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Gillece Plumbing Complaints & Reviews

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Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Greensburg / scam

Joy Donohue on Oct 9, 2012
Gillece gave me an estimate to replace my furnace after telling me that it could not be fixed and was beyond any kind of repair. The estimate was for 30, 000 dollars. The salesman did say that he wished he could sell my the cheaper furnace but because he had found asbestos covering a pipe in my basement, he could not as it would require a hazmat team, repointing of my chimmney and a new liner for my chimmney. I said no and I would get more estimates. The next day I called another company who came and fixed the furnace for less than 100 dollars. All it needed was a thermostat and thermocoupler...

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / price gouging

jaypz on May 18, 2012
The plumber from Gillece charged me $18, 000.00 - 4 times the going rateaccording to 4 different plumbers I asked after the fact. Replacing a basement sewer line should be under $5, 000 and they did not even replace the whole line--when they realized my credit would not allow for the full $24, 000.00 they wanted they came up with a plan to do only half the work.

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Butler / WAS NOT TOLD THE TRUTH

DAN THE HANDYMAN on Feb 12, 2012
I called gillece on a monday told me a tech. Would be down from 8am-12:00pm .I called back at i:00pm told me a tech is in the area and would be there shortly. He never showed up until 4:30pm. I told the tech the problem, he ran 70 ft. Of cable said that is all he had on the truck.So he told me that he would send a tech with a camera and to inspect it the next day. I waited until 12:00 no one showed, i then called they told me that i wasn't on the list at all. So she told me she can send some one down in about an hour i said okay. Some one showed up at 4:30 pm. Said that he put the camera...

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Bridgeville / Gillece Plumbing screws everyone

Tom Gillece has been screwing people, as well as his parrot for several years now. Maybe it's time for him to start being an honest businessman instead of fraudulantly charging people and insurance companies. Gillece plumbing only employs top of line LIARS, THIEVES, AND SCAM ARTISTS! Do not ever call them for ANYTHING! They will verbally explain something to you; and once you sign their little 'sexual consent' form (service agreement), YOU WILL BE SCREWED! I can't understand how Gillece Plumbing still exists.

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania / scamming people/insurance companies

thechooch on Dec 8, 2011
I strongly advise anyone who has a plumbing problem NOT to call Gillece plumbing of Bridgeville, PA! Gillece plumbing is a major scam company who grossly overcharges, and takes no responsibilty for their inability to repair sewer problems. They rip off consumers, as well as insurance companies. The owner of this company must not have any conscience at all. I think I've figured out one of the reasons they charge so much for so little- so they can pay lawyers to keep themselves from being put in jail where they belong. It amazes me that this company is still allowed to exist (just look at...

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / $95 turns into $7000 bill

Dont Call Gillece!!! on Jun 9, 2011
My drain was clogged. Called Gillece, the service tech shows up, runs the ell through my basement drains, says its a bigger problem, got to call the supervisor. Supervisor ( head rip-off artist) comes with camera, doesnt really show me the problem, but claims its the main drain, the basement floor will need torn up at a cost of $7000.00. I told him it was too much and he looked at me like I was the crazy one. Oh wait we have a crew in the area and can do it for $6500. I called another plumber, who determined it was a jam up outside the house in the pipe going to the sewer. He used a power jet, cleared the line for $360 I would say...dont call Gillece!!!

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / price gouging, deceptive practices

Pap55 on Feb 12, 2011
I called Gillece about a clogged tub. The "technician" arrived fairly quickly and did an inspection of the access area to the tub, which is a rectangular opening cut in the wall behind the faucet and water valves. He shined his flashlight on the trap and told me immediately that the trap would have to be replaced, and even if he removed the cap on the trap, it would be impossible to get a snake through to remove the clog. After consulting a couple of pricing manuals, he informed me that it would cost $1500 to replace the trap. I told him, "thanks for coming" and escorted him to the door. I...

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Allison Park / Removal of tub fixtures

I contacted Gillece to stop a leaking hot water tap. They did NOT repair the leaking valve, they removed all the plumbing, (Price Pfister brass fixtures), and installed shut off valves. Told me that the fixture could not be repaired (I later found a life time warranty paper for the fixture) and that it would cost $3, 500 to have a new fixture installed. I cancelled the agreement two days later due to the stress of figuring out how to pay for such a high replacement cost and asked for my faucet back. The man at the store (Bob) laughed at me and told me the drivers don't come in on a...

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Big Time Major Scam

On Christmas Day, 2008, I found a puddle of water in my basement, around the floor drain. The following day I called Gillece, responding to the ad about the camera that can access your sewer lines. I was told that my main line in the basement was completely clogged (he said he couldn't get the camera through the clog) and that it would require digging up and replacing the lines. His estimate was $3, 600 per day, and he felt it would require five or six days since our basement has no access directly to the outside and all debris would have to be carried out in buckets, etc. My response wa...

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Finleyville / Incrediblyhigh price

The feed pipe to my toilet was leaking. Gillece came and repaired it efficiently and quickly. Unfortunately they also charged me $634.00 for doing so. This was about the same price as i paid for the purchase and installation of a new water heater a couple o years ago. The only parts they replaced were the valve assembly inside the tank and the valve and liner from the wall to the toilet. I normally could have done this myself but after having a stroke my left hand is largely useless and I was not physically able to do the work. Being a senior citizen and having only one toilet in the house I...

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Bridgeville / high pricing

I was out of town and my wife had to call a plumber to fix a dripping faucet handle in the bathroom. While gillece was at the house my wife had also asked the man to check 2 other faucets that were also starting to leak. She was told that the total cost to fix the 3 dripping faucets would be $2, 200.00 because everything would have to be changed including the pipe behind the wall in the bathroom. She paid the 65.00 fee for gillece to come to the house and then sent them on their way. When I got home I replaced the rubber seal on all 3 faucets myself ( which did fix the problem) for less than $6.oo. Please think of this before you would ever consider calling gillece for any plumbing repairs.

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Excessive charges

Gillece Plumbing charged us $954 for less than an hours work. We just wanted 3 toilets reset and they lied to my wife and told her there was a leaky bathtub faucet that was damaging the inside of the wall and could affect the ceiling below. They quoted a price in the $800's that didn't seem too unreasonable for what they could encounter, but they ended up only replacing the tub faucet and resetting the toilet. They did not itemize the bill and answered out complaint that "this is the standard charge". It is amazing they can continue to exist with this business model. Pass the word "Avoid Gillece!"

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Price Gouging & Poor Service

I had a leak in a bathroom sink, and called Gillece to repair it. I was told that I would need new supply lines, a new faucet, and new p-trap. I was quoted $2000 for the work, which I could not afford. I elected to just have the faucet and trap replaced, at a cost of $800. I had no idea what a rip-off this is, not being a particularly handy person. A a few months later, the same sink has a major leak, so I called a different plumber to look into replacing the supply lines. This plumber told me the supply lines were absolutely FINE, and was appalled to learn what I had paid for the faucet and...

Gillece Plumbing - South Carolina, Bridgeville / Poor Service and scam

Our toilet backed up Thursday February 4, 2010. We scheduled Gillece to come out the next day but they cancelled because of the weather. We rescheduled for Saturday but again they cancelled. We rescheduled for Tuesday and the technician was over an hour late from the last possible time given to us (they told us between 12-4 PM). The technician did not fix the problem and told us they would be back the next day. No one showed and we called only to be told they were overbooked and we would have to wait another week. I lost it and demanded my $99 deposit back. I was told they would 'get...

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Bethel Park Bridgeville Etc / Scam company

It was my experience, as well as several others that I have observed, that Gillece Plumbing will offer a low price, but once on site will be unable to fix the problem for that low price and will diagnose a much larger problem with a much higher cost and hit you with a high pressure sales pitch. They are also very hard to contact and deal with should you have a problem.

Gillece Plumbing / Rip off

Gillece Plumbing in Pittsburgh (Bethel Park) is a complete rip off. I called about the faucet on my tub not turning off and sewage backing up in my basement. They wanted $2000 to replace the faucet on the tub which usually costs $400 to $500. They wanted $1200 for video inspection of the sewer in the basement if I decided not to have them repair it. Their ad says the video inspection is free. Then they wanted almost $14000 to replace the sewer line in the basement for what other plumbers said costs about $3000 to $4000. Total rip off. I will never call them again!

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Refusal to Reimburse for Work Not Done

I was charged $500 to put a faucet on in a kitchen on the existing in tact pipes. I was charged $1300 to cut off a faucet in a laundry room with nothing else being done to it. The owner Tom Gillece refuses to return any communication regarding this. Refuses to explain the charges and work. Refuses to give me a reimbursement for his ridiculous charges. Gillece also wrote an estimate which $800+ of the work was not even done, though they could care less and are keeping the money. This should be the only complaint you have to read to see exactly how this company works and the outrageous prices and attitude of the owner that has the nerve to appear on tv with his laughable statements.

Gillece Plumbing - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Ridiculous Pricing

I have an expensive, supposedly-complex (as indicated by a previous plumber who fixed an unrelated problem) faucet in my kitchen that developed a leak. The plumber that I usually use is a single guy in business for himself (as opposed to the large business that Gillece is), and he was unavailable due to health issues. I blindly called Gillece. What a mistake. They charged the standard $65 to come to my house to look at the problem. I thought that I would also ask them to fix 2 bathroom faucet handles and one bathroom faucet, all with minor issues, while they were there. Once in my door, they...
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