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Seat24 Complaints & Reviews

Seat24 / Refund not received

Oct 13, 2015

Hello, I recently booked a round-trip flight with from Stockholm-Mumbai and return. I performed only one way trip i.e. from Stockholm-Mumbai and I had cancelled my ticket for the return trip with the airline authorities since Seat24 did not respond to my emails, neither phone calls. The airline authorities assured me that the amount will be refunded by the travelling agent i.e. Seat24. I have not received any payment yet. Neither there is any way to contact the company either by email or by phone number. Moreover I tried visiting the office in Sweden and it does not exist!

Seat24 / Money debited and flight seat not booked

Oct 03, 2015

Hello, I recently booked a flight throught Seat24 site. My money got debited from account. But I received a message that payment was not processed and the flight ticket was not booked. Please let me know how to get my money back. Travel details: Passenger last name: Raman Credit card last 4 digits 6839 Travel date: 06-10-2015 Flight : Emirates Time of travel: 11A.M C.E.T Thanks in advance, Renga

Seat24 / Credit card charge

Jan 18, 2012 presents its booking system with a German website. Wenn booking a flight the come up with a huge creditcard fee of 9€ (in my case 5% of the booking Value!). But they also propose a possibility to avoid these charges when paying with American Express (AMEX). As you can see on the screenshot they propose the possibility but you can can chose it in the menu (see screenshot). I complained about it in German and I received an answer back that they only speak english (not exeptable if you present your offer in German with an .de website) futhermore they refuse to reimbure my 9€ credit card fee. I would say avoid this website, its a scam!