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Menard's Complaints & Reviews

Menard's - Missouri, Rolla / customer service

Sep 29, 2018

Today I went to return some items I recently purchased... With cash! My purse was stolen recently which contained the receipts to the items. After about 45 mins the lady returned with a yellow slip of paper and said she emailed someone and they would be in touch!!! They kept mt items... Totally treated me like a criminal because I had paid with cash!!! Thats unexceptable!! I mean I can understand not returning them... But keeping them and basically telling me to get fucked!!!

Menard's - Indiana, Indianapolis / milk maid royals

Nov 1, 2017

I bought a huge bag of Royals and there was only 6 butter rum candies in there. I know it sounds silly but I only like the butter rum, sorry LOVE the butter rum. I am highly disappointed. I wish I could buy a bag of only butter rum. Sorry to have taken up your time...I just really love them and the only place I've ever seen them are at Menard's, so I bought a big bag.

Menard's / maple nut goodies

Aug 4, 2017

Purchased at Menard's on 8-3-2017. Expiration date on product 01/22/2018. My husband, sister, & myself were unable to eat these because they were extremely hard. At first I thought the item was old, but the expiration date verified it was not hold. I am requesting a refund of the purchase amount of $3.69. Please send the refund to: Marlene Maxwell, 4417 Crooked Oak Rd, Piedmont, SD 57769. My email address is; [email protected] Home phone number is 605-787-6516.

Menard's - Ohio, Sandusky / Policy

Aug 27, 2012

Bought plants from here was told if they died bring them back and would be replaced after taking care of them for a month they died took them back you guessed it they wouldn't take them back! It's not the money it's their policy and the fact that the little witch at the counter was flipping rude! I work in customer service she would work for me for about 5 minutes! After spending thousands of dollars at this Menard's all I can say is BYE we will be spending our money at LOWE'S and HOME DEPOT they are NICE and oh yes they stand behind their policies! I never complain...

Menard's - Nebraska, Bellevue / Falling merchandise


Yesterday my husband was looking at solid oak 1 x 3's, 6-footers, when 3-4 of them tipped out of the storage bin and hit him on the head, leaving 3 visible knots plus a small scrape on his forehead. He reported it, and the store personnel filled out an accident report, but never asked him to sign it and never showed it to him. He asked for ice for the lumps on his head, and he was told there was some "back in the employees' first aid kit", but no one ever got it for him. When I got home from work (within about an hour of the injury), I took him to the ER, stopping in briefly at...

Menard's - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / My car damaged


When I was shopping inside Menard's store, my car in Menard's parking lot was hit by a shopping cart. It caused a damage to my car. I found the shopping cart next to my car when I walked out of the store. Now Menard's denied the responsibility of my car's damage. I think it is not fair. My car was damaged by their property but I as their their cutomer need to take the loss.