Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Berlin, New Hampshire, United States

Western Union / trying to purchase dog from russia

Dec 05, 2016

Western Union just phoned me to ask a lot of questions about why I was transferring money to someone in Russia. I answered the questions honestly and as a result they refused to make the transfer. Honest answers were that I didn't know the breeder I was buying from personally and had...

Dunkin Donuts / employees

Jul 13, 2011

Well visiting I heard one of the workers telling the other workers about his bad relationship with his ex-girlfriend running her down and he also told some of the customers about his problems and asked them if they see her and her baby to let him know as he wants the baby. And also how he...

bathrooms / bathrooms


I went into the Berlin DD's and there was a complaint that the bathrooms were durty and he told one of the employes and the employee said "I don't ###ing care what the bathrooms look like i dont need to know i dont take care of them if you dont ###ing like what we have then leave...

DCYF / took kids with out giving chance


Took our babies from dartmouth with out giving us a chance to have them. They are getting us with nelect but how can it be neglect when we didnt have a vehicle to go down. Then we got a vehicle went down as often as we could but we also have a son here at home with us and his grandmother watches him a...

Popular Club / Bad Business


I sold populsr club for 15-18 years . I have dividens and rewards points to cash in . Tryed to reach the company by phone and on the web with no results.I am angry that no one from the company reached mein regards to my club. I made alot of money for them and have not been payed the items i should have redeamed for . Angry comsumer.