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Everhome Complaints & Reviews

Everhome - Oregon / Customer Service Sucks


I have been dealing with EverHome for 2 months now on a property tax issue. I sent them bills in October and was told they would be paid. After payment was due, I realized EverHome had not paid my property taxes. I contacted them, and had to wait 5 days for them to do anything. I was then told they would not pay my property taxes, so I paid them. A week later I received a letter stating EverHome had disbursed funds for my property taxes, and that it would be escrowing for the payments they just made and for next years (in other words, huge jump in my payment). I contacted the county, and it...

Everhome / Website


We recently had our mortgage sold to Everhome from GMAC. I had a funny feeling this company was going to be a headache. The first month I tried paying on their website. What A joke!!! Their customer service hours are not very consumer friendly. They are available when most are at work. I finally got to our account on the website and went to pay our mortgage and to my surprise there was a fee for using the website to make a payment. I called customer service and was told since it wasn't paid before the due date there is a charge. So later that day I tried to log into our account to set up to...

Everhome - Florida, Jacksonville / Lost payments


Here is information from one letter that was sent to Everhome- Matter is still not cleared up= Company has sent replies, but with no answers- They state that I am a month behind and still owe them all these past due fees- A couple of the fees they state that I owe are from 2004? Never was I informed until year 2008? This company is completely worthless- There is absolutely no communication going on inside this company- Very poor customer service- I have been yelled at for Everhome loosing my payment - now how is that right- Would like to refinance, but they have screwed my credit so badly I am...