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$95 turns into $7000 bill

My drain was clogged. Called Gillece, the service tech shows up, runs the ell through my basement drain...

Don't call them

Do not let the fancy billboards and ads fool you (as you wind up paying for them)! Gillece is nothing but a bunch of crooks and liars.

Called them this past Sunday as sewage was backed up into my garage/furnace room. They were the only contractor who said they would come that Sunday PM and then called three hours later saying they would not be able to come until Monday AM!

Came Monday AM and said that we had rocks blocking the pipes in the back yard and that the whole line from front to back would need replaced and that our rear deck would need to be torn down as they could not get a backhoe to fit under the deck. Told my wife ( I was at work) that it would be a two day fix and would cost $6500. My wife called me in tears frantic and relayed this info to me and I was skeptical. Told her to call one of our friends/neighbors who runs his own building construction firm and he came right over to talk with the Gillece guy and get the story.

Before the Gillece guy could even finish his tale our friend called him a crook and a bleeping liar and told him to leave our property. The Gillece guy was very rude in return and said that we would regret this and that our friend knew nothing.

SO after Gillece finally left (thankfully we did not have to pay the $99 charge since he fixed nothing) our friend called on of his excavators who brought over a small bobcat/*** that surprise surprise fit under our deck. He dug up the ground were the clog was located and they proceeded to take apart only one section of the pipe that was clogged, removed the rocks and made the necessary repairs, snaked out the rest of the line tomake sure it was clear and covered back over the hole that was dug.

All told this took 4 hours and we were charged a whopping total of $700! hat a big difference!

Gillece thanks for opening our eyes to the seamy underworld of the home repair business that you engage in!

So if in need add two words to the Gillece jingle and that is DO NOT call Gillece!

Scare tactics-high price

Called Gillece for a "service" call. They came out the next day. The problem was "major flame roll-out". The...

Poor service

On one occasion we had Gillece come out to clear a clogged sewer. They ran a snake, which broke, and said I needed to have the whole sewer replaced at a cost of $10, 500. Incidently, the snake that broke was left in my sewer. I contacted another company who cleared the clog for less that $100.00 including getting the broken snake out. And we've not had any problems for two years now.

*** me, should have learned the first time. Contacted Gillece to repair our furnace. Ended up buying one from them. It was installed poorly, leaving a 3 inch gap around the base of the furnace. A new base was ordered and and finally fixed properly. Since then we've had the thermostat replaced and a gas regulator replaced. The tech said there was too much gas being allowed through the system causing it to over heat and the fan to continue to run even though the burners were not lit. No wonder I haven't experienced the reduction in my gas bill they promised.

Absolutely, steer clear of this company or just send me the money you are going to throw away anyhow.

price gouging, deceptive practices

I called Gillece about a clogged tub. The "technician" arrived fairly quickly and did an inspection of the...

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Bad from start to finish

We thought we had a 'fixable' issue with our 2 year old furnace. Turns out we were dead wrong. After two attempts and a lot of 'B.S.' technical jargon (resulting in a $139.95 'service' fee & including a water heater service we never even requested)...turned out they still could not identify exactly the solution to the problem. Incidentally, I did present their own company coupon for $30 off 'ANY SERVICE'--which was promptly denied, because that only included services on major installations like 'pumps' (example they gave me, not one I made up). Approx. 3 hours after they left, my furnace began leaking water from the back--dripping at a rate of 3-4 drops a second--all over the basement floor. When we called, their primary focus was the service fee call for them to come out again, $95--which would only be waived if it could be determined that the malfunction was something they did. After much calling back and forth, they declined to come out, informing me that such leakage was 'normal' after such a service. I would have to wait over night and call them again in the morning to report if there was no change. Thankfully, I have no carpeting or flooring around the unit--if this leakage was so 'normal' why did they not explain that to me before they left?? One totally 'unhappy' customer. Do not ever use them for your boiler/furnace problems, unless you like being given the run-around & being ripped-offed.

Removal of tub fixtures

I contacted Gillece to stop a leaking hot water tap. They did NOT repair the leaking valve, they removed all...

Rip off

Gillece was called out and refused to snake the main sewer line. The office stated that the only option was to tear up the driveway to replace 40 feet of pipe for 8 grand excluding the cost to re concrete the driveway. A-1 sewer service came out and did sewer line and all the downspouts for less than 150 The Gillece fielld guy was a decent fellow who said the A-1 fix was a good approach but he is not allowed to sell that service . Fortunately I called a general contractor friend that said Gillece was a scam and that they never give their customers a less expensive option.

Rip off

In 2010, Gillece dispatched Adam Carson to my home to unclog my sewer pipe. Adam alleged he was the best in the business at getting sewer pipes unclogged. He then pretended, for 20 minutes, to try and get the pipe unclogged before telling me, with feigned disappointment, that my house trap had to be replaced. He refused my requests for him to make further attempts to unclog the pipe, telling me that he was absolutely certain the trap was the problem. He even drew a sewer diagram as part of his sales pitch. Adam quoted me a cost of $10, 362 to replace the house trap and, with the skill of a practiced master, artfully worked into the conversation that Gillece offered financing. The next day, I had Cuccaro Plumbing to the house and their man, Daryl, unclogged the pipe within one hour. Had I paid Gillece $10, 362 to replace the house trap I still would have been left with an inoperable sewer system, i.e., the clog was further down the line. Do not ever call Gillece.


Gillece Plumbing was called to clear a sewer line which they did for $99. They suggested a free video inspection and then told me that I needed to have the line cleared better with a $2000 jetter service. After paying for that they again suggested a free video inspection and said I needed to remove a wall in my garage, dig up the floor, and spend over $6000 more to replace the sewer line.

I finally said "no more" and the salesman Jeff stayed a long time trying to get me to change my mind with very high pressure sales tactics. He even called a day later with offers for financing.

Here I am a year later with not one single problem with my sewer line. It was probably cleared with the initial $99 snake and I wasted $2000 on the jetter service. I'm glad I wised up and declined the $6000 replacement.

I am disabled and medical expenses take up most of my limited income, which I explained to their salesman. He still pushed for the $6000 repair.

How do these people live with themselves? Elderly, disabled, impoverished, people are of no concern to them.

Big Time Major Scam

On Christmas Day, 2008, I found a puddle of water in my basement, around the floor drain. The following day I...

Incrediblyhigh price

The feed pipe to my toilet was leaking. Gillece came and repaired it efficiently and quickly. Unfortunately...

high pricing

I was out of town and my wife had to call a plumber to fix a dripping faucet handle in the bathroom. While gillece was at the house my wife had also asked the man to check 2 other faucets that were also starting to leak. She was told that the total cost to fix the 3 dripping faucets would be $2, 200.00 because everything would have to be changed including the pipe behind the wall in the bathroom. She paid the 65.00 fee for gillece to come to the house and then sent them on their way. When I got home I replaced the rubber seal on all 3 faucets myself ( which did fix the problem) for less than $6.oo. Please think of this before you would ever consider calling gillece for any plumbing repairs.

  • Ra
    rag88 Jun 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It was a shamed but we fell for Gillece pricing. Of course, when you have some kind of problem like sewer clogged and helpless when this happened because you can't used any water, otherwise it will flow on your basement, all you can think about is to get it done. When they got the work done, we realized that the price they quoted us was not worth the work they did...Why is this business still exist if this people are gougingtheir customers. Can someone do something about this?

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  • So
    SOUTH PARKTAKEN Sep 18, 2012


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I was a customer of Gillece on June 22nd. Adam came out to attempt to fix a problem we were having. I tried to explain the problem but he kept interrupting me. I told him I didn't think we were on the same page because he wouldn't listen to the problem we were having. I'm sure he will remember our conversation if you ask him. Well not surprising after we spent $351.07 the problem was not fixed. Even though I specifically asked for Adam not to come back he was sent back to my house. Once again he couldn't understand what the problem was and continued to talk over me. While at my house he took personal calls and was arguing with someone from Gillece about his paycheck. The whole thing was really unprofessional. After Adam couldn't figure it out he called his manager. His manager came out and told us we needed to buy a whole new air conditioner and a furnace which would come to $10, 000. Obviously after our initial experience with Gillece we called another company to get a second opinion and spent an additional $95.00 for a technician to come out. They were able to do the whole thing for $5400. I contacted Gillece to get some of my money back. Adam did an unnecessary acid wash on the AC unit. Why was that necessary if we are told by the SAME company we needed a whole new unit. I didn't expect all of my money back. I would pay for the tech visit and the refrigerant. All I want is $151.07 back for the acid wash. It took two weeks of me calling almost every other day to get answer. I was told no I wouldn't get anything back. I asked who made that decision and I would like to speak with him. I was then told there wasn't any one specific person that made it. A "board" made the decision and there was no one I could speak to. How unprofessional is that? I wasn't surprised to see all the complaints all over the internet and the fact they have 141 complaints lodged against them with the Better Business Bureau and that they received an F grading from them.

  • Lm
    LMarieB Jul 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do not understand how they can remain in business. Seriously, so many complaints and they are still in business. Does the BBB just give ratings or do they act upon the complaints they receive? This really is criminal. This plumbing company has a license to steal. Can somebody stop them????

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  • Gi
    Gina McGuire Sep 12, 2010

    Yesterday, Gillece came to my house to snake my sewer line. I was told my whole line needed replaced, he stated with a discount they would try to keep the price below $20, 000, yes, you read it right $20, 000! The plumber knew that my husband was out of town and would not be home for 10 days, he also knew that I was unable to talk to my husband because he had no phone reception ( he is in Colorado mountains). Thank God I did not sign a contract and told him I needed to speek to my husband first!

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  • Ho
    Hong Jan 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Carrier furnace broke down late in the day on a cold, snowy January afternoon. I called Gillece and the repairman came about 8 pm. He diagnosed the problem as a faulty ignitor. He had the part in his truck and said it would cost $575 (over and above the $95 service call). I know little about furnaces, but enough to know that $575 was completely beyond the realm of sanity. Since the house was cold and I wasn't going to go without heat for the night I told him to repair it. While he was doing so, I checked on the internet and found two ignitors from Carrier - one for $199 and one for $69 (I wasn't sure which one I needed). I printed the information out and took it downstairs to the repairman, who was just finishing. He knew I'd caught them in the act of gouging me, so he took the information I'd printed out to the truck and called in to Gileece Headquarters. The guy there told him to take $175 off. I told him $400 was still completely unacceptable and that I would take it up with Gillece management in the morning. The following day I tried to reach the regional sales manager at Gillece and his flunky, Celeste, intercepted the call. I explaned everything to her - she was extremely defensive, rude and abrasive with me and wouldn't put me through to her boss. I ended up hanging up on her. I found the correct ignitor (it was the $69) one at a local place, Climate Systems. I was able to take the Golden Gillece $475 ignitor off and replace it with mine in 10 minutes, and the furnace works fine. As for the Gillece ignitor, I'm going to mail it back to Tom Gillece and tell him to stick it up his ***.

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  • Co
    Coeur Apr 23, 2012

    Got taken also- had a dripping faucet- tried to fix myself- got worse- couldn't take another day off work-NEVER will call them again- feel like such a idiot...
    ashamed to even tell anyone what i paid for the new faucet & valves

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I am adding my two cents to the already hundreds of complaints that are out here regarding this company. Their prices are outrageously high, but they don't stop there. When they are just about done working, they purposely cause another leak or other issue, which you have no other choice but to pay their outrageous fees again in order to repair what they broke because there is water gushing out all over your house. Don't bother calling them. You will never reach a manager, and the Complaint Department is a joke. "C" is extremely rude. She talks over you, doesn't listen and hangs up on you. I filed a complaint with the BBB and asked that they refund the additional fees they charged me to repair the leak they caused and to refund my fee for the Gold membership because I will not be using them again. Miraculously they replied to the BBB the very next day! Their response was typical and generic. Fees were reviewed, found to be appropriate, we do not price gouge, customer signed and accepted the estimate... blah, blah, blah. Their resolution to my complaint: they'll be happy to cancel my membership but I will owe them additional money to make up for the discounts I received as a Gold member! The response NEVER addressed the refund I asked regarding the leaks they caused - never even mentioned them. They are insane crooks! Do not ever call this company unless you are super rich and have money to throw away. I had the rare opportunity to actually meet an ex employee in the plumbing isle at a hardware store (I was pricing the valves they installed) and he openly stated they are instructed to cause additional issues in the customer's home and they get a portion of the money they make. Needless to say, that's why he's an "ex" employee. They are involved in a law suit for cybersquatting and have over 180 domain names directed to their website. They have an F rating with the BBB and 137 (now 138) complaints. I had a lot of work done to my house in a short period of time and never had a problem. I got too confident with this one and didn't do my homework, which I always do. Learned my lesson the expensive way. That's ok. They can keep my money and use it to pay for their legal fees on their law suit. At least I can sleep at night with a clear conscious.

  • La
    LadyJane Jan 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are price gougers to the core, and find any way they can to snake money from you. They ALL belong in jail for consumer fraud and taking advantage of unassuming homeowners. Tried to scam us out of $6, 000 for a new sewer pipe because it had roots in it. Come to find roots are common and treatable for pennies a year. Had NOTHING to back up the claim that our pipe was bad because a few roots came out on the drain snake. They are a shameless, horrible company. It is only a matter of time before a class action lawsuit goes against them.

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Excessive charges

Gillece Plumbing charged us $954 for less than an hours work. We just wanted 3 toilets reset and they lied to...

Awful Customer Service

I called Gillece to set up an appointment to have my air conditioning unit looked at. I set a time later in the day, 4:00, so that I would only have to miss some work. At 5:35 still no call from the technician so I called them and was told that there was not even a technician in my area. When I asked well will one be out for my confirmed appointment, for which I received an email as well as verbal confirmation of, the dispatcher said I don't know and really didn't even seem to care.

I cancelled the appointment and called another local provider.

Awful experience and they didn't even make it to my house! Don't call Gillece!

Overcharged Gouging Obscene Pricing

Richard F. Hawthorne 5590 River Oaks Drive Titusville, FL 32780 February 19, 2010 To: Office of the...

Price Gouging & Poor Service

I had a leak in a bathroom sink, and called Gillece to repair it. I was told that I would need new supply...

Refusal to Reimburse for Work Not Done

On Thanksgiving day we had a clogged kitchen drain . With company expected within a few hours we decided to...

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