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Mate 1 Complaints & Reviews

Mate 1 / dating site

Feb 20, 2018

Warning run from this site! You have read the reviews. They rip off paying customers by not forwarding messages, flirts etc. This is the mate 1 employees you are only allowed to see. It's not jumping on the bandwagon if it's true and it is. Sometimes you will see the same female using different names on the same session. Once they demand some form of payment, iTunes cards to cash, you better just block them, it's all they'll demand, send me iTunes card love you long time sailor.

Mate 1 - Indiana, North Vernon / ripp off


I never authorized therse thieves to take $50.35 six times out of my checking account, now when you call them to try to rectify this situation they don't even answer the phone, because ? oh i get ti they know they are thieves!!! they need to get a JOB like the rest of us... to top it all of they keep on sending notes from their AMBASADORS WHO ARE PART OF THE THIEVERY TO GERT YOU BACK ON THERE SO THEY CAN RIPP YOU OFF AGAIN, THEY ARE THE SORRIEST SITE I HAVE EVER SEEN AND I WILL BE SURE TO WANR AND OR TELL ALL I CAN, GLAD I DIDN'T GO ON NO MORE, READ ALL THA BAD REPORTS BEFORE YOU SIGN UP!!!