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NeoPets Complaints & Reviews

NeoPets / stealing money

pleasedosomething on Sep 13, 2013

I would no longer recommend neopets to anyone who would like for their child to play. I used to have faith in this site due to how protective the moderators were about abuse and keeping the site a family oriented game, but the new moderators and owners of this company no longer care about anything other than money. They will take your money, refuse to give proper customer support (the average wait time is 3+months? Are you serious?) and it is impossible to get a hold of a real person who can help you with any of your problems. By the time the wait time is over, your account info can be lost from their system to the point they can't even help anymore. It is ridiculous.

NeoPets - England, Greater London, London / Unfair frozen account.

twiggy1959 on May 13, 2011

I signed into neopets on 12/05/11 only to discover my account had been frozen, the alleged reason I cheated on flash games. I am a 52 year old hard working Mum who like(d) to play Neopets when I get home from a hard days work to chill out. I had my account - not a premium account - for 4 years. I had worked very hard to get my account to how it was. I would not have any idea whatsoever how to cheat on flash games, other than the legal cheats posted on jellyneo. The last game I played that night was Bouncy Supreme. I put in the legal cheat bouncebouncebounce to give me an extra life. I already...

NeoPets / unfair frozen account

i was unfairly frozen off my seven year account from neopets, i did nothing wrong, i am a 39 year old mother of three and housebound, i loved playing neopets but i was moving home and somehow my account was accessed and used to scam other users, i reported this to neopets and while awating their help i was frozen, their reason i scammed other users, i have tried since march 09 to get them to see it wasnt me, someone accessed my account and did the damage, they say( thats not the case, no one accessed my account but i accessed others, )i have proof i wasnt on the computer on the days thi...

NeoPets / Frozen account for no reason

I found my account to be frozen for no just reason. As other complains about neopets have gone, I'm an adult I know I broke none of their rules, etc. Yet my account was banned for nothing. I sincerely hope nobody purchases their products as my previous conversations with their support teams show they care nothing of their customers and will refuse to help you even if they are clearly, clearly in the wrong. They abuse their own terms of service and ruthlessly (as I'm seeing) ban accounts.

NeoPets / Scam and cheating


My wife had been playing neopets since the game started around 1999. She wanted to try the premium account so we paid for one month of premium service with their site. After the month was up we decided that it wasn't worth spending the little bit of extra money we had on it and canceled the premium. 2 days after the premium was canceled they froze her account for having an inappropriate name (wenisrubber, wenis is the technical term for the skin that covers the area from elbow to the webbing of the fingers) and the account was frozen indefinitely. If the name was inappropriate why was it...

NeoPets - California, Glendale / Rip off


After playing neopets for just over 3 years and having just paid another $69.00 for another year of Premium, my account was frozen for allegedly cheating. I contacted Neopets on their standard frozen form and filled out all the information. I was sure someone had made a mistake. I got an automated response. I replied to this response assuring them I had not cheated and surely would not do something so stupid after paying another $69.00 just to have my account frozen. I am an adult not a child. This was responded again with an automated response. I have since sent in a frozen form report...