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mac Complaints & Reviews

mac - England, West Midlands, Birmingham / fake

Dec 2, 2014

i had purchased a few mac products from the website called this site was selling the products at a wholesale rate which were considerably low as compared to the original mac products prices.. when i recived my delivery i was totally surprised as the product shown on the website and the product delivered were quiet different.. all the products were FAKE. please do not buy any products from this website as they are not at all genuine.. 100 %FAKE.

mac / customer service

Jul 8, 2012

Love Mac, hate this store and many others. I'm not sure what the philosophy is to blast music to the extent that you have to yell to be heard, but this seems to be Mac's at Time Square and Macy's. I would buy much more makeup at Mac if I could stand the noise, but it drives me out every single time. I was in the Times Square store a week ago, and the woman who helped me agreed that it was way too loud and she went home hoarse with a headache every shift. She begged me to send a complaint. Ironically loud sound not only damages the ears, but also confuses the brain which is not...

mac - Wisconsin, Wauwatosa / Oh baby Lip gloss


Last week I purchased a tube of my favorite lip glass Mac's Oh Baby. When I first used it, it had a funky smell and left an odd taste in my mouth...I thought it was just me. Then the next day I got this weird feeling in my mouth like fuzz was all in my mouth! This morning I get up use my Oh Baby with in 15 minutes my mouth starts to swell!!! At that point I was concerned. When the lip gloss wore off my mouth's swelling went down. My front lip felt as though I had ate too much salt and it was all whithered. By this time I had called my doctor and had made a doctor's appointment...