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25 Broad Street Apartments / Matthew Abisch and Michael Alexander

on Jun 24, 2014

The 25 Broad Street apartment complex, while it should be considered luxury, is actually a dilapidated bung-hole of an apartment complex due in large part to the terrible mismanagement, gross negligence, and general incompetence of its Resident Property Manager, Matthew Abisch, who...

Chris Qiu / Chris Qiu is a scammer renting rooms in Redmond, WA

on Jun 16, 2014

I rented a bedroom from CHRIS QIU, located at 6840 NE 153rd Ave, Redmond WA, 98052, from approximately January 25 to April 26, 2014. Rent was $450 per month, all utilities included. The deposit was $400, with $40 being non-refundable for carpet cleaning. Before moving in, I did a thorough...

Century 21 Northwest / False Advertising / Horrible Customer Service

on Jun 2, 2014

Roughly 10 months ago I went on craigslist and found a house listed for $1000 per month. I met with a lady who showed me the house and I agreed to rent the house. While doing a walkthrough of the house and going over the 12 month lease lease agreement, she informed me to mail my check for...

Kensington apartment fords NJ / Property Manager threaten my living space and myself

on May 30, 2014

Property manger feel that I was speeding in the parking lot when my car was breaking down on me just wanted to get it to a parking space, so Frank (Property Manager feel that he can just come to where I live at, It's 10:30pm at night Yelling and screening in the halls of the building...

Shannon Gardens Apartments / Building manager

on May 20, 2014

Shannon Gardens employees, particularly the Manager, Irene is by far one of the worst building managers, I have experienced in the last 18 years that I have had to deal with apartment rentals. She is completely unprofessional and incompetent within dealing with her tenants. We have lived...

Cypress Point 55+ Retirement Community / Return of full security deposit

on May 15, 2014

I was living in a low-income tax credit apartment at Cypress Point on disability insurance. I recently moved from there, cleaned the place very well; it was top-notch. I worked in the cleaning profession for 30 years. I had the assistance of two other persons as well before I vacated. My...

Lugo Hotel SRO / Harassment and threats

on May 7, 2014

Hi, my name is Tracey Corhn, I'm a tenant at the Lugo Hotel SRO. On 2008 South Blue Island Ave. Chicago, Illinois, 60608. Telephone number: [protected]. This is a complaint in reguards to being harassed and threaten by management, Charles and vicky. And, tenants as well, and I'm...

Meridian Management Group, LLC / Leaking tub

on May 4, 2014

This company manages single family homes and they are the worst at responding to maintenance issues. I have a leaking tub that has been leaking since Friday, April 25, 2014 and Meridian Management has yet to respond. The maintenance manager, Tanisha Davis told me that someone will be in...

CB Property Management / Real estate fraud

on Apr 30, 2014

Our charity, Thursday's Child, has the only helpline for bullying victims in existence. And for self injury. It stands the only helpline listed with toll-free directory for missing children, child abuse, anorexia, bulimia, rape, date rape, child trafficking... 39 different and unique...

Desert Investment Advisors / Not following through on promises

on Apr 29, 2014

The CEO of Desert Investment Advisors - Kirk Piersma has had his real estate license revoked and paid thousands of dollars in fines and restitution. Even with all of that he is still in business, using a surrogate - Cory Little as the company broker. Do not be fooled - Kirk Piersma is till...

Apartment on Rent / Fraud by landlord

on Apr 9, 2014

Hi Team, Above ad publisher is a fraud person, he fraud me on last dec...

Texcen Realty / Entire company

on Mar 28, 2014

It started from the beginning, signed a lease and screwed from then on. The day THEY planned for us to move in we showed up. The guy that had been in the house was still there. When he finally moved out, we moved in. What's missing here? The cleaning!!! That's right, we moved in...

Summit Property Management / Unethical Leasing Practices

on Mar 27, 2014

I found a condo on zillow. I called the agent, Anthony Ryan but was handled by Matthew Hutfles. They advertised the unit as being available on April 15 so they asked me to submit an application to lease - $75 - Then told me the unit was not available until May 15, but I still committed to...

East Thames Housing Association / Housing Officers

on Mar 20, 2014

They are making us live in this "dangerously uninhabitable" house. There are seven of us in a 2-bed, which is falling down, saturated with damp and mould and they will not lift a finger to help us. They keep saying that "there are no house to suit a family of this size", yet they house huge...

John Patrick Wilson / Lousy Landlord

on Feb 26, 2014

John Patrick Wilson is definitely the worse Landlord I have ever encountered! Not only does he not deal with ANY complaints - he lies about it and fabricates stories rather then deal with issues at hand. I have on numerous occasions had to deal with problems on my own as he did not want to...

1 Sterling Place Ltd / Dishonest Rental Agency

on Feb 21, 2014

I have had the privilege of living all over the world, and while renting has it's moments, I've NEVER been treated so poorly as by this company! This particular rental agency used misleading tactics in order to solicit cash upfront for services they had no intention of providing...

GeorgeTown Estate / Hung up on/talk to unprofessionally

on Feb 10, 2014

GeorgeTown EstateI am a former tenant, I called to see if there was any mail that happened to get delivered there after I moved. I was told I could call and ask if I had any mail once I moved. *I call* Me: "Hello, this is *my name*, I was calling to see if I had any mail?" Melissa Cok (GeorgeTown Estate...

Rox Run Apartments/Parkway Apartments / Shady and Ilegal business and employment practices

on Feb 8, 2014

Not only do these owners and "leasing agent" lie and practice seriously IMMORAL business operations by not responding to maintenance requests in a TIMELY manner or if at all, not returning security deposits to tenants who move out and are entitled by law to receive them, not paying...

Villagetree / Horrible landlord

on Feb 4, 2014

Just like living in the 3rd world I lived in the Villagetree building and HATED the experience. (2211 rue gold, Saaint-Laurent, Qc) The landlord is unattainable and the janitor is clueless when it comes to reaching him or taking action on a matter. The heating is meant to be included and...

Fox Management Inc / sending false statements and bad check

on Jan 25, 2014

I live on disability and have received 2seperate rent statements and the 1st. Was 2 and a half pages that had deposit on it and owing more then check was sent to me . Then just received new version of the first set of papers at 1 and a half pages with no deposit listed. And I was to...

Property Management / refuse to give deposit back for time not living there

on Jan 24, 2014

Moved out family emergency sept. 17 2013. Had a deposit of 399.00 and they r charging me for oct 2013 .they had my money and r charging me 50.00 late fee for a month I was not there, they totaly refuse to give me anything back and I was told on phone that around 139 .00 would be taken out...

skyline Property / snow removal in handicap spaces

on Jan 6, 2014

Land lord does not appear to maintain his responsibilities in snow ploughing and importantly adequate cleaning of designated handicap parking spots, readily covered in ice and full of ruts. Force to park illegally because of this, but when office contacted, Ploughing does not appear a...

Davies Mobile Park LLC / Slumlord

on Nov 27, 2013

Davies Mobile Park LLCAfter finding toxic mold that had been covered up in our home, we asked Richard Migchelbrink of Fort Collins CO who owns Davies Mobile Park LLC as well as a few other mobile home parks, and also operates Sand Run Management LLC which is a property management company, to make repairs. He...

10144 Morning Light Dr. , Avon In. 46123. / 10144 Morning light Dr., Avon IN. 46123.

on Nov 1, 2013

10144 Morning Light Dr. , Avon In. 46123.I have a horror story here. Landlord is referring to Gregory Eveslage in this document. Rented Address was 10144 Morning light Dr., Avon IN. 46123. Landlord address Gregory Eveslage 5205 Clover Ridge Dr., Greenville, IN. [protected]) It takes a crippled, sick, disabled person a long time...

arrest warrants records / not giving any informaton i ask for

on Oct 23, 2013

I just today got this site . When I started to look up the person it ask to pay againthey done got credit card an said thanks accepted it. Now they want it agai, if I want to cancel it said to go [protected] HELP I WANT PUT NOW A FREAKING RIP OFF!!!

Key Property Homes / Worst Rental Company ever

on Oct 15, 2013

I rented a home from them and had nothing but problem after problem. I complained of the leaking bathrooms they would not come out and fix it. One day someone came out to fix it and told me that it was our fault that it was leaking. we had to get a cat because we seen rodents they did...

Beach Boys Realty-Andy Gonsalves / Lease to Own/ Owner Finance

on Oct 9, 2013

Beach Boys Realty-Andy GonsalvesAndy Gonsalves advertised FSBO/Owner Finance properties for sale in Panama City News Herald. Turns out he's a "slum lord". I am a senior citizen who fell for his line, knowing that as a professional Real Estate Broker he is aware of all Real Estate laws in Florida. The property in...


on Sep 28, 2013

WARNING! Please do not do business with SPENCER HOO or THE HOO GROUP. I made the mistake and would not wish this on my worst enemy. The last 16 months of my life have been pure misery dealing with him. OTHER KEY PLAYERS ARE NAMAZU, LLC (Tim Chun) As well as STEVEN (STEVE) CHEN & JULIA...


on Sep 27, 2013

Spencer Hoo, Steven Chen, Tin Chun,, www.thehoogroup.comWARNING! Please do not do business with SPENCER HOO or THE HOO GROUP. I made the mistake and would not wish this on my worst enemy. The last 16 months of my life have been pure misery dealing with him. OTHER KEY PLAYERS ARE NAMAZU, LLC (Tim Chun) As well as STEVEN (STEVE) CHEN ...


on Sep 27, 2013

Spencer Hoo, Steve/Steven Chen, Tim ChunWARNING! Please do not do business with SPENCER HOO or THE HOO GROUP. I made the mistake and would not wish this on my worst enemy. The last 16 months of my life have been pure misery dealing with him. OTHER KEY PLAYERS ARE NAMAZU, LLC (Tim Chun) As well as STEVEN (STEVE) CHEN & JULIA...

The Cheney Company / harassment

on Sep 11, 2013

I have received a letter by the leasing manager claiming that other tenants have made complaints about my child being on there property and bothering them. This is an absolute lie, there is a playground at the complex and my child plays in it like all the other kids in the complex. When...

Randy Bettens, Century 21 / misrepresentation, discrimination

on Sep 6, 2013

Upon arriving in Winnipeg to relocate, I viewed a home for rent by realtor Randy Bettens, Century 21. Mr Bettens as well as a realtor, is also the owner of this home, and claims to have lived there. Mr Bettens continually represented himself to me as a realtor, and it is and was my...

Natural Falls Resort Apartments / Rodents

on Sep 1, 2013

I have lived here at Natural Falls Resort Apartments for about 3 years now and since I have lived here anything and everything has went wrong, from flimsy closets breaking to catching mice (4 to be exact). Now when things break they arr fast to fix it but NOT correctly they just give it a...

ATM REALTY / ATM Realty Slumlords and Crooks

on Aug 11, 2013

I have been a tenant of one of ATM's buildings for a little over 3 years. In all my yrs of renting, I have never seen such deplorable treatment of tenants by a landlord in my life. I have had a leak in my bedroom for 3 years and counting. I had complained in writing and in person...

Blueline Investments / Horrible Rental Experience - extremely unprofessional

on Aug 5, 2013

My husband and I rented from this Management Company May 2013 and moved out August 2013! When we moved in we were told that (what we thought were minor issues) would be resolved once we moved in and it never happened. I blame us though because we were so eager to move from our small one...

Private landlord / Filthy conditions

on Jul 29, 2013

We have recently moved to Oman and rented a house in Muscat. It is very expensive and in a nice area. The house itself is lovely but it was dirty and lots of things needed doing before we moved in. When we moved in nothing was done but we had to, ove because we had nowhere else to live...

Frankie Yu Fei / Singapore Geylang Dishonest Landlord. Frankie Yu Fei (于飞) Breaking Into Tenant's Room Half Naked

on Jun 24, 2013

Frankie Yu FeiLandlord Name: Mr. Frankie Yu Fei (于飞) Nationality: Singaporean (Originally from PRC) Passport and ID: Country of Incident: Singapore Date of Incident: May 20, 2012 Address of Incident: Geylang Lorong 33, Singapore Apartment Name: Sims Meadows Car License Number...

Room Rental / Frankie Yu Fei

on Jun 24, 2013

Room RentalLandlord Name: Mr. Frankie Yu Fei (于飞) Nationality: Singaporean (Originally from PRC) Passport and ID: Country of Incident: Singapore Date of Incident: May 20, 2012 Address of Incident: Geylang Lorong 33, Singapore Apartment Name: Sims Meadows Car License Number...

the palms / mold and rain coming in

on Jun 10, 2013

reported to landlord about the leak in sliding glass doors and mold, for 5 months, they have refused to talk to me unless they ask for rent and we just had a baby 2 weeks ago, they said when we moved in they would fix every thing now they just want rent, my wife almost fell thought the...

Jaynee Brown / Eviction

on Jun 6, 2013

Landlord/Owner Jaynee Brown is demanding $1388.00 from me. The drain in the house clogged and she is blaming me for by saying I used the garbage disposal for food. I did not. I have written her a letter twice, with no response, asking her for all of the documentation from the 3 companies who...