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HOMESWAPPER & HOUSING PARTNERS / Total Lack of Transparency

on Jun 10, 2015

In Britain, Homeswapper and Housing Partners collate and compile the most sensitive, private and confidential data about the tenants who innocently use the Homeswapper site. The data is then handed over to the tenant's landlord - without the tenant's knowledge. The tenant has no...

MTC Management (Management That Cares Inc) / Wrongful Eviction from Landlord for refusal to comply with sexual demands and threats!

on Jun 9, 2015

This is a public post I have recently removed Facebook that I received over 25 responses to, regarding the wrong doing of the property management company I reference below. I would like to ask for your reporters to tell this story on TV in hopes to stop this man from the wrongful doing of...

Litvin Properties / Rental Deposit

on Jun 8, 2015

I received my $1, 100 deposit less a $184 cleaning fee for which I never received notification until it was deducted from my deposit. My inspection was conducted on April 28, 2015 and there was no mention of damage to the apartment or a cleaning fee. When I originally signed the lease for...

the harriston luxury apartment leasing / Deceitful sale

on Jun 4, 2015

The liar sales representative sold me a line that I had leased an apartment facing the southwest. A gorgeous view of a pro ball diamond, Harris park which has events all summer that can be taken in from the wrap around balcony that receives sunshine all day. The apartment they thought I... / The bills are too large and no idea why

on May 21, 2015

I moved into new house recently and started to use the services of the company The company provided heating and the first two bills were ok, but after 2 months they started to send the bills with really large sums. I was shocked and called to the customer services, but...

Gus Ramirez (Bay Real Estate Partners) / 3960 SW 147th Ave. Miramar, FL 33027

on May 17, 2015

Gus Ramirez (Bay Real Estate Partners)I leased 3960 SW 147th Ave. Miramar, FL from a very disnonest Landlord, Gus Ramirez. He hid the defects and issues with a thick coat of paint and hid the foundation leak by installing faux wood. I leased the home in June 2012 by October 2012, my water bill was sky high and also the garage...

Leonard Feldman / Poor Treatment of Tenants

on May 5, 2015

Promises are made to get you to sign a lease, and then excuses are given about the high cost of fulfilling those promises, and you're mostly ignored until they want you to renew. Repairs, if eventually completed, are cosmetic and do little to address the actual problem. Upkeep and...

broken slide door window / unhealthy complex

on Apr 25, 2015

these apaartment complex seem to not care about its tenants safety or well being peaple has been robbed at gun point here and they still have not made it safe, a sex predator that raped a seven year old girl was living on property and as soon as you say something they start sending you...

N.Y.C.H.A. First Houses / Improper Upkeep of Landmark Property Grounds

on Apr 8, 2015

N.Y.C.H.A. First HousesFirst Houses is a Historic District of the N.Y.C.H.A. . For whatever reason, N.Y.C.H.A. is plagued by vandalism and inferior maintenance. In fact, maintenance workers can often be seen blatantly disregarding duty or hurriedly performing simple tasks such as maintenance, cleaning, and...

austinrentahome / david sariano

on Apr 6, 2015

David if you read these complaints against you realize that you are a disgrace to the human race and your day will come when you will be judged and you will have to pay for your sins and donot tell me anything religious i do not believe you have faith in your heart it is the devil telling...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Richard A.Weller is evil and dirty

on Mar 29, 2015

I lived at 2922 West Wells Street in Apt 205 until 2009.Richard A.Weller and LB Gibson rented apartments to prostitutes in 2009.I was robbed and set up by a white woman prostitute named Heidi Schneider who stole my money including my rent money, That's why I could not pay my rent...

Home Finders of Lawton / Move-out Process

on Mar 26, 2015

My husband and I formerly rented from Nottingham Realty. My husband just finished his term of service, so we planned to move out of Oklahoma. Our lease was up at the end of February, however his terminal leave began at the beginning of February and we wanted to go ahead and move due to...

Xchange, Karin Comer / Karin Comer

on Feb 23, 2015

Review Karin About two weeks ago I returned from South Africa, Cape Town. I was there for five months. Unlike my tan, my memories don't fade away. Unfortunately not all of these memories are positive and by this review I want to keep you from most of these bad experiences. It all...

Fred MATTEI / Slumlord

on Feb 12, 2015

Tony Lena's of Salem Roger Par On Monday July 28th, Stop by the old Tony Lena's sub shop in Salem NOW SOPRANO's Cafe for Dinner, giant Steak subs, giant meatball subs, giant chicken Parm subs and the best pizza on the north shore, open 3:00pm-9:00pm Jul 26, 2014 Roger...

R And B Properties / randy dalton

on Feb 11, 2015

Attention all renters do not rent from r and b properties in hamilton. The owner is randy dalton and he will make your life hell. Maintenance staff is totally incompetent and unlicensed the owner will drag out the simplest repairs and any repairs that are done will not pass any form of...

Brusko A Margery / did not return security deposit

on Feb 5, 2015

Margery Brusko 826 Bolivar Street the village’s lady lake FL 32159 rented via The landlord Margery Brusko would not return our security deposit ($500) on the basis that she had to do excessive cleaning, items purchased that were destroyed, damage to...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Richard A.Weller cannot be trusted

on Jan 27, 2015

The owner Richard A.Weller cannot be trusted, Harvey the maintenance man cannot be trusted, because they say they gonna fix things inside tenants apartments, but they never come and fix things inside tenants apartments, The only time they come and fix things is when you move out of your...

rental homes / non repairs, constant lying, scams

on Jan 17, 2015

Unfortunately me and my family moved into one of their homes and we almost immediately started having problems; toilet wouldn't flush properly (they told us we could pay to have a plumber come out), stove door kept falling apart (told us it was nothing more they could do but re screw...

DallasHousing authority / Homeless

on Jan 13, 2015

I had a house fire March 27, 2014 that was the first day I had my appointment with my caseworker Dana Henley. As I sat and talk to her my house was burning. I called Dana and informed her of what was going on. She told me that I would receive emergency housing. I did everything she told me...

Pacific Cap / Bad management

on Jan 9, 2015

Riverstone Residential Group is a sleazy, dishonest, and uncaring management company. These people had one good manager in the entire two years that I lived there. He was a man, and he only stayed for a few months. The rest of the managers were female, and for the most part 5 out of 6 of...

gablecrest living for women in Fresno CA / Rules broken and employee lies

on Dec 17, 2014

My daughter was approved to live in their housing sponsored by Salvation Army. They have rules but the mangers are always bending rules in their favor They then issue rediculious write ups that are very petty. She has been asked to leave within 3 days with a 5 month old baby and no where...

KB Realty Rentals / Disrepair

on Dec 4, 2014

We were told that the home we were renting had appliances, but when we got here two of them didn't work. One has been fixed, but we still don't have a functioning stove. Interior doors don't close, the kitchen light doesn't work, and the outlets in the master bathroom...

Woda Group LLC / They took money for the job, but they haven't done it

on Dec 3, 2014

When I was a student, I decided to find the flat through the company Woda Group LLC. I wouldn’t advise this company to other people, so please be careful and better don’t deal with them. The rep sounded professional, but after couple of weeks I understood that I simply wasted...

Christine Danilo / Apartment Rental Fraud

on Dec 3, 2014

She is cheating the people, the shared room is available in US. Whenever we called to this number, she will reply don't call to this number and in roaming the expensese will very high and the keys and documents are with her. She will ask the rental and security deposit amount, the...

Erica Lee / Does not return security deposits

on Nov 29, 2014

Ericka Lee has various rent homes all over Oklahoma for starters her rent houses are in a terrible state of affairs with no appliances or very old appliances that break down & would take weeks to get repaired. The house in concern is in Yukon, Oklahoma, she charges high prices for a...

Pama Management / frud on th management

on Nov 11, 2014



on Oct 15, 2014

This company is horrible!!! They have not installed a required-by-law carbon monoxide detector in my mothers place since she moved there in February of 2014. They have not fixed and of the work orders we have sent in, they never get back to you, the voicemail box is always full...

Thomas and Patricia Bushman / Security Deposit

on Oct 15, 2014

Thomas and Patricia BushmanI rented the house 18403 Redriver Dawn, San Antonio TX 78259, moved out in April 2014. I have email and photo proof that the Bushmans charged me for landscaping work while I still lived in the house, including flowers planted at my expense. I also have proof that the water heater and...

Century Hills / Problems

on Oct 4, 2014

What problems if any have you had with this the management at Century Hills (owned by JRK Property holdings). I have a litany of problems with them (thankfully I have email correspondence and audio and video so I was able to deal with them) and I am just curious about patterns of behavior and what others have experienced.

KB Realty Rentals Division LLC / Negligence

on Sep 29, 2014

KB Realty Rentals Division LLCKB Realty is incredibly unprofessional and rude. We have sent in multiple work orders that go ignored. There are cracked windows and torn screens that are health and safety issues that they have yet to fix, after a month of asking for the work to be done. The owner of the house promised to...

Windmill cottage st andrews Scotland / Refund of Money

on Sep 28, 2014

I made a reservation with the above and paid in full 2 to 3 mths in advance. The res. was 9/25 to 10/29. On Sat. 9/13, I noticed my pay pal was credited $2, 900 from windmill cottage. I had my wife called because I was so upset. After a brief conversation with him, she handed the phone to...

AIM Realty and Property Management / Bad Property Mangement, REPUTATION is bad

on Sep 22, 2014

We had to switch from a Property Management company who mislead us with falsie representation and choose AIM Realty and Property Management., Edmonton. Manager VONESSA DEJONG. Before we signed a contract all communication went well. The moment we signed an agreement with AIM REALTY and...

Ayre and Oxford / Bedbug, mold and mouse infested apartments

on Aug 30, 2014

Don`t rent from this property management company. They are dishonest, they have filthy, bedbug, black mold and mouse infested apartments. They don`t tell new tennants about the problems in thier buildings so when a person moves in you have to put up with the crap. Its absolutley a...

Home Team Real Estate / Slum lords

on Aug 14, 2014

Home Team Real EstateTom cramer is a slum lord! Stay away from these people at home team, they lie steal and treat tennants as they are ###. Crappy houses with mold and disgusting walls. If you have small children you need not apply for a renatl, they do not fix the mold they paint over it. When the mold show...

Amy Stojanovski Property Manager / Dishonest conduct

on Aug 8, 2014

Our rental home was managed by Amy Stojanovski. During that time we had invoices deducted from our rental income for work that was not performed. On top of that when the tenants moved out the date told to use was two weeks after they actually moved out, what happened to our two weeks rent...

Ray White Gladesville / Dishonest property manager

on Aug 7, 2014

Our investment property was managed by Sally Lewis of Ray White Gladesville. We had received two property inspection reports and it they were inconsistent to the chattels that were provided at our rental property, as the reports stated we had wooden floors (the property had only carpet and...

2113 Lime street / The manager insulted slandered me

on Jul 23, 2014

The manager Christina said too bad things about me, She slandered me, insulted me. The things she blamed me for are so embarrassing, like having sex with someone that I never met, being dirty(all my roommates know how clean I am) etc.. Without showing any evidence. She threatened me '...

2113 Lime street / Insulting, slandering and detained deposit

on Jul 21, 2014

The manager Cristina said too bad things about me, She slandered me, insulted me. The things she blamed me for are so embarrassing, like having sex with someone that I never met, being dirty(all my roommates know how clean I am) etc.. Without showing any evidence, She threatened me '...

Intracoastal Realty/John Touma / Rental Scam

on Jul 16, 2014

Listing homes for rent that are not his properties. You submit your free application online to view the home so I drove by the home and there are people living there. I get out to speak with them to get more information on the rental company only to find out that the home is not owned by...

Goldenwest Management / Non communication or fixing of things

on Jul 9, 2014

As a tenant renting under these guys have to say they are awful! We send emails they never respond, we asked for a tree to be fixed that had fallen into the driveway almost 8 months ago and they still have never responded or done anything, they never get us the new rental agreement on...