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Publisher's Clearinghouse Complaints & Reviews

Publisher's Clearinghouse - New York, Port Washington / Deceptive Practices

Jun 8, 2011

I am just appalled by the Better Business Bureau of New York's response to my complaint. They decided not to investigate any further because they think I do not want to seek resolution but I did ask for a refund because I feel cheated by PCH. I got an envelope last month and there was a tic tac toe entry where you match either the X or O to win $300 which I did match 3 X's and signed my name on the back. I have not seen the money yet. I made copies of the other mail that I received from PCH for proof. I also got 2nd mailing which was for $500 a week for life and they had an 800...

Publisher's Clearinghouse - New Hampshire / Not providing statistics


This website's ( contractor does not provide statistics as to winners who win through snail mail campaign and those winners who win from online submissions. It is believed by many of my colleagues and friends that these statistics are primary to validate the sweepstakes and gives the participants a clear understanding of their chances. The website appears to be an advertising SCAM, which translate into that the online participant names ARE NOT submitted into the pool of possible winners. Not providing statistics, which are unbiased and clean only mitigates a fraud. I want an answer, if not, I will submit this message to online blogs, consumer report agencies, etc.