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Complaints & Reviews

Stay away from them

Do NOT order walkfit inserts/orthotics from WALKFIT, LLC www.walkfit.com (website)...located in Rancho Cusamonga, CA. they are the manufacturers of walkfit orthotics shoe

inserts(a great product by the way)

You can buy them at Target without the extra costs!

I placed the order, entered my credit info, etc...expected to see the final invoice page for the grand total (shipping, tax, etc). Well, it never came. The next morning, I had a charge for $89.60 on my checking account (the inserts are only $20 each, I ordered 2) and no idea why until I got the package and found out they charged me $29.80 shipping for a package that totaled ONE OUNCE in weight!!! It's only costing me 4.80 to send the order back PRIORITY for a refund but, of course, there is no refund on shipping :( what a ripoff! I have written and called with no response. I'm filing a complaint with the BBB...they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. They are making an additional $25.00 on every order that won't be refunded!

  • Mr
    MRSJCampbell Oct 19, 2009

    After trying the Walkfit insoles and determining they weren't acceptable, I followed the return instructions for my "100 percent guaranteed refund". After waiting for months, I called the company and they said they never received the return package. I mailed it just as instructed and I have no way to prove they received it or not.
    It's a bogus company-I wish I would have read the complaintsboard before ever ordering! They give you a free gift of foot lotion that looks full size in the picture but when you get it it's tiny. Don't buy from this company!

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I received product from Walkfit even though I did not order anything and they have now charged by debit card. I will now have to make several long distance phones calls to try and get the funds returned to my checking account.

I previously ordered some insoles to put in my shoes and this is how they managed to get my debit card number. I recommend to any customer, not to give out your credit or debit card number as you will probably be receiving items in the mail that you did not order.

Am not happy with this company and will not order anything again.


Please! save yourself some trouble and hard earned money: DO NOT ORDER WALKFIT PRODUCTS. When you place an...


Walkfit posts a price on the website and when you order they change the price and overcharged my credit card almost double. When I filed a complaint their service agents gave me a big ### runaround and would not cancel my order. They also charged $9.95 for a fast ship, which I did not request and tacked on an additional $39.95 shipping and handling charge which was in addition to their $9.95 shipping charge for each item. They are theives and will not work with you to make things right. They know that credit card companies will give you a hard time to file a dispute and will hang up the phone on you. Do not deal with this company. The orthotics are very cheaply made and are not worth anything and do not work. Use caution...

Overcharged and no communiction

WalkFit overcharged me by $9.95. I authorized them to charge me $19.95 for the product and $9.95 for shipping. They charged me $19.95 for the product and $19.90 for shipping. I sent them an email on March 21, 2009 requesting a refund and despite there autoreply email stating that they would respond within 48 to 72 hours I have not had a response in 4 months.

  • Sw
    Sweetties66 Sep 21, 2009

    Likewise, I ordered the walkfit and was charged a additional $24.85 for rush shipping. I no for a fact that I did no order them rush shipping. Of course when I called and asked if I sent them back would my $24.85 be returned and was told no, only the cost of the cushions would be refunded. I am quite livid about this rip off. I did not authorize this amount.

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  • Jm
    jmo121 Oct 04, 2009

    walk fit over charged me by about $60. i returned the entire thing when it got here and am still waiting on my reimbursement. it has been nearly 3 months now and the people at customer service are rude and not at all helpful. i'm severly pissed off

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  • Ve
    Very Displeased in CT Apr 15, 2010

    I ordered and never received product but they took my money. 20+emails and 2 snail mail letters and NO REFUND yet. It's been 3+ months.

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Ripped Off by them

Walkfit Ripped Me Off of $44.85 on 11-24-2008 and an email from Walkfit Verifying their Treachery i...


I ordered walkfit insole online after I saw it on TV. I got my order like 3-4 weeks after the ordering. I was charged 29.99 total, which is right. then next month, I saw my credit card is charged again of $44.85. i called walkfit, they say it is the joint formula that came in with the package. so I went back to try the ordering process, and realized that it is true, when you click order, next they will ask you if you want a "free "gift, but be careful, it also says, you will be charged $20/month from now on, and they will continue to send you the joint formula. so I guess I saied yes, that is why I was charged next month. so i ask them to cancel the joint formula for me, and refund me. but they say I have to send my first free joint formula back. the first one is supposed to be free gift, so why should I send it back, although I didn't use it, I don't want to pay the shipping fee. PLUS, I was hang up millions of times during the phone call !!!

anyway. From now on, if you have to order something from an unknown company, TV commercial, etc, these kind of dubious places, remember, don't take any FREE gift, carefully read all the words, and don't use your major credit card, use one that you can cancel if you got too much problems like the other person did. bottomline, if you don't have to, never order anything from these kind of companies.

but I have to say, I kind of like the walkfit insole, I know lots of people feel uncomfortable, but I like them, this is exactly what I want, and I never found it anywhere else. the Dr.schole gel insole I tried before is a total waste of money compared to this walkfit.

  • Un
    unsatisfied customer Jan 26, 2009

    Yes walkfit is a total scam!
    They keep sending you stuff and charging your card without you asking for it!!!

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  • Wa
    Walk Fit = Walk Scam Jun 19, 2009

    Absolute scam...buyer beware! The Walk Fit Insoles may withstand a truck going over them, but they don't do much for your feet...except discomfort.

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  • Di
    Disatisfied customer Jul 03, 2009

    Total Scam,
    I got my Walkfit insoles about 3 weeks ago and now they are charging me $44.85 for the joint formula.
    I called them up and they told me that I said yes in the internet about the formula and that I would have to cancel it and they would not give my money back. They also said you should have already gotten your second shipment and I told them I have not received it. Then they said to wait 5 to 7 buisness days. Well I reported it to my bank and told them that I dispute the charges and they are trying to get the money back. I am also canceling my debit card so they can not charge me anymore. What a big scam/

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  • Sh
    Shar Higgins Jun 27, 2010

    WalkFit are definitely professional scam artists. They sell you the arch supports to get your credit card number and then charge your card for things you did not order!!!

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  • Si
    sica Aug 19, 2010

    WalkFit insoles are great. I have plantar Facitis, the arch muscle problem that creates heel bone spures and after trying the ones that the podiatrist gave me and another from Heel the Pain, this is the only insole that has even given me any comfort. This is the only product that I use. My current podietrist didn't believe me and yet she gave it a shot and even some of her other patients now use Walkfits.

    Yes they do try to then continue to charge you for joint formula and possible other products. I have had similar issues with other produst. That is why when oreded them, I specifically listened for these type of offers and right after I recieved my insoles, I called to cancel anything still active on my account, which included the joint formula and the rubber covers to go over the walkfit. There was never another charge.

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  • Da
    David609 Feb 11, 2011

    Walk fit is a consumer shipping and handling scam along with deceptive practices on add on products and continuing monthly credit card charges. I had to try and resolve problems with a rep in India no no choice of someone in the US. I cancelled my credit card to stop them from charging me any more. I ordered two pair thinking second pair would be a bargain, wrong, additional shipping and handling of around $45 for package the sixe of your hand and maybe 6 ounces. The silicon inserts are a joke. If you can't stop shipping, its auto for months to come on the joint pain supplement.

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  • De
    Debnova May 30, 2011

    Watch the TV ad closely and you'll see a "visual deception". It's done when the celebrity host, Stewie, shows people how their balance is increased w/Walk Fit. First, he presses down on the participants hands and they lose balance and almost fall. Next, SUPPOSEDLY does the same thing WITH the orthonic being used by participant. But, the physical demonstration is FIXED. Watch the first demo, w/out walkfit, and Stew pushes down AND pushes away from persons body, toward himself. During the demo With the orthonic, he just pushes down, Not pulling toward himself like in the first demo. It's very apparent while watching, the person being demonstrated on can't see or tell the action. Look closely, you'll see the deception. This SAME balance trick is used with the new, fake, Energy bracelets that claim to improve balance. The person will push down on arms, AND pull slightly forward. Just pushes down when it's done with the bracelet on. It's subtle, but it's there. And it's a lie, deception, etc. Beware and tell others. Thanks

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  • Br
    Brandon Kimo Hayes Jun 04, 2016

    Lol, I saw the commercial for time tonight and in it it shows one person pushing down on another fists trying to prove that without the product you lack balance but you can see the commentator pushing down but slightly pulling towards himself to pull the other off center but when the product is applied they neglect to pull so it looks like they have achieved balance by using the walkfit, I truly appreciate it whe a product so blatantly lies and I know never to trust or purchase that product. Idiots!

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Terrible experience

I ordered 3 Walkfits in August and my order was missing one set. I have not been able to get the other set and it is now November. I can never talk with the same person twice nor can I get the same service center twice. It is very difficult to understand many or the people at the centers and I am always getting cut off and have to start over again with another call.

My account was charged the full amount for the 3 pairs along with outrageous shipping on all 3 pairs. They do not want to reimburse me for the missing pair and yet they have not sent it either.

  • Wi
    WILLIAM BYLSMA May 26, 2009

    I had a similar experience, I ordered just the insoles and did not order anything else. My charge was $ 39.85
    When the order came it had some sample bottles in it and I set them aside and do not use the additional lotions.
    A month later a package arrives again from Walkfit and I call the company that I did not order any additional products. They told me that there was a letter in my package that explained that if I did not want anymore items I should have called them and cancell the order (that I have never ordered in the first place).
    I told them that I did not authorize any charges to my VISA account but now the statement has come in there is a charge for $44.85. I called them and complained. they gave me an authorization number to mail it back (of course at my expense in order for me to have proof that I returned the bottles) and then they will give me a refund of $44.85.

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  • Kk
    KKinHoustonTX Jul 28, 2009

    They scammed me, too. I returned the entire box of "stuff" for a refund and have not heard back from them one month later. They made an unauthorized charge to my AMEX card the same day that they received my returned package. This is a criminal-acting group of scam artists and I will have to fight them, I suppose. They also charged an outrageous amount for their shipping charges to me (including "processing charges") and I did NOT request express shipping.

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  • Wa
    Ward Cowan Dec 06, 2009

    Why is it this company is able to repeatedly get away with cheating and outright stealing peoples money?

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Deceptive order form

when you order from their website their order form has pre-filled out fields for additional product. You have to carefully scroll around and make sure they are all unchecked or you get the product.
They offer no order confirmation before they capture and charge your credit card, so you don't see that you have inadverantly order other stuff - due to their site automatically filling it out "yes".
they will refund the product price, but not S&H, which is about $15/item - a huge rip off for something coming by US postal service.

Unauthorized charges

My wife ordered Walkfit and a few days after receiving the shoe inserts, which suck by the way, a bunch of supplements showed up that we did not order and $200.00 of crap on her credit card. We disputed the charges. Today we received a letter from Walkfit complaining they could not charge another $27 to card and if we don't pay they will turn it over to a collection agency. What scammers. I plan to report them the the Georgia and California Attorny General's offices, you should do the same if you deal with these people.

  • Mo
    Monee Feb 13, 2009

    I ordered the product and was charged extra for S&H (which) I did not request. They took the money directly from my checking account. As a result, a check which I wrote a couple of days later bounced and although the check was honoured, my bank charged $34. When I complained, I was told that they would credit my account $15.00. Once I receive the credit, I will return the item (at my own expense) to get a refund of the item. I will lose money on the S&H because they won't eat that charge. Do not do business with Walkfit.

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  • Ma
    Marc Apr 02, 2010

    Walkfit...Crooks...website is misleading...chargeing $30.00 for shipping something so small...customer service is in India very rude people when you call, did not help at all. BBB needs to get involved and stop these crooks from ripping off consumers...true ripoff!!! Being charged for items you did not order. The worst part is calling a phone number for customer care and getting someone nmaed "peter" in India who reads a script and could care less about your problem...Very rude when I called when I tried to ask question they hung up...bad company...bad service...

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  • Cr
    Craig Z. May 20, 2010

    I purchased two pair of Walkfit insoles on their web site. I have a pair which work well and wanted additional pairs. When they arrived, included in the package were gel inserts, which I did not order and which were sent to me on approval. In addition the amounts on the invoice were all wrong. I sent the entire order back to them with instructions to refund my money. I paid $59.53 for the insoles including almost $24 for shipping (more than the ad stated would be the cost). It cost me over $17 to return the order via UPS, but I didn't expect them to pay for return postage.

    I received confirmation via UPS that Walkfit received the returns and I call them to find out when I'd see my credit. I was told that it would appear in 7 to 10 days. It did.

    The credit I received was about $2.50 less than I should have received, but I decided just to let it be because it would not have been worth the hassle to talk to India to get the right amount.

    I read in another review that these insoles are available at Target, something I checked and found to be true. I don't remember having any problems when I ordered my original pair many years ago. I just will never order from them directly again.

    It's a shame that they've chosen to sell a product which I found to work via such underhanded and dishonest means.

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paid for 2 pairs and received only 1.

Back in June 24, 2008 I ordered 2 pairs of walkfit inserts. I received only 1. I called Customer Service, and to my surprised everytime I mentioned I wanted a credit they would hangup!! After several times of calling I got to speak to someone. I was promised a form for me to fill out, -for requesting credit or the 2nd pair. This was to be sent by fax. I waited and waited, checked the fax machine to make sure it was working... and nothing. I called back, got more hangups. I sent emails. Finally I got someone on the phone. This time they said the form would be mailed. After a couple of wks of waiting for this form, still nothing! I called back and now they said it would take 8 to 10 weeks for the form to be mailed out!!! Unbelievable. The time has past, and now its Sept. and nothing. In the meantime, when the purchase was done they didn't waste anytime taking my money. I really recommend people not to deal with them, they are running a scam. Its not about the money anymore, I am mad and just feel taken advantage of.

Service not good

I placed an order with this company...Walk Fit America. I ordered 2 pr. of orthotics. They "promptly" debited my bank account for over $59. The product was not as expected and I returned it within 2 weeks...I am still waiting on a refund. They keep telling me I will receive it within 3-3 business days each time I call. And the worst part is that you cannot understand a word! The customer service reps speak very broken English. I asked to talk to a manager and was told that I could not. Not exactly good customer service.

  • Lu
    LuS Feb 24, 2009

    I received my order and when I looked at the order form, I was outraged that such a small package cost me $54.65 S&H + I rushed the order for another $9.95. I ordered the product online after seeing the show and When you order online they do not give you a breakdown of cost or an order no./confirmation that you ordered the product. I understood by the commercial that I was getting the extra soles for FREE but instead I was charged $14.95 ea. set. I also found out that they charge you shipping and handling on each pair of soles...I bought 3 prs so if you divide that into $54.65, I paid $14.95 per pair for S&H. I order online all the time and never get charged this much for even large, heavy items. Being in advertising and marketing I stated to them this was very bad business and during these times they need to come up with better ways to ship. My customer service guy also had broken english and I even stated to him I don't know where he was located overseas or state side that he needed to tell his boss that the website, TV commercial and their order form needs to be clear to the customer what they are getting and what they are paying for it. They told me they would credit my account $28.00 for the extra shipping cost and that pairs of the soles in the future would not be charged with a shipping charge since I would be a repeat customer. My card was charged this weekend for 2 bottles of Joint Support since I signed up for that and I told them I did not want it. He stated to me when it came in to not accept the delivery and they would refund my money. I usually check out the internet for complaints but did not this time. I wish I would have. I was so angry that I left everything boxed and have not tried the soles. Hope this helps someone in the future.

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Fraud / Scam Artists

I ordered the insoles advertised on television using my Visa check card. The original amount was deducted...

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