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Mercedes Benz / cars

amir arsalan on Jul 22, 2017
hi, there are many classic Mercedes-Benz in Iran, Iranian people love Mercedes from old time till now. from any model like vans to sedans. but the ridiculous matter in Iran is that there are no original parts of any classic model exist. all parts are scraps that come from other countries like United Arab Emirates . My grand fathers owned two beautiful Mercedes that are getting pretty old & useless because of this lake of good parts. I think this is a disaster for Mercedes co.. your official distributor is just focusing on new models and the don't care about classic models. now, I have a new...

Mercedes Benz / E220 black colour sedan

vikash1974 on Oct 25, 2016
i had brought a car from your Indian dealer BENCHMARK CARS in Surat with chassis number WDD2120036L057383.At the time of contract we were promised car of 2016 make but by using dubious means and taking advantage of your reputation they delivered a car of Aug 2015 make .In spite of repeated followup our complaint is not being solved.THEY HAVE MADE A CONTRACT NOTE ALSO ON WHICH THEY NEVER MENTIONED YEAR OF MAKE BUT IT CAME TO OUR NOTICE ONLY WHEN WE RECEIVED THE INSURANCE COVER NOTE .IN SPITE OF REPEATED FOLLOWUPS THE COMPANY IS NOT EVEN RESPONDING TO OUR COMNMUNICATION Regards Shyam

Mercedes Benz / 2015 CLA 200 Engine Failure at 8000 KM

Lee-Ann Naidoo on Apr 10, 2016
I purchased my 5th Mercedes Benz, from Shiraz Auto in Lenz. I have always been an avid Mercedes Benz fan and purchase the brand, for the service, quality and overall "reliability". Firstly the service at the dealership was atrocious. The salesmen, who I have dealt with on numerous occasions, was rude and extremely disrespectful, I received an incorrectly spec'd car which differed vastly in the quoted price, after waiting for 6 months, after placing the order. Irrespective I commenced with the purchase of the vehicle in October 2015 (Brand New). Windows were tinted, quality was not up to...

Mercedes Benz / New ml 350 bluetech. . . Be aware

Reviewer48217 on Aug 25, 2015
You will never get the fuel consumption indicated by the on board computer. It consistently understates consumption by more than 1litre/100km (or 11.4%) - this had been verified by MBSA. This soft ware problem, as well as the "stop/start" function that only works 50% of the time, had been reported nearly 2 years ago to them via the respective dealers. 6 Months ago they confirmed that a soft ware patch will be developed to fix the wrong calculation. After numerous follow-up -mails, Alli's feedback is now that their R&D advice "that the current calculation of average fuel consumption...

Mercedes Benz / New ML 350 Bluetech - Be Aware!

Pieter v Heerden on Aug 21, 2015
You will never get the fuel consumption indicated by the on board computer. It consistently understates consumption by more than 1 liter/100km (or 11.4%) - this had been verified by MBSA. This soft ware problem, as well as the "stop/start" function that only works 50% of the time, had been reported nearly 2 years ago to them via the respective dealers. 6 Months ago they confirmed that a soft ware patch will be developed to fix the wrong calculation. After numerous follow-up e-mails, Alli's feedback is now that their R&D advice "that the current calculation of average fuel consumption...

Mercedes Benz / Poor service

Helena83 on Mar 16, 2015
Good day. This is not the first time I received bad service at the Mercedez Benz dealership in Paarl (Paarl Motors). On Thursday 12 March 2015 my car was collected because the airconditioner succenly broke the previous Sunday. The car would be fixed and brought back to me on Friday 13 March 2015. My car arrived Friday afternoon just before 17:00, when I got outside the driver that brought my car was standing inside our office...flirting with the receptionist...while my car was standing outside...windows open and the engin still running. I found that very upsetting. He then left and as soon a...

Mercedes Benz - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / ML350 2015

Pittsburghgirl40 on Dec 17, 2014
Bought a brand new Mercedes ML 350 2015 only to have the engine light glaring in my eyes 38 days into ownership. The voice command system is the worst, it never can decipher my commands. The pick up on the SUV is comparable to my husbands Toyota Siene Minivan! The electrical system is already going hay wire and the GPS is impossible to use. The faux leather seats are disgusting and the sides of the car scrapes easily and the handling of the vehicle is nothing to write home about. If you are looking for sporty or exciting this car is NOT IT! Do not get foaled by the MERCEDES Brand this SUV does not offer enough for the price tag. Completely disappointed Mercedes Owner!

Mercedes Benz / Fearful driving with A200

Bonisile Mbuli on Jul 18, 2014
I bought a Mercedes A200 for it's safety features, trustworthiness and everything else that goes along with the Merc-name. MY CAR STEERING WHEEL LOCKED WHILE I WAS DRIVING, - LEAVING ME AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. IT HAS BEEN FIXED AND THE FEEDBACK WAS THAT IT IS A FACTORY FAULT. NOW MY QUESTION AND FEAR WHAT IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN WHILE AM DRIVING ON HIGHWAY?? On top of that no courtesy car was not provided while the car was being fixed. My wish is that this car be replaced or taken back as it is not giving me peace on the road. I now drive in fear of when my car will break down again, Mercedes Benz - trustworthy? DEFINITELY NOT!!!

Mercedes Benz / SBC Breaking system

Andre Hugo on Jun 5, 2013
Mercedes Benz E 270 CDi 2005, Fitted with a defective SBC breaking system on manufacturing of vehicle. The system allows a certain amount of break times, then "Time Out". Leaving the driver without any breaks to stop the vehicle. Luckily an accident was avoided. MBSA refuses to replace the defective part, leaving me with a replacement cost of more than R22000.00 . After some research on the web, I found proof that Mercedes has been aware of this problem since 2004. Yet MBSA refuses any assistance regarding this matter. I Feel this is a life threatening defect that may cost lives and people...

Mercedes Benz / Poor service and fraud

Passager on Feb 16, 2013
It is shame. I was disappointed by the big house Mercedes. I bought a Mercedes C180 from the house Merceds Paris Longchamp for export in January 21, 2013. After a few Km it zqsI shown "topping liquid refroid.cf. Manuals.'' I contacted the seller and he told me sorry we did all the diagnostic and forgot to add water added it and you zill be ok. I thought his words because he works in the big house Mercedes. I take my way to Marseille to take my boat and 40 km even after, the message still appears therefore I continued my way by adding water at each stop with stress and panic .. When I...

Mercedes Benz - California, Mission Viejo / Design flaw

Al Nazari on Aug 20, 2012
A common problem with a design flaw that has been over looked for years and peoples voices have not been heard. Please note a simple water spill from using your cup holder in your Mercedes Benz can completely disable your car while driving and bring it to dangerously sudden stop. I have contacted Mercedes Benz, they will not take any responsibility for this design flaw . I need your help to get the peoples voices heard. All you have to do Google drink spill on the Mercedes shift assembly from a cup holder. Thank you Al Nazari

Mercedes Benz / poor quality and sevice

andre cronje on Jul 30, 2012
I purchased my Mercedes Benz 220CDI (Chassis No: WDD2040082R033977) in May 2008 from NMI in Pinetown, Durban, South Africa as a new vehicle. This was my first engagement with Mercedes Benz into what I was hoping would be a long term partnership. Regrettably, I soon experienced that this was not the case, and for my prospective experience this was and remains a relationship where neither the dealer nor Mercedes Benz SA are either willing or capable of resolving the Quality issues on the vehicle. For your perusal please find attached a summary of the service record on this vehicle. This can easily be...

Mercedes Benz / poor after sales service

zaheer.yr on Jan 13, 2012
very poor after sales service from mercedes benz sa.13 june 2011 -shocks and shock mountings plus bushes replaced after laying complaint to merc sa, dealership at that stage could not find fault.6 months later 12 january 2012 -same problem surfaces again-complained to dealership-said nothing could be done right away-vehicle needs to be booked in which was for a week later.complained to merc sa thereafter, they have asked nmi umhlanga to sort out vehicle.nmi umhlanga asked me to drive car up from stanger to umhlanga approxiamately 70km away inspite of suspension problem on vehicle.notified them...

Mercedes Benz / $5.5 Million Sweepstakes Fraud

Civilian on Dec 5, 2011
Got a call…not the first saying this time I’ve won 5.5 million and a 2011 Mercedez Benz, and I just have to go to Western Union and drop $250, which I will get back, just to verify I’ve won. Don’t talk to anyone, blah, blah. This supposedly is coming from Reader’s Digest, Mr. Jan Anderson says. They give a name of Carmen Sartuche, 10343 Vernon Ave, Montclair, Cal 91763….duh, I am in California, so I said I will just take the money to that address (with the cops) because he is just A VOICE ON THE PHONE….for which he said, well, his manager, Mr. Mark...

Mercedes Benz / &defect& New C 200 CGI AVG

mhalim on Feb 8, 2011
Last early Dec 2010, I placed an order to buy a new C 200 CGI AVG. After almost 2 months of waiting period, on Jan 31st, 2011, the dealer delivered my new car. 3 hours later, my new car produced an electrical malfunctioning sounds from the speakers. That sound was on and off the whole night in my garage. Less than 24 hours after I received my new car, the dealer took it back and tried to fix the stereo system and re-charged the car battery. I then emailed to Mercedes Benz Indonesia as well as the dealer several times, as well as called the head office and complained to the customer service...

Mercedes Benz / Beware

My Mercedes has 37, 900 miles and was off warranty by 4 months when the transmission totally failed. Since it was out of warranty period they would not contribute to a repair of $7, 000. They are aware that I have been a Mercedes owner for some 30 yrs. and currently own two of their cars but apparently they couldn't care less.

Mercedes Benz - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / FRAUD

I bought a preowned MB COMPRESSOR from MERCEDES BENZ OF FORT LAUDERDALE, milage just under 60, 000. I asked if the car had already been serviced and passed the 60000 mile service requirement. Randy Thompson, the sales person first stated that MERCEDES does not need that kind of a service, then when I demanded the history of service paperwork, he said that he would make it available to me the next business day, since it was already 8:00 PM. The next business day and over-after, I was provided nothing! In the mean time my car not passing a couple of private service diagnosis, had a dangerous and...

Mercedes Benz / Sold a car without promised options

In a nutshell this is the saga of being sold a car without the promised options by Mercedes-Benz of Tampa Bay and their subsequent denial and refusal to deal with the problem. I warn anyone who is thinking of dealing with this company to be very careful what you buy and make sure what you are sold is what you asked for, DO NOT believe your salesman. There are in fact other reputable dealerships in the area that in my opinion you should consider before Mercedes-Benz of Tampa Bay. February 11, 2010 I was coming up to the end of my lease of a Mercedes C230. I had an appointment with a salesman at...

Mercedes Benz - Texas, Plano / Service and Handling

If you can put up with waiting endlessly and poor finance service and accuracy, you can go to Ewing Autohaus. I purchased my new car 2 days ago, the experience has been nothing but chaotic. Service stopped the moment the contract was signed. I regretted my decision to switch from Lexus to MB. My money is not worth the headache and the stressful experience I have with this dealer! DOUBLE CHECK THEIR MATH!! Their math is always in their favor, and if you don't check their math, you're at a loss. The contract included poor math, and A LOT OF hidden terms. They even messed up with the...

Mercedes Benz / Awful experience

I purchased a mercedes cdi family saloon car 4 years ago which has just come out of warranty. It has only 24000 miles on the clock and is as good as new, so I thought. To my horror after just dropping off my two babies at my mothers was traveling down the road when the revs stuck fast as if it was going to blow the engine, the car was then engulfed in smoke outside and inside the car, so much so that the fire brigade turned up. I was just so glad my children were not in the car, but was absolutely terrified. I then tried to turn off the car, but even after taking the keys out the engine wa...
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