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Jaipur Passport Office Complaints & Reviews

Jaipur Passport Office / Passport delivery delayed

Jul 14, 2011

Hi, File no. JPR-W311457-11. The application date was 26th March 2011 and still the passport has not come. Applicant's name "Rajendra Prasad Agarwal" is my father. Please let me know when he can get this as per his communication address? Regards, Avinash Agarwal M 9881587698

Jaipur Passport Office / Passport not received- application number - JPRA03046710


Dear All, I had applied for Tatkaal passport Scheme to get passport in 7 days on 26th -07-2010. However i have not received the passport yet after 24 days. ater on 9th of Aug I received a letter from passport office jaipur stating that I should furnish an affidavit to obtain separate passport . I have submitted the said affidavit on 12.08.2010 but the status on the jaipur passport office web site showing nothing I am constantly trying to contact over phone also but no body his repplying. I have also written a mail to RPO but no response so far. . Please suggest what to do. File refrence no...

Jaipur Passport Office / Passport not Received


sir/madam, i Natwar Choudhary have applied for passport in june 2008 my verification from police is over 2 months back but i have not received my passport yet. kindly please look into it and help me out... my details are- 1.permanent address- village & post; junibali, Via ;junjani, Tehsil; Bagoda, District;Jalore Raj-343030 2.Nearest police station- Bagoda police station (jalore) 3. Date of birth- 04 dec 1984 thank you sir

Jaipur Passport Office / No passports received!


I HAD SENT MY 2 CHILDREN PASSPORT APPLICATION ON 9 DEC 06. TILL DATE THERE IS NO COMMUNICATION FROM THE PASSPORT OFFICE. EVEN IF SOMETHING IS WRONG IN THE APPLICATION, THEY SHOULD HAVE THE COURTESY TO INFORM THE PERSON. I have written reminders, i have called them up, the passport officer wont take the call, sometimes he is away, sometimes he is at lunch at 3.30 noon. I am amazed, here they promise passport in 30 days here it is going to to be an year and no news.

Jaipur Passport Office / Poor service!


I applied for passport on 21st Sept 2006 in jaupur Pasport Office, there process is so slow by the time Police enquiry came I moved to Bangalore. I asked them to transfer my application to Bangalore Passport Office but they said they can not do this... somehow I completed my police verification in august 2007 and next day I received letter from Jaipur Passport office that they have transfered my application to Bangalore Passport Office on 30th Aug. Now Bangalore Passport Office will treat it as new application and whole process will be repeated again. But most important thing is till now (13th...