2012) wantin'g security deposit for apartment which she all ready has $900 dollars from us when we moved in townhouse she said system...

Benderson Development / Unsafe and Unihabitable Conditions of Property

on Feb 1, 2011

I have been a commercial tenant at one of Benderson's properties for years. I have complained numerous times about the mold, leaks, and unsafe conditions in the building. Benderson and his henchmen just ignore the complaints and I have been loosing customers because of it. I would...

wesyfield apartments property manager / disrespectful and demeaning adittude

on Jan 21, 2011

|Rotting floors that property manager refuses to address. Pluming issues Stoves and electrical outlines are not grounded or even cover properly in some case. Emergency lights must be manually turned on to work. In some cases they never get turned on leaving tenets to be stuck in dark...

Team Kenny/Townhouse / many problems incurred during our residency

on Jan 18, 2011

WE experienced so many ongoing issues with these people we had no choice but to vacate. Whenever we incurred an internal issue such as applinaces or even very minor issues our response from them was our responsibility. They as landlords were liable for all per the lease. We were lucky if...

Estates at Tanglewood/Equity Properties / Overcharging after move-out

on Jan 18, 2011

This apartment complex has a reputation for billing people after move-out for anything and everything they don't want to pay for to "ready" the apartment for the next person. They billed me for $2, 200.00 after living there fore a number of years. They took my deposit bringing the...

Locust Dale / Not giving service !!!

on Jan 12, 2011

Every year this post office is rented to a private homeowner. Has been that way for years. However, the electrical and plumbing are below code. And would never meet any standards. There are a total of two electrical outlets in this office, for multiple run machines. Also during the winter...

Sylvia Ellingwood / Bad landlord practice and misrepresentation of self and property

on Jan 5, 2011

Sylvia Ellingwood contacted us through after we had posted an ad looking for housing in Spokane, WA. We were in San Antonio, TX attached to the Warrior Transition Unit at Brooke Army Medical Center receiving treatment for injuries sustained in Iraq. We were in the process of...

willow properties / not refunding deposit monies


This company is a property company that manages owners homes and rents them out to families. My family moved in 0ct. 2009 and signed all the paperwork and paid rent and our move-in deposit. We only lived at a home 8 days and we already had to file a work request for repairs of things that...

Deceitful Landlady / Human rights Infringed


live in an apartment with my family, two kids – toddlers We have had issues with our landlady concerning water in the bathrooms, as the flow is so slow it trickles. My hubby had had, enough and said to the landlord, we aren’t paying the metro bill until its sorted out as we have...

Toto Canada Inc./Landlord / abuse,phisically and mentally


heres the thing, ive been leaving in place benoit for almost 2 problem at all, until the owner sold the building to "TOTO CANADA INC."and known owner "jeff" turkeys guy.with small guy partner.they came to my house knocking on first day of the month wich is sunday, didnt even wait...

LMT Living Estates / getting screwed


I am in agreeance and will be filing suit if necessary against LMT. I didn't even and will not be moving into the apt I put a deposit on. I put the deposit down on November 30th with the intent to move-in on DEC 15th. They agreed to replace the fridge and install blinds before the...

Universal Properties / Housing/Rental


We moved into the apartment at the end of August. It was filthy, things were missing (showerhead, oven racks, screen door, etc.), there was moss and mould growing on the indoor/outdoor carpeting on our balcony. The residential managers refused to accept responsibility for anything and even...

Rental property / Apartment in disrepair


Hello, I'm submitting this because things with my landlord and her daughter are reaching a boiling point. Let me explain... My wife and I have been renting the upstairs unit in a split level duplex for almost 4 years. The day we looked at it initially it was a very snowy Sunday and I...

Financial Crossroads Property management / Financial Crossroads Property Management


Be careful! The contract you sign to allow this company to manage your home has some statements that will get you in trouble. For instance we paid $250 up front to list our property with them. After we received no traffic for a month on a 2 yr old home with competitive pricing we wanted to...

Slumlord in Pollock Pines, CA / Sharon Potter, 2808 Loyal Lane


If you or someone you know is looking to rent an apartment in Pollock Pines, make sure the address is not 2808 Loyal Lane. There has been over 12 tenants in that apartment in the last year all of which have left because of the psycotic behavior of the landlord (slumlord). DO NOT RENT AN...

The Venetian Apartments / Theft of deposit


This is the letter that I have sent to the property owner: I would like to first provide you the background for this complaint. My wife (then girlfriend), Melissa, moved in to the Venetian when it was still North Courte apartments in July 2007. She paid her deposit & $300 pet deposit for...

Edgewater-UDR Apt-NYSE:UDR / Notice of CA Tenant Class Action Lawsuit


California UDR (NYSE:UDR) Tenants Form Class Action Colorado-based landlord/REIT, UDR, Inc., publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:UDR) is the subject of a California Class Action Lawsuit for its egregiously illegal Residential Lease Agreements and outrageous tenant abuse. ...

Apartment / Dissatisfied Tenant


These apartments are by far NOT LUXURY apartments as advertised. They are somewhat new. However the manager will promise you the moon. I was promised new carpet, that the balding grass was to be repaired, pained accent walls and that I would have a 3rd floor Gulf facing unit. Instead I wa...

The Crown At Steeplechase Apartments / Property Manager


I was a resident at this property for a year and a half. I submitted a move-out form and vacated within the allotted time frame. Three months later, numerous phone calls and visits to the office I have yet to receive my security deposit back. I had a walk through with the office manager at...