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FlyFar Complaints & Reviews

Flyfar / flight delay/ cancellation

Aug 25, 2019

Dear respected Sir/Madam, we booked flight through your services. Our book# [protected]. Our flight detroit to Boston and Boston to Rome Italy. Our flight no delay in Detroit we are air borne right time at Detroit, due to Thunderstorm at Boston, our flight not landed scheduled time at Boston...

Flyfar / charged me for seat assignments I didn’t request

Jul 08, 2019

I booked flight referred through and during the booking process they asked me for seat assignments. I did not select any yet got charged both airline seat selection fee of $24 and also flyfar charge of 24.95. This was not apparent as no total was presented for approval...

Flyfar / 2 x one way tickets: amsterdam to los angeles (stop over in barcelona)

Jul 07, 2019

We used to find the best deal on flights booked for August 21st 2019. We opted for flights that came to $1240 AUD for 2 people which seemed like a great deal at the time. It was probably naive of me to believe that this fare was all inclusive. Post purchase we noticed that thi...

Flyfar / fly far service

Jun 25, 2019

I bought a ticket with insurance from dar es salaam Tanzania to Atlanta Georgia with fly far. I did not see terms before I bought the ticket, after I bought the ticket they sent a lot of next to impossible terms! I then needed to cancel that ticket as it became obvious I wasn't going to be...

Flyfar / charged for seats on flight that are "not guaranteed"

May 09, 2019

Extremely disappointed with my experience and it has only been 24 hours. Now looking at all of the reviews, I really hope I do not regret my decision to book with flyfar. I purchased tickets to Vegas from LAX and it was stated that total with fees would be $122.00. Going on to the next...

[Resolved] Flyfar / overcharged for fare and baggage fees

Apr 05, 2019

On tuesday march 26, 2019, I called flyfar to book a flight to barcelona I was pressured to approve the transaction, a customer service by the name of khalid maindergi asked me if i'm on my computer and I said yes I saw the flight for $399.00 each way anld before I know I was charged...

Flyfar / travel agent

Jan 22, 2019

FlyfarForcing me to cancel my flight due to incorrect spelling on my name. The airlines were waiting the changes but flyfar refused, said I had no other option only refunding me 1, 400 out a fare I paid 3, 725.23. Flyfar appears to operate under 3 names: Flyfar Huntington Travel FlightNetwork Had I...

Flyfar / refund.

Dec 04, 2018

I have a flight on 9th Dec. But the system made my passenger name my girlfriend's name. So when I called to change the name she asked for my card ccv. Is it even legal? Then she said she will cancel it. And I will get the refund in 24 hours but when I called again a different lady said it...

Flyfar / flight cancellation

Oct 25, 2018

FlyfarI have booked a flight and cancelled it immediately. After calling the sale department several times, only a partial refund could be applied. According to the flight confirmation email I supposed to received total refund if the reservation was concelled within 24h. Moreover I have been...

Flyfar / customer service

Sep 25, 2018

September 25th @1:23PM MST- my booking number was 7400222- I made a booking on your website for a flight from LGW>LA and then LA>TUC. I then received a call from Rahil Ansari who informed me that the flight LA>TUC had gone up in cost and I needed to pay another $40 but if I wanted to...

[Resolved] Flyfar / customer service sucks!

Sep 21, 2018

Customer service has been such a horrible experience, I've been trying to argue over the luggage I paid through there website but yet they never paid interjet for those luggage's so once I got to the airport they charged me even more !Trying to get a refund has been the worst!! Emailing as well and no response! Nobody seems to know what they're doing

Flyfar / invoice

Aug 31, 2018

I bought flight ticket through Flyfar. Please NEVER buy any tickets here if you see my messeges here. I saw the price and tried to pay but it didnt work. So I called to call center and said actually the price is not $800 but $1500 now. I had a no choice because It was late so I bought. After...

Flyfar / flight payment failure from flyfar to indigo

Jul 03, 2018

We had to pay twice for our plane ticket because Flayfar failed to complete the transaction with Indigo. We have emailed Flyfar multi times regarding a refund and they are yet to respond!!! Flyfar have taken our payment for themselves and not paid The correct airline leaving us out of...

Flyfar / waiting for my flight ticket confirmation

Apr 09, 2018

Good morning, One week ago I booked a roundtrip flight London-San Jose (booking 6961746). They gave me the itinerary but said they were waiting for airline confirmation. I did not have any backup so far despite I wrote twice to have clarifications on the status of my ticket. Could you...

Flyfar / refund

Mar 13, 2018

Hello guys.i cancelled my husband ticket 30 dec 2017.he had an acccident in India.So he had surgery there and would be able to fly back.I called and cancelled his ticket.They said you will get half money refund next 5 working days.They sent me email to for acknowledgment. I sent them...

Flyfar / refund request

Nov 07, 2017

Mr./ Ms. I am Gaku, just cancelled the fly which booking ID is 6387863 on 26th October. When I talked to the operator, he told me that the refund will be $560, but my credit card information showed that the refunded from Air China is now $ 219.52 ($123.26 + $96.26= $ 219.52) in... / airline tickets

Oct 30, 2017

On a $515 round trip they are charging me a $200 rebooking fee, plus a $100 cancellation fee. They will not refund my money and will only give me credit for - to force me to rebook through them and pay an extra $200. They advertise "proudly Canadian" and "No Cancellation Fees"...

Flyfar / booking was cancelled, transaction was double charged and refund took over a month

Aug 30, 2017

FlyfarAttempted to book the flight but was shown that the transaction failed by the end of the transaction. Tried to rebook again which turned out to be a success. I then check my email to find that the booking was pending, then minutes later another email was received stating that "there was a...

Flyfar / cancelled flights and refund

Aug 25, 2017

Due to recent political unrest in Qatar we received and email stating our flights had been cancelled (3 of 5 cancelled mind you). 5 hours later they sent me another email requesting urgent response. Look at the time they sent the emails (really!!!) So I emailed (when I woke up) requesting...

Flyfar / flight tickets

Aug 08, 2017

To whom it may concern, I am writing this email regarding that amount of money taken from my account as purchase of flight tickets that my partner Patrick Allen booked with my bank cards. I have received an email informing that the purchase was not able to issue the tickets with the...

Flyfar / Misleading and lack of dispute resolution

Aug 07, 2017

We have an urgent need to get back to Sydney for a funeral in 2 days and booked two flights and were charged for those flights at the same time that an email was sent through to advise that the booking was not confirmed and that they required us to call (internationally) to complete...

[Resolved] Flyfar / reservation voided without notice

Jul 07, 2017

Hello, I would like to have an investigation opened for the reason that my reservation has been voided, without any notice from your part. You will find useful information at the end of this email. The consequences of this are that I showed up at the airport with my husband, we couldn't...

Flyfar / airline tickets

Jun 08, 2017

Since my last complaint (more than 48 hours ago- still unanswered) I have sent several emails with questions that remain unanswered. I have spoken to several staff members none of whom can help me. All have said a supervisor would contact me. The first person saying a supervisor would...

Flyfar / booking flight

Jun 06, 2017

To whom it may concern, I have also sent the below email to the customer service representative. I am extremely concerned that no one has gotten back to me. I was assured yesterday evening that someone would call me within 2 hours. No one did. Despite Flyfar advertising that it is a 24 hour...

Flyfar / I missed my flight because of FlyFar!

May 26, 2017

I missed my flight because of FlyFar and their unprofessional behavior. My departure time was changed and FlyFar never bothered to warn me. When I arrived at the airport I was told that my plane left one hour earlier!! Just imagine how shocked I was. I was standing there and didn't know what...

Flyfar / Wrong flight information

May 20, 2017

Pay for a flight to go from Atlanta to Las Vegas on June 9-12, the information was received as Atlanta to Detroit, talked to couple representatives and basically non refundable/non changeable flight = take the flight to the destination or count it as a loss, pay $200 to change the...

Flyfar / My booking was cancelled

Apr 28, 2017

I had the worst time with FlyFar and my issue was never resolved! I do not recommend FlyFar to anyone, this travel service is beyond terrible. Just look at tons of negative reviews online, so many people got scammed by this cheater service. I booked a flight and they immediately charged my...

FlyFar online travel agency / Electronic airline tickets paid for and not received

Apr 27, 2017

I purchased 4 plane tickets 15 days ago and did not received the electronic tickets which were promised in a second email within 24 hours, but the credit card was charged immediately. I emailed flyfar 3 times and have not received a response. Still not sure if this is poor customer service...

[Resolved] Flyfar / Airline tickets

Mar 06, 2017

We booked 3 tickets online using SkyScanner when it came time to pay a page for FLyFar popped up We entered all credit card details - Money got taken Pop up came up saying time-out call company We did and were told they would not honor the Rate charged ohh and by the way you wont get your...

[Resolved] Flyfar / Refund

Nov 27, 2016

Hi i booked a flight for 1 person not 2 so i called up and they rebooked me for 2 people and they said they would refund me the 1 ticket within a couple of days. 1st payment i made was on the 16th nov of $701.66 which was the mistake because i needed it for 2 people not one. This wa...

[Resolved] Flyfar / Beware and avoid!

Nov 02, 2016

This is the worst service ever! Do not use, this is a cheater company! I bought a plane ticket via this service because I was really impressed with their low prices. That was too good to be true! On the departure date when I arrived at the airport they said that they had no...