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Aug 20, 2011

I do not know yet about the products. The website is typical and tries to get you in on many free items (plus S &P). What I did not like was the constant bother by some web assistant in a chat box and what set me off was that wehn you get to the end of the order you do not get a total for your order before the transaction completes! I have made many purchases on the web and routinely get this information before I give the final go ahead. Then when I asked "Chippy" for help for the first time, of course she can't do anything. She told me I would have to call customer support. Customer... / Stay away from them


Do NOT order walkfit inserts/orthotics from WALKFIT, LLC (website)...located in Rancho Cusamonga, CA. they are the manufacturers of walkfit orthotics shoe inserts(a great product by the way) You can buy them at Target without the extra costs! I placed the order, entered my credit info, etc...expected to see the final invoice page for the grand total (shipping, tax, etc). Well, it never came. The next morning, I had a charge for $89.60 on my checking account (the inserts are only $20 each, I ordered 2) and no idea why until I got the package and found out they charged me $29.80...