Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Huntington, West Virginia, United States

Aaron's / furniture and employee attitude

Dec 17, 2018

I was on the black friday and I ended up getting a different bed... So I was scheduled to be on the 19th for my delivery they ended up bringing it 6 days later and it has not been a month so I get this disturbing call from one of the employees that was very rude to me and was just going...

Sheetz / food

Nov 14, 2018

Bought some cheese sticks from one of our local Sheetz. Little did I know, marinara sauce is an extra $.40 to purchase. What a joke. Maybe an additional marinara I could potentially see, but you all don't even offer one free dipping sauce with a purchase of an app or entree? Perhaps you...

Google / google business

Nov 08, 2018

I keep answering calls for Google Business at my place of employment. I have repeatedly told them this was a hospital and to remove us from the call list and all I get is them hanging up on me. This projects poorly on your company as well as whoever is handling this part of your busine...

Aaron's / complaint reference numbers hsc0246078 hsc0274942

Oct 15, 2018

I have been dealing with the Arron in Huntington West Virginia for a little bit this time and the manager Larry there has been holding a grudge against me over a woman that's been deceased for 3 years he called me some almost 9 years ago wanting information as to the whereabouts of my...

Taco Bell / service or lack there of.. rude employees

Oct 05, 2018

I tried to visit my local taco bell and it was 30mins till closing. As I approach the bell employees are outside chatting with nonemployees. Now there is nobody else around. I heard the "manager say is she really going to try and order. I didn't even make it 10 feet thru the start of the...

Aaron's / store manager

Oct 05, 2018

I called and made a complaint on the store manager Larry Lucas for Huntington Store and was told I would receive a call about it but never did. I am very upset over the conversation that this store manager and myself had while my 4 year old son another customer in the store and a lady...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / 10 piece family meal, 2 additional sides, and 1 famous bowl

Oct 01, 2018

I had a family gathering on Saturday 9/29/18. So an obvious choice for my family, I believed, was KFC! I sent my husband to get our food in hopes of my mother and grandmothers snide comments to each other stopping all communication for any amount of time, but my relief quickly changed into...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / home lending advisor

Sep 27, 2018

My sisters and I are currently selling our childhood home. We did not contact a realtor because it was supposed to be a simple closing. We have had the worst experience in dealing with your home lending advisor, Lisa Simons from your Athens Ohio branch. I was designated the communicator...

TapJoy / diamond rewards for completed offer on home design not paid out/ never received.

Jul 26, 2018

I completed an offer to receive a larger diamond payout by downloading Poker Heat game app and reaching level 5. When I got to level 5 and the diamonds weren't rewarded, I continued to play Poker Heat until I reached level 6 just in case, but still no diamonds. This is not the first time...

Purina / advertising

Jul 21, 2018

I can no longer but your dog good as long as you support The View. Whoopi Goldberg's last tirade against Judge Jeannie is unacceptable. I have been buying Purina dog food for many years but no longer. I can't in good conscience buy products from company's that support that kind of...

Burger King / extremely poor customer service

Jun 28, 2018

This evening I went through a little after 7 at a local drive thru on Washington Blvd Huntington West Virginia 25705 ordered 3 bacon cheese burger, 1 reg cheeseburger, one with mustard and extra pickle only, chicken fries w/ large fry, 2 value fries totalling 13.32 I gave 20.37 recvd 7.05...

Texas Roadhouse / food and manager

May 30, 2018

We went to Texas Roadhouse in Huntington WV my husband and both ordered prime rib..the server came back and said they ran we order Ribeyes, . His with shrimp, both medium cooked. So when the food comes out he has his steak and no shrimp...steak was well done not medium. My...

Family Dollar Stores / store worker selling drugs while working and really rude to customers

Apr 24, 2018

There is a worker who has red hair and I believe her name is aunna .she was talking to someone on her cell phone that was plugged in right by register in front of store and while I was waiting to be served over heard her saying to someone on the phone that if they wanted her saboxin strip...

Sprint / the huntington wv sprint store!

Jan 22, 2018

On 1-22-18 I entered the sprint store in huntington on 3rd ave and 9th I think. It's by the pullman square in huntington. I was told I could take my magic box there if it was easier since towers in my area don't except magic boxes! Since it was a huge waste of my time I was told to either...

Kroger / person working there krogers

Oct 20, 2017

I am a regular customer at krogers in huntington wva. 7th avecand 1st location usually go latecat night after, work for my elderly sick 70yr old mother i have no car this is the closer one from my home there is, a woman cashier she us very rude nasty dont want to help you any if there i...

Sheetz / sheetz 6th ave huntington, wv

Sep 24, 2017

Yes this the second time I'm complaining on the store on 6th ave Huntington wv I do not know who's running that store, but I will not be returning. I gave another chance I went got lunch 2 hot dog sauce onion n jalapeños n a meatball sub with jalapeños.the bread was hard hard I didn't get... / refund — overcharging

Sep 21, 2017

I was informed Sept that I was to receive a refund of 11.95 as of today I have not received also I noticed overcharging I was charged 22.95 September 27 for merchandise not ordered also past orders I have not received I will be filing a complaint with The Better Business Bureau regarding...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / not sure

Sep 17, 2017

On sat sept 16 we got a chicken liver dinner, Nashville hot strips extra mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and biscuits. We got it from Drive thru at barboursville wv store. Now about 3 months ago we ate from there and even my step son was sick, but we weren't sure it was the food. So...

Capital One Auto Finance / leased a new car in 2015, they repo it one day before my payment date.

Jul 25, 2017

I have leased a car in 2015. Been mostly on time with my payments until now. My husband is a disabled marine vet, we have a one year old son. I just lost my job two months ago and recently got a new one barely last month. So i couldnt pay the payments and gotten two months behind .. i have...

Fazolis / overcharged

Jul 05, 2017

Husband went to Fazoli's at 5120 US Rt. 60 East, Huntington, WV 25705 between 5:00 -6:00 pm on July 3, 2017 amount of $67.00. They didn't give my husband a receipt, he thought it may be in the bags but it wasn't. So I don't have a customer number. My complaint is, they...

Richwood Industries Inc / 2016 GMC truck

Apr 20, 2017

On 12-20-2016 the side air bags deployed on 2016 GMC truck vin# 1GT22REG3GZ178648. This is a company leased truck, our driver was traveling and hit a large pot hole in he road and caused him to run off the road and the side air bags deployed. Richwood had the truck sent to Bell Chevrolet...

Dollar General / no services

Feb 21, 2017

Every time I go in this store, you have to go thru the whole store to get anyone to check you out. Sorry customer service!! I work in customer service and I would terminate anyone giving this kind of poor customer service. Get a bell!! At least let customers have a bell to tap so employee...

McDonalds / coupons

Dec 17, 2016

simply put was allowed to use 2 coupons becaese of only 1 person on car which i've never had this proublem before if I had been getting dinner for friends working would have been really bad I was told I could not leave and come back to use the second coupon I would have to be a certain...

Enterprise / fraudulent charges

Apr 13, 2016

I need help Please!! Enterprise hit my account for over 1700.00 and in no way, shape, or form authorise this. I did not have near that amount in my account nor did I Have overdraft protection. They made a very large mistake and the bank will not work with me ultimately allowing this to...

Pepsi / pepsi 24oz bottles

Mar 02, 2014

I have purchased Diet Pepsi 24 oz. 6 packs for several years now, in the past 3 months I have noticed "sales" on this size have dramatically declined. Our local Foodfair advertises this as 1.5 liter bottles- okay Foodfair knowingly places this ad to mislead the consumer, the 1.5 oz.i...

BB&T / deposit

Oct 08, 2011

My mother deposited a $1750 check in my account on 10/3/2011, being an out of state check I understand that there is a hold on it but the teller put a 10 day hold on it because I had had previous bounced "checks". The last bounced "check" I had was in August and I had made a total of $4500...

Vidal Sassoon/hair Dryer / Fire of Vidal Sassoon Hairdryer


I bought a blow dryer called Vidal Sassoon 1875, I purchased it at Family Dollar for $12.00 I used the blow dryer on high several times and nothing happened until this morning and as I was almost done blow drying my hair flames shot out and burnt the top of my hair sinjing it off to about...

Value City Furniture / JUNK FURNITURE


We bought a leather sectional for over $2000 dollars from here in March of 2010. Here it is less than a month later and the thing is falling apart. There is stuffing hanging out already, the back of the recliner is loose, the chaise when reclined flips back with you, and it is built like...

Onlingo Language Builder / I want my money back asap


My card was charged for $80 for no reason at all. I never order anything with Onlingo and I called customer service and no results. all the lady kept saying was all sales are final. How are you going to sell me something I never even bought, let alone want at all? Customer service...

Hardees Buy One Get One Free / manager refused to serve us??


My wife and I and my 28 y/o son went to order from the store drive thru and we had a buy one sandwich get one free coupon and the girl said is it a 2.0 coupon we said no its a buy one get one fre and she again said its it a 2.50 off coujpon and we said no then she didnt let us fimnish our...

Speedway / employee's attitude


I had just got off work and decide to stop into speedway on 25th and 3rd ave. store number 9766. At the time there was a red headed woman behind the counter and was rudly insulted about my clothes i had just got out from under a house and got asked bu this employee along the lines that i...

Penske Truck Rental / extra charges rip off!


I rented a truck from them. I was quoted a price and was charged. Returned the truck on time, full of fuel and spotless. Today, an extra $50 charge on my card! Horrible! Rip-off artists. They are professionals at taking more than they are owed.

Aarons / won't return call


i've been trying for 3 days to contact chris (manager)at Aarons to let them know i was going to be late on my 15th payment.i started 1 day befor my payment was due. i've left mesages for him and i've been told he went to the bank then he went to lunch with his boss then he...

Yes Solutions/Literally Guild Select / Disputable Charges


I got a call today from Penn Credit Corporation stating that I owe them close to $90.00 due to books I received from Yes Solutions/Literally Guild Select. I couldn't hardly understand what they were stating, and after I figured it out, I was not very happy. The only thing I know i...

Afni, Inc. / fake phone collection bill


This is in reference to the collection notice that we received dated 5/28/08 in the alleged amount of $69.97 for Afni, Inc. for Account No. [protected]-02-Creditor Account #2BY23330. WE DO NOT have an account with MCI and have not for over 10 years . When I tried to email them it would not...

WalMart Credit Card / credit limit decrease


I have had a wal-mart credit card for approximately three years. Always paid on time,twice has been paid off. Here's the nightmare!! I make a $1,300.00 payment in october, another minimum payment of $45 in november, and dec 07,2007 wal-mart and ge money bank decide that i need a...