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Gillece Services Complaints & Reviews

Gillece Services Plumbing / Unethical behavior

Northside Eric on Jan 19, 2017
I contacted Gillece due to a clogged sewage line. Their representative came to my property used a camera in the line and told my wife and I that a traditional snake would not work and that they had to use a Hyrdojet which would clear the line unless the line was collapsed or broken and in...

Gillece Heating, Cooling And Plumbing / Furnace

seniorfraud on Nov 24, 2016
Our furnace stopped working and the next morning we called Gillece to come out. They said there would be a $95.00 service charge just to come out and look at the problem. Fine. When they arrived they said the motor was dead. They charged over $1, 200.00 for the motor and service...

Gillece Services, LP / Scam

John Pokusa on Jul 16, 2015
After a good experience with Gillece's electrical services, they offered me a "free" AC check-up. Upon that visit, they told me that my furnace needed to be replaced due to a cracked heat exchanger and that my AC was old and should be replaced too. The staggering total for this would...

Gillece / Toilet overflow

FSam on Aug 15, 2014
I guess I was lucky. Overflowing toilet @ 4:30 PM. Called Gillece. Made sure to tell them this was an emergency call as water was coming through my ceilings and I only had one bathroom. Was told someone would be there that evening. Gillece was kind enough to call @ 6:30 assurring me they...

Gillece / Price guaging

Lizcaplan on Jan 13, 2013
I hired Gillece to first inspect my furnace and it did have a cracked heat exchanger which is a costly item to repair and a danger if not addressed. The furnace was 13 years old so it made sense to replace the furnace and AC with a Goodman system. It was late at night when I found out the...

Gillece / Sewer Line

2028 on Dec 19, 2012
Gillece is a huge cancer on the body of Plumbing Services industry. For a company that has been in business of 30 years, their lack of knowledge of local codes is mind boggling. The technician that came to my house assured me that he contacted the township and got permission to perform the...

Gillece Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical Inc. / Unethical methods

nathanmay on Oct 31, 2012
Here is the complaint I left with BBB. I think we should all know how they operate: I bought a Groupon coupon for a comprehensive furnace service and expected a thorough tune-up for the upcoming year. Instead, Gillece came and the first thing they did was to put a camera inside my heat...

Gillece Plumbing / scam

Joy Donohue on Oct 9, 2012
Gillece gave me an estimate to replace my furnace after telling me that it could not be fixed and was beyond any kind of repair. The estimate was for 30, 000 dollars. The salesman did say that he wished he could sell my the cheaper furnace but because he had found asbestos covering a pipe...

Gillece Services / Scam, Rip off, and Scare tactics

rfgreen230 on Jun 2, 2012
I was away on business when my 6 months pregnant wife called Gillece because our basement drain was backing up. They claim to run a special for $99 to unclog any drain but we quickly found out that's a part of the scam to get them in the door. The plumber who I think was more of a...

Gillece Plumbing / price gouging

jaypz on May 18, 2012
The plumber from Gillece charged me $18, 000.00 - 4 times the going rateaccording to 4 different plumbers I asked after the fact. Replacing a basement sewer line should be under $5, 000 and they did not even replace the whole line--when they realized my credit would not allow for the full...

Gillece Plumbing / WAS NOT TOLD THE TRUTH

DAN THE HANDYMAN on Feb 12, 2012
I called gillece on a monday told me a tech. Would be down from 8am-12:00pm .I called back at i:00pm told me a tech is in the area and would be there shortly. He never showed up until 4:30pm. I told the tech the problem, he ran 70 ft. Of cable said that is all he had on the truck.So he...

Gillece Services / Price Gouge, Scam

pressure219 on Jan 25, 2012
Here is what happens. 1) They will ask you a ton of questions on the phone. This is so they can screen calls to prioritize customers they can most likely scam money out of. If you say your furnace or AC unit is new, you get to the bottom of the list, but if your furnace is 15+ years old...

Gillece Plumbing / Gillece Plumbing screws everyone

Tom Gillece has been screwing people, as well as his parrot for several years now. Maybe it's time for him to start being an honest businessman instead of fraudulantly charging people and insurance companies. Gillece plumbing only employs top of line LIARS, THIEVES, AND SCAM ARTISTS!...

Gillece Plumbing / scamming people/insurance companies

thechooch on Dec 8, 2011
I strongly advise anyone who has a plumbing problem NOT to call Gillece plumbing of Bridgeville, PA! Gillece plumbing is a major scam company who grossly overcharges, and takes no responsibilty for their inability to repair sewer problems. They rip off consumers, as well as insurance...

Gillece Services / Fraud

lourence on Sep 27, 2011
I had a leak from Bathroom. Gillece came out and did some work. Cracked my bathroom floor also. Was not able to finish job. I signed that I was satisfied, because they had me conviced I needed a new stack. Called another plumber and he came out. They got Threw. Just ice. Meanwhile they...

Gillece Plumbing - Pittsburgh, PA / deceptive practices

Livijune on Jun 30, 2011
Sewer was backing up, called Gillece based on the $99 special... The only good thing was that they didn't charge us for their bogus advice. They ran a camera into the drain and claimed root damage was the problem and quoted us $8, 800 flat fee to repair... and refused to even snake...

Gillece / Bad service

Brandi567 on Jun 21, 2011
Today I turned on my air conditioner in 95 degree heat to find out that it was not working. I checked again to make shure it was on cool then checked my breaker box. Both were where they should be and still no cool air. My son recommended that I call the birdy people (he's 3) so I...

Gillece Plumbing / $95 turns into $7000 bill

Dont Call Gillece!!! on Jun 9, 2011
My drain was clogged. Called Gillece, the service tech shows up, runs the ell through my basement drains, says its a bigger problem, got to call the supervisor. Supervisor ( head rip-off artist) comes with camera, doesnt really show me the problem, but claims its the main drain, the...

Gillece Services / Don't call them

Ronnietrainer on Feb 17, 2011
Do not let the fancy billboards and ads fool you (as you wind up paying for them)! Gillece is nothing but a bunch of crooks and liars. Called them this past Sunday as sewage was backed up into my garage/furnace room. They were the only contractor who said they would come that Sunday PM...

Gillece / Scare tactics-high price

luckydog01 on Feb 14, 2011
Called Gillece for a "service" call. They came out the next day. The problem was "major flame roll-out". The looked at it and said I need a new furnace. Wanted to sale me a $6448.00 furnance. I already have a full house air conditioner, this is basic York furnace. Said he could have hi...

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