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Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Complaints & Reviews

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Mercantile Adjustment Bureau / False statements

Stacylgh on Jul 12, 2011
I owe a debt to Capital One from 2008. I attempted to settle with them but they refused to settle the $800 debt for less than $1400. In 2011 I began getting calls from MAB saying they represented Capital One and that they were about to take me to court unless I could pay over $800 now. I haven't worked since June 2009 and have no income. I have gotten many, many threatening phone calls from them. They refuse to send me anything in writing unless it's via email. They also told me they can take my child support payments for this debt. That is false. I pulled my credit report and it...

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - California / CALLING CELL PHONE

TCPA CLASS ACTION on Apr 4, 2011

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau / mercantile adjustment bureau

I have been receiving calls on my CELL PHONE for days and days from an "877" number that I did not recognize. They were leaving automated messages that "Megan" (whom I am not)should return the call regarding an urgent matter. I finally returned the call to an EXTREMELY RUDE man-boy named "Brian" and told him to removed my number of well over 3 years. YES, I have had this cell phone number for 3 1/2 years and they are now calling to ask for someone that hasn't had this numer in her name for well over 3 YEARS!!! Sounds extremely SHADY to me to say the least!!! The rude little man-boy hung...

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - Texas / collection of charged of debt from 2005

A lady called my job and a co-worker fwded the call to me, did not give her name, stating that she wanted me to pay 5100.00 on Citibank credit cards that were charged off in 2005. She said I have to pay even though they are charged off and said "Well, we have your company information and will garnish your wages". I told her this was the first I heard of it and she said they had been trying to call for awhile. I told her last time I had CCs was back in college 15 years ago from that co. and like she stated was charged of in '05. She was rude and persistent. I finally hung up on her because...

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - Florida, Tampa / Misrepresentation On Internet Job Postings

This information is for anyone in the Tampa area looking for collections work. Quick Facts: Extremely unprofessional Same work environment as a High School Low pay Unattainable bonus goals Poor equipment Incompetent management Worthless insurance %99.8 turnover Need more information? Read on. This company is complete and utter horse ###. They lie strait to your face about the type of work they do and keep on lying when you start working there. You will see job listings all over the internet stating they are looking for third party collections agents or people with collections experience. The...

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - Kansas / collections on disbitly ins

I just found the website add on top for a Lawer so I am waiting on a call back. Mercantile adjustment bureau called agian 716-929-8577 and I told them that I was disabed in 2002 and the diablity insurance froze the accont for less then a year and was to pay it off. So now I am being sued for late payments on disabliy insurance from Mercantile adjustment bureu so I am told. I am still disabled and this is a big rip off. We tryed to make payments in 2005 with the insurance on top but the company house hold and or benficial went under and stop the auto billing from our checking account and sold...

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - New York, Williamsville / fraudulent collection attempts in NM

I got a strange call on my cell about a collection attempt against a business I used solely for debit card tracking purposes. I called them, concerned, because I had never had any loans, credit cards or anything on this account other than a debit card and cash account. They claimed Bank of America had turned this collection over to them. I replied that was ridiculous because I had closed that account a couple of months earlier, and BofA gave me back all the money that was in the account, and never mentioned I had an overdraft. They asked for a debit card number so they could pay the bill in...

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau / fraud

They called again today 9-2-2010 when i told them to stop calling us. do not call me do not call us do not call this number. We do not owe any money. We did have a credit card in 2002 and i became disbalbed in 2002 the crediot card has insurance on it and we paid the insurance until the company stop the auto withdraw in 2005. I called the company told me they sold the account. I don';t know why but we paid on the insurance again. the accont was frozen at $800 now we owe $15, 000.00 What?? They can cut that in half if we pay in full now. I told him that the insuance shold of payed it off and to stop calling us.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau / said that we owe money

Every time they called like today 9-2-2010 i told them that the credit card took out insurance and I am useing it since i became disabled 2002 We conitec to pay for this insurance until 2005 When the company stop the auto withdraws and there was no contact from them when we called they said it was sold. Now a $800 bill comes to $15, 000.00 today but they can settle for half that when i am still disabled and we have the insurance to pay for it but it just frozen the account for a while before they sold it. I am waiting for them to take us to court becuse its all fraud and harraments and i keep telling them to stop calling us. Stop calling us.. Do not call us...but they called again today.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - North Carolina / Harrassing phone calls to in-laws

I received phone calls and when I could call the lady Michelle back, I got her voice mail I requested something in writing if I owed the debt and I would compare as I keep copies of everything, left my address and phone #, then apparently they called my sister-in-law and told them they were trying to get in touch with me regarding a debt and I was not returning their phone calls which was untrue as I was and they should not have even called my sister-in-law regarding my debt, my sister-in-law filed a complaint and suggested I do the same because I called the number again and left another...

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - New York / harassing calls

From June 23 thru June 25 this agency has called my home every day and twice on 6/28. They are calling for someone I don't know but has my same last name. After receiving these 6 prerecorded messages I called them and asked them how they got my # and the women on the other end would ask how do you know Jane Doe I would ask how did you get my number and she would say tell me how to get to Jane Doe. Ultimately she was rude and then hung up on me. The gov't needs to get a better handle on agencies like this that harass the working population. I thought there were laws against debt collectors like this

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - Tennessee, Cookeville / claiming I owe a company that I did business with 10 yrs ago

I received a phone call from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Utilities division (clever disguise). they claim I owe a company that I had business with 10+ years ago. This business is now, out of business. I never owe them any back pay. This is what I discovery. This Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, BUYS, former client names and tries to collect on business deals that were never in collections to begin with. This company has overseas collections and have none English speaking people, doing their dirty work and paying them NOTHING for doing it. This company is a sham!!

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - Pennsylvania, Darby / Threats and Harrasments

This company called my son and told him that I better contact them because I was being charged for fraud. I called them and she said the credit card company was charging me with fraud on a credit card that they purchased from another company. She said she was a lawyer for the credit card company and if I did not give her my checking account number by Tuesday the 25th of this month I would have fraud charges brought against me. They are harrassing my son and myself from 7:30 am to 10pm. I want it to stop.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - Arizona / Phone Harassment

This company has left repeated phone voice mails demanding to talk to a person we never heard of. The last voice mail said that by not answering the phone we were acknowledging that we were this person and "full action" to collect the debt was to begin. They did leave a return phone number. After this last call I decided to contact my attorney who directed me to file a complaint with the FTC and the AZ state's Attorney General. In addition, she was going to write a cease and desist letter to this company. In the mean time I received another call from this company and spoke with a lady who assured me that the calls would stop and that there would be no need for a letter from my attorney.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - Alabama / Harassing Phone Calls

I just got off the phone with a representative (Mr. Carter) from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau. He call asking for a friend of mind that I have not seen in over 30 years. I told him that I knew this person, but why was he calling me. He said my name comes up on the account. I tried to explian to him that his data was really outdated and completely incorrect, he wasn't hearing anything that I said. He was so arrogant and obnoxious that when I told him no to call my number amymore, he talked over me drowning out everything I was saying. Wow, he was really desperate. Either way. he actually...

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau / collection harassment

After my bankruptcy which discharged all of my business line of credit debts, MAB has come a-calling several months later, calling my house every day, harassing me in direct violation of bankruptcy law. They are dishonest, rude, unprofessional, and ill-informed. I am reporting them to my state's Attorney General who, I am sure, already have an extensive file on these a-holes.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau - New York, Williamsville / misrepresentation

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau left a voice-mail on my cell phone at 8:30am this morning June 3rd 2009. A man by the name of Brad said to call him back immediately in regards to an important matter. He left his phone number and extension as 1866-716-1544 ex:3091. He also left a case number to reference. I called back the number on my lunch break and was able to reach his assistant named Kate. Kate asked for my case number and explained I owed a $14, 000 dollar debt to American General Finance. I explained to Kate that this debt was over 5-7 years old and under a chapter 13 bankruptcy years that I...
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