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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Durham, North Carolina

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / rude, close early, leave you at the window, always out of everything

Chanelmoore1 on Jan 2, 2018
Every time I go they're either closed early, rude, don't have anything u order and the manager go along with it.ive reported it several times and nothing happens.its ridiculous..this kfc is on Fayetteville st in Durham nc..needs new management or be closed down.ive called the main office...

LG Electronics / washing machine repair

ABS4 on Dec 27, 2017
My 2015 washing machine began leaking from under the machine after 2.5 years of use. I called LG to schedule a repair man. The first response was to "run the cleaning cycle 3 times" knowing it was leaking badly. Skeptical I completed instruction and called back to schedule repair...

AT&T / directv/at&t cell phone bill

Mother3 on Dec 9, 2017
I order Directv in October in speaking to the Representative I was told about the promotion that was being offered by AT&T BOGO cellphone because internet wasn't offered in by area. It took it took over a month to received the phones no one from Directv or AT&T could help me. When I...

Dollar Tree / the whole was an absolute mess and so disgusting.

Melissa Brocklebank on Dec 6, 2017
Hi Yes my name is Mrs brocklebank. I shop at dollar tree a lot. But I walked into that store and boxes everywhere, nothing on the shelf, everything was in such disarary. I am so disappointed in the way the dollar tree was. I work in retail and that was so bad I walk out so fast. It made me...

Hardees / manager at durham nc location

Earnestr on Dec 2, 2017
Approximate 2 weeks ago, I enter hardees to order dinner when the manager some light skin black woman start making comments about using the restroom. I went to restroom and afterwards approach cashier to order my food because we have been told we can not use the bathroom if we are not a...

Kroger / unethical behaviour

Christina Harr on Dec 1, 2017
Date of Incident 11/30/2017 at approximately 8 pm. Kroger's in Durham, North Carolina (North Pointe Store) I have never been treated so poorly by both associates and Management ever before. The task was simple, we wanted to order 2 birthday cakes for 2 children. We had the 2 children with u...

Crazy 8 / rude disrespectful workers

Kayleee on Dec 1, 2017
We weren't greeted when we entered the store in the mall. My son begin to have a temper tantrum and I was trying to calm him down and one young lady by the name of Christian that Worked there was starring so I asked her dis I need to leave and she said "If I wanted you to leave I would of...

Bojangles #425 / service

Jackiefulls on Nov 30, 2017
I don't tend to leave reviews on anything because I believe that if the quality and service are good they should speak for themselves. But what happened this morning was absolutely unacceptable. They charged me for an order that wasn't mine and when I told the lady she demanded...

Aldo / customer service

Tiffany1982 on Nov 27, 2017
After reading these comments it's no wonder that so many people have customer complaints about the service they received with in stores. I called headquarters trying to figure out what happened to my order and a manager named Pamela was beyond rude about the situation. My order hadn't been...

Fedex Ground Delivery Service / fedex package delivery

regitaylor on Nov 7, 2017
While reviewing my exterior cameras I noticed that a FedEx truck dropped off a package at the chain pulled across my driveway to keep delivery trucks out because there is no room at the end for truck turnarounds. This driver chose to pull up to the chain, get out of the truck drop the...
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