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Academic Singles Complaints & Reviews

Academic Singles / premium membership

Jun 04, 2019

I barely managed to cancel my premium membership last month. I was charged for that month even if I wasn't using the servis at all, and now I see that I have been charged for this month also and I am not a member any more. This is outrageous, you are using people's misfortune and misery to earn money, ok, we are the idiots here actually believing there is a outside solution to our problems, but you are continuing to charge your services even when you are not providing any!! How you dare!!?? Is is nearly impossible to navigate your site, but I managed so what is happening now???

Academic Singles / 'dating' site

Sep 23, 2018

So, I signed up for Academic Singles where you are supposed to be able too meet people who have higher degrees for dating. First profile I saw on the site mispelled the word college...that's when I sent them a e-mail too cancel my membership. The card I used was cancelled and if they threaten me with collection agencies, well...going to police with it. The site is a total scam...what is worse, its advertised as a secure basically...yeah...don't go there, don't sign up unless you want too see so called college graduates not be able too spell the word ''About'' :/

Academic Singles / online dating

Jul 11, 2018

In apr I have signed in academic singles and made a trial Memebeship for 2000 huf They wanted to charge me for a longer period for more Then 100 eur After a cancelled my card to avoid charging they passed The bill to tesch mediafinanz to collect 39 eur plus 59 eur expenses I have cancelled my membership before the end of the month But they tried to charge me without taking in concideration my cancellation.