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Iphone Complaints & Reviews

Iphone - South Carolina, Pageland / on the internet with all kinds of giveaways if you feel like tons of

Nov 6, 2017

By I'm done with this I have complained and complaint don't never give back I didn't receive my Swiffer no iPhone 8 no perfume from Victoria's Secret giveaways on underwear Taco Bell tide I'm not received none of the things that I filled out none of none of the products could you replace live by y'all's could you please leave by your words and give me what your promise that through I feel that hours and hours of those papers thank you Miss Chavis

Iphone / Fraud


I bought an iphone from for £245 + £24 bank charges as the payment was made via international bank transfer. I was informed by their customer service advisor JANE that this is all I have to pay and as part of their terms & conditions they were no extra hidden charges. The company received my payment into their bank account and once cleared I received an email that the iphone has been posted and was given a tracking number for DHL selivery services. I checked the tracking number and it was not showing anything, anyway 2 days later eventually when the company got back...

Iphone - Illinois, Chicago / Poorly tested products


The original iPhone was a Christmas gift to me. It looks great, and sounds like it would be very helpful and make one very productive. Nonsense! I got my iPhone well after the original release. It malfunctioned monthly for the first four months I had it. Time and time again, I learned, Apple had shipped the product without adequately testing the software required the make it work properly. Release after release of software was supposed to fix the bugs. It didn't happen. After four consecutive months of problems, and more than a dozen hours in Apple Stores and installing updated software...