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Apr 22, 2018

Wrong size. I called and specifically told Mark from replace my cushions the brand and what i needed. He was adamant to get my payment but the addressed it was sent to was wrong too. I called him back to fix that but still UPS sent it to the wrong address that was a whole other issue... only after they took my money they disappeared. I was told everything would be taken care of but they don't respond anymore. / Seller diddle-daddle about my request, but does nothing

Aug 31, 2014

Don’t deal with the seller from the company I called them and asked if they could replace cushions. The seller replied that “yes” and after that he promise to call me back, but I waited couple of days and no one contacted me. I called them again and hear only fake promises and excuses. Blah-blah, it was only waste of time and nothing more. Stay away from them and post comments if you have the same problems with this seller. Not recommended website and seller. / I think the advertising is deceitful.

Oct 06, 2013

I ordered 2 sets (4 cushions) of the comfy cushions as seen on the TV commercial. I found out that the process and handling fee for each item cushion was $19.95($19.95 x 4) only after the purchase was made. That brought up the total cost tremendously. I am trying my best to cancel my order by phone and on the website, but cannot succeed in doing so. I think the advertising is deceitful.